By Whom Would You Rather Be Topped: Sean Cody’s Brysen Or Josh Brady?

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byrajoOf all the “who would you rather?” questions posed here over the years, this might be the most devastatingly difficult one of all time. Fan favorites Josh Brady and Sean Cody’s Brysen are both starring in two new scenes today, and if you could only be fucked by one of them, who would you choose?

Would you prefer to be fucked by Brysen?


Or, do you need to be fucked by Josh?

Josh-Brady-and-Tyler-Sweet-021If you could switch places with one of these bottoms, which bottom would it be?

Angelo on Sean Cody, or Tyler Sweet on Helix?


By whom would you rather be fucked: Brysen or Josh Brady?

09Josh-Brady-and-Tyler-Sweet-029The Sophie’s Choice of gay porn: If you could only be fucked by one of them, would you choose to be fucked by Josh or by Brysen?


If you can’t decide, then don’t vote. If you’re able to somehow make a decision, feel free to choose:

The Helix trailer, with Josh fucking Tyler (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Josh Brady Fucks Tyler Sweet Bareback]

And the Sean Cody trailer, with Brysen fucking Angelo (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Brysen Fucks Angelo Bareback]

  • Xzamilloh

    The Sophie’s choice of gay porn? Don’t you go insulting Meryl Streep like that.Josh Brady hands down.

    • adamb

      I love Josh Brady i hope he never leaves Helix same 4 Andy Taylor i hope he never leaves Helix again?

  • Stevo Walker

    Brysen is hotter in my opinion, but out of the two scenes I’m guessing (haven’t had time to watch them yet) that Brady’s fuck was hotter based on the scene pairings alone.

  • Edward

    Brysen easily.

  • Scrapple

    I need to take a minute and process Josh messing up a perfectly good Wizard of Oz reference. That might be more disappointing than Brysen’s political leanings. You think you know someone. But I can’t be too mad at Josh. Because he’s Josh. And because of that unintentional “I used to jerk off to you in high school” shade he threw at Tyler.

    Normally Josh would win the everything. But I’d probably pick Brysen today, just because he’s a touch nastier. Plus if I swapped out with Tyler I’d have to get fucked on that hideous bedspread in front of someone’s grandmother’s headboard. And I’d most likely have to interact with Kyle Ross at some point during my stay at Casa Helix. None of those three things sounds appealing.

    • sofia

      “I’d gave to interact with Kyle Ross at some point” lmao

  • Anon

    Fuck Josh, Marry Brysen

    • Cubankid

      Will you propose to Brysen before, after or during the Trump rally?

      • Anon

        Oh I don’t know about that. I just thought, based from what I have seen so far from him, he seems fun and someone I would enjoy hanging out with irl. A little difference in political views is nothing compared to some (or most) pornstars in the industry who are actually f-cked up

        • Ed Woody

          You’re on a gay porn blog, I think you can say ‘fucked’

  • Cubankid

    I’m going with my man Josh.

  • Default_User

    For me i would take Brysen, despite my personal politics. He is hotter to me, more physically fit and closer to my own age. After sex, maybe i can tie him down and de-program him from fox news Clockwork Orange style.

  • sxg

    My dildo, because at least I know for sure it never voted for Trump and it’s not an unimpressive looking twink.

  • Julio Grandeur

    whatever happened to tyler sweet? I miss him

    • Dave Netherton

      Those pictures are from a scene for Helix just released on Friday. Tyler is an exclusive for them now.

      • Julio Grandeur

        i literally just realized this lol thank god and thank you!

  • B.C.

    Josh Brady, without the shadow of a doubt. His stroke game is perfect, and I love that he gets red in the face and ears before climaxing.
    Brysen, who is looking great with a bit of scruff, I find more entertaining as a bottom.

    • Chad

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that about Josh…the red ears and face right before cumming…I find it so hot….well, I find everything about him hot, but that just puts me over the top.

  • Scrapple

    You’re a filthy cheater! And I like the way you think.

    • B.C.

      What happened to your other avatar? Is the new one
      Jennifer Lawrence from that strange movie Mother (with exclamation point)?

      • Zachary Sire

        I think it’s Sansa from Game Of Thrones?

        • B.C.

          Had to check out Wikipedia since I don’t watch dragons and zombies show. Lady Sansa is probably correct. I prefer angry yellow man. There should be a poll on that topic.

          • Scrapple

            Lol. It’s Sophie as Dark Phoenix. I’ve been feeling fiery lately, so it seemed like an obvious choice. I would’ve gone with Captain Marvel, but I’ve yet to see the movie.

            And the yellow man is Adam Warlock, another Marvel character. He’s actually not an angry character, just intense.

          • B.C.

            Ahhh, another wiki research. My knowledge of superheroes from Marvel universe is embarrassingly modest.

  • Kenny

    Brysen seems dumber than Josh, which is pretty hot. (And Brysen would have to have an IQ higher than 90 to have “political leanings,” otherwise it’s just benign negligence.)

  • robertdude

    Sophie’s Choice? Really? You know what that movie was about and what her choice was, and that’s the best analogy you can do? Pretty nasty stuff this website

  • Cheshire

    Brysen is hot but his scenes don’t do it for me. Josh on the other hand is a sex god and is the reason I started watching Helix vids.

  • Jon

    I’d pick Josh, but I’d rather watch the Brysen scene.

    The less skeletal the bottom, the better.

  • Joel

    Brysen because he’d destroy my fucking hole, but Josh looks like he’s boyfriend material, so I could do that way, too. Hopefully he breaks out from Helix, because I can’t stand that studio.

  • spartan546

    Neither. They’re boys – they should be on the bottom.

  • CamCam

    Brysen easily. Any top that sucks dick is a top worth fucking. Simple as that.


    I would FUCK the dicking out of the both of them !!!

  • Casey Scott

    Josh Brady, without question. He actually knows what he’s doing as a gay man fucking another man.