WATCH: Santi Konnor’s Hole Pulsates While Being Fucked Bareback By Big-Dicked Titan

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Fuckermate_Titan_and_Santi_Konnor_by_emciphoto_01It’s been over two years since gay porn star Titan has been in a scene on FuckerMate, but he’s back today, and just look at who they gave him to fuck:


That’s obviously iconic powerbottom Santi Konnor, whose hole is pulsating at the sight of Titan’s thick cock. Before the topping begins, Santi sucks off Titan to warm him up.

Fuckermate_Titan_and_Santi_Konnor_by_emciphoto_06 Fuckermate_Titan_and_Santi_Konnor_by_emciphoto_08 Fuckermate_Titan_and_Santi_Konnor_by_emciphoto_10 Fuckermate_Titan_and_Santi_Konnor_by_emciphoto_11 Fuckermate_Titan_and_Santi_Konnor_by_emciphoto_12sanfm1

Between their equally hot bodies, the big dick, the giant ass, and how good they both are as performers, this really is the perfect duo.

Fuckermate_Titan_and_Santi_Konnor_by_emciphoto_15 Fuckermate_Titan_and_Santi_Konnor_by_emciphoto_18sanfm2

Titan is easily able to fuck the cum out of Santi near the end of the scene:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[FuckerMate: Titan Fucks Santi Konnor Bareback]

  • Eclipse

    This is my kind of content.

  • SaintMike


  • sxg

    Seeing Santi’s hole pulsating like that makes me wish i was there to bury my tongue deep in it and swirl it around!

  • wdeee
  • CamCam

    I wish what was shown in the pictures was what was in the film. Editing can destroy a scene and that’s what it did for me with this one. Not shocking cause i don’t like the majority of FuckerMate’s stuff so this is just another day.

    • sxg

      I saw the scene last night and I was kind of disappointed with it as well. It spent way too much time filming Santi trying to deepthroat Titan, and Titan’s stroke game was weak. Santi is at his best when taking a hard pounding, but Titan couldn’t deliver that. The best parts of this scene are pretty much the 2 that Zach made gifs out of.

      • CamCam

        Man that’s pretty much all of Santi’s scenes and the reason why I can’t rock with him. He’s always sucking dick for what seems like ages and the tops he’s with never give as much as he does to him. They never suck his dick and sometimes they don’t even eat him out. The bizarre part is the pics looks like he actually gets his dick sucked for once but why the fuck with FuckerMate edit that out? That’s why i would NEVER join their site cause of shit like that. I saw the scene and i wasn’t impressed either. Smh