Scientists Define The Difference Between “Growers” And “Showers”

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[gifs of Sean Cody’s Ethan, who would presumably be considered both a shower and a grower]

Via Healthline:

Some men are considered “showers” — having a visibly larger penis when flaccid — while others are “growers” — appearing smaller at first, but exhibiting a larger penis size when erect.

European researchers are actually defining the terms scientifically to see how many men fall into each category.

Their findings were presented at the European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress in Milan, Italy. The study hasn’t been published yet in a peer-reviewed journal.

Urologists from three hospitals in Madrid, Spain, studied 225 men, taking ultrasound scans of their flaccid and erect penises.

They concluded that men whose penis increased in size by more than 56% when erect can be considered “growers” while those whose penises increased by less than 31% should be categorized as “showers.”

“This study gives credence to the concepts of the fact that some patients will have more of enlargement of their penis than others with an erection,” said Dr. Stanton Honig, the director of male urology at Yale University in Connecticut.

”It does not comment as to whether men who have shorter penises are more likely to grow than men with longer penises, so further work is necessary here,” he told Healthline.


These are very important distinctions, obviously, but it’s clear that there’s so much more work to be done, and so many more penises that these dedicated scientists need to measure.

ICYMI, here was Curtis sucking Ethan’s humongous cock:

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