Presented Without Comment: Sean Cody’s Curtis Returns To Bottom For Broderick

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[Sean Cody: Broderick Fucks Curtis Bareback]

  • stephen

  • QueenEverLasting

    Just one question:

  • DPS

    Fifth anniversary for and the final days of one of their sites. RIP SC

    • turbo27

      Sadly you may be right. So why did MG buy the site just to run it down. Any ideas?

  • Scrapple
  • Todd
    • sam my

      That stomach to a$$ ratio though #BootyDo

  • sxg

    Holy fuck! He looks almost as gross as Forrest! Looks like divorce can take a toll on guys too!

    • Scrapple
      • sxg

        Not sure if it’s divorced, but I do remember his FB status at one point was single and now it’s separated.

        • Scrapple

          That could be a costly move. It’s cheaper to keep her.

        • Always Looking

          Now that is some tea. I don’t like his politics or much else about him so I don’t keep up with him, but he is a great performer. You are probably right. The separation probably is the cause of this. Too much fast food now that he’s separated…..

        • Ww Ka

          base on his FB post, I think he might not doing porn anymore.

      • 1234

        I actually miss Pamela and her boobies

  • robirob

    Nobody’s perfect and Sean Cody has the intention to prove it.

    Bye bye fantasy of hot-as-fuck stallions who shall remain hot-as-fuck stallions for ever and ever. Welcome brutal reality.

  • McM.

    Curtis is looking a mess. That’s for certain. But let’s be honest, it’s not like this hasn’t happened before with a performer.

    The studio went lax on physique requirements with Forrest, who looked good when introduced but got… bigger. And then, we have Wilson.

  • OverKill

    SC models just look all the same to me. There just seems to be no range in the performers they hire. It seems they need all their performers to look the same and it gets boring. You need to have a mix of people.

    • turbo27

      But sadly SC used to be the guys all looked the same great looking with great bodies, now it’s average at best looking, varying body type- not many have a fantastic body anymore. Not worth paying for at all.

  • JK3

    I see that Curtis is taking Trump’s campaign train wreck pretty hard.

  • WebSlinger
  • Sebastian S

    Did they do that body swap app thingy?

  • Zealot

    When reached for comment, Chloe remarked, “Miss Carstairs our new Social Media and Marketing for Third Graders teacher said that posting a gif of something is in actuality making a comment on it. So even though there may not be words involved (and I would just interject parenthetically that one of the gifs has words on it…), it concerns me when claiming this post is “presented without comment”.

    • Joey


  • Can we possibly not be dicks and keep this about him being an asshole as a person, instead of making out like his physical traits are the problem? I don’t care if it’s porn – body shaming someone for getting a little bit less than ripped is lowering yourself to the height of every shallow queen we’re so quick to call out. We could stand to have a few guys with his latest body type in mainstream porn.

    He’s an asshole. Let’s talk about that instead.

    • sxg

      Except Sean Cody isn’t exactly mainstream porn. They have specific guidelines and requirements they expect from their models, and staying inshape is one of those at the top of their lists. And clearly Curtis has definitely fallen very short of that now, and shouldn’t even be there anymore. Somehow Dennis and Jeremy weren’t asked back to SC and instead demoted to their Men/Bromo line, yet they decide to continue using Curtis and have given the likes of Forrest and Wilson work? You’re clearly not a Sean Cody member if you’re not outraged by this downgrade of model quality.

      • Dale Bergman
        • WhimsyCotton

          Ah Stu pre-roids. His back looks like a warzone these days. His muscles are massive though.

          • sxg

            I’ll take Stu either way!

        • Caesarimp

          God, Stu was so perfect. I’d love to have pre-roid Stu back in porn.

      • turbo27

        Being in your 20’s, good looking, good body, good performer, are no longer on SC’s list of guidelines. Looks to me like you get what you pay for and SC must not be paying much!

        • kevin

          The MG takeover has been devastating. I’ll bet one of the reasons they couldn’t get Calvin or Jamie to return was that they’re not paying anything like they used to.

          • turbo27

            I think the condom-less scenes have something to do with it too.

          • kevin

            Nah. The straight guys never use them in real life, and the gay ones line up for guaranteed disease-free partners.

      • DumDumBonerMaker

        “Sean Cody isn’t exactly mainstream porn”
        Sean Cody is the definition of mainstream gay porn.
        I mean, do you think having traditionally good looking white guys with jock bodies having vanilla gay-sex in a regular room is.. what.. an underground fetish.. or some kinda fringe experiment?
        It’s EXACTLY mainstream porn, ya moron.

        • kevin

          Sean Cody is mainstream Internet porn, which emphasizes ‘straight’ ‘amateur’ guys. In fact they invented the brand, and their success is responsible for a host of lesser copy-cats, most notably Corbin Fisher, Broke Straight Boys, College Dudes.

          In the age of the internet ‘mainstream’ gay porn like Falcon, Catalina, etc., with their silly plots and queeny direction, has been as marginalized as ‘mainline’ Protestants have been my evangelicals.

          • Andrew Simpson

            These men are not straight although they are masculine. If anyone thinks it is the first time these guys had gay sex in their lives are foolish. Many of these guys are bisexual in real life. Ben for instance who goes by the name Sean on Sean Cody admitted on video he had sex with three men prior to going to Sean Cody. Sean Cody is indeed mainstream gay porn.

    • Ben

      I personally love him as a bottom. I love chunky curtis, WHy is he an asshole? Just because he’s a trump supporter?

      • nick

        I agree, he’s cute.

      • edginghours

        “Boyfriend Body Curtis” is the best Curtis, hands-down.

        • kevin

          But he has no business being on Sean Cody

      • kevin

        There was that comment about Civil Rights “we’d have picked the cotton ourselves” for starters.

    • McM.

      While I agree with you in theory, I also understand that Curtis’ body – and the bodies of every performer appearing on Sean Cody – is being judged against a standard set by the studio. Were he appear someplace else, I doubt people would bat an eye.

      • kevin

        Yeah, someplace else like LucasRaunch, TIM, HDK (are they even still around?)

        I don’t even think Deviant Otter would let him drink his piss!

        • robirob

          “I don’t even think Deviant Otter would let him drink his piss!”

          Now that made me laugh out loud.

    • Maximus
    • kevin

      Nah there’s something precious in watching this Cracker Barrel racist grow sideways. Bringing him back is just Theater of Cruelty.

    • bob80

      There is no such thing as body shaming a pornstar. Their bodies are the whole reason they’re there in the first place. Itd be like having an ugly model on the catwalk and not being allowed to voice any concern about it.

      Being an asshole on the other hand is completely irrelevant to me in porn. Guys can be pro-trump if they want to, I don’t care, I’m just here to look at hot guys having sex.

      • turbo27

        Except you don’t see hot guys having sex at SC anymore.
        Will they ever get back on track… doubtful, its been ovee a year and a half.

        I don’t care about guys in there lives outside porn. None of our business, unless they chose to make us aware. Not a guy with too much time on his hands trolling the internet looking for private info about some porn actor’s personal life.

    • moondoggy

      I agree with the spirit of your comment but not really with your conclusions. As some have said, we bring different expectations to different studios. Also, it’s hard not to judge Curtis by the standard of his OWN body, which used to be more fit. But most importantly to me, their diversity record is dismal, maybe even the most dismal within a dismal industry. I’m not about to congratulate them on standing by this loser when there are black and brown gladiators who never even get a solo.

      So we both agree and, for complicated reasons, disagree. I also think that a lot of the animosity here is unspoken animosity for the studio, which has turned is Jaguar line into a Honda. Clay, below, got a lot of positive comments on another board even when he got a little fleshy because (A) that was a good-will era for Chaosmen (which sadly they did not maintain), and (B) watching Clay fuck was like watching a little kid at a baseball game. He made you root for him. I miss him to this day.

    • kevin

      Body-shaming is fine when you’re dealing with a model on a site that promises to provide hot, in-shape guys. I’m sorry but when people pay $ for Sean Cody, they expect to see six-packs, Apollo Belt Vs, and not bellies, love-handles, and flabby ‘dad bods’. He looks like he’s Honey Boo Boo’s uncle!

      There are sites out there for chub fetishists, which is where the Cracker Barrel redneck belongs!

      • Andrew Simpson

        No body shaming is NEVER EVER okay it is wrong and cruel. Curtis is not even fat. I agreed with Zach about a guy from who clearly was extremely out of shape and the guy wore a turtleneck sweater in a sex scene that was off and bizarre. But Curtis is hardly fat or has a dad bod. He looks great sure he probably put on a few pounds but we have. It is just sad the unrealistic expectations gay men PUT on these porn models. No wonder so many of these guys end up using steroids, or drugs or whatever to stay in top shape. It is sad and pathetic how cruel gay men can be to each other.

        • kevin

          Jenny Craig not working for you?

          WTF! He’s a GAY PORN MODEL! He’s supposed to look like a jock who goes to the gym six days week, like Joey or Dean or (i’m sorry, Zach) Porter

          He could get away with that body in straight porn, where nobody gives a shit about what the guys look like.

          • Andrew Simpson

            Yes I know it is gay porn just that some of us and I am including myself are not some body fascist like some people here. So Curtis put on a few pounds we all do at some point in our lives. I think Curtis looks really GOOD. Zach is making it seem like Curtis gained 50 to 100 pounds which is ludicrous. The pressure these gay porn models are under is tremendous to always look perfect. I feel for these guys Eric Rhodes took steroids and now he is dead. The pressure to look perfect is too much. I think Zach and some people shaming Curtis is disgusting but typical of the gay male community. Curtis looks fantastic I would not kick him out of my bed. Curtis is one of the few REAL power bottoms left at Sean Cody.

          • kevin

            It isn’t just that he’s put on a few pounds. He looks like shit. He’s flabby, he has no tone. He looks like he hasn’t been to a gym in several years. Compare him to Joey or any number of other models. These are the people I want to pay money to see naked.

          • Andrew Simpson

            Curtis does not look like shit otherwise Sean Cody would NOT of brought him back. Maybe, just Maybe Sean Cody is not so obsessed with perfection as you are. Also, there are tons of other Sean Cody models for you to jerk off to so why pick on Curtis? The comments from some men here are ludicrous. If Curtis weird perhaps 50 to 100 pounds over then of course I can see their argument. But Curtis has gained a few pounds so what. I think he is hot and I am sure other guys feel the same way.

      • turbo27

        that’s funny! “Cracker Barrel redneck”!!!

    • Luca

      from what I saw, he doesn’t seem an asshole, he has just highly debatable political taste.

      And no, Sean Cody has promoted a specific body type and should stick to that, so Curtis doesn’t belong there.

      • turbo27

        SC doesn’t care anymore- quality, standards, no longer exist .

      • Edward


    • Billy C

      Totally disagree – porn is supposed to be about aesthetically appealing to our fantasies. A fat boy getting fucked by a stub-dick may be that for some, but certainly not for me (or anyone I know). We all know Curtis can take some serious cock – yet he doesn’t even get that. This is just piss-poor!!!

    • T2TheB

      “Can we possibly not be dicks and keep this about him being an asshole as
      a person, instead of making out like his physical traits are the

      In a word, no. You may not care that it’s porn, but that’s what it is even though you want to overlook that fact. SC has built its brand around the paradigm of 20-something VGL American guys who also are built like Olympic decathletes, gymnasts and swimmers, and that’s first and foremost what consumers want/expect from SC. Does Curtis still fit that model? No. And because he doesn’t, he no longer belongs in front of the cameras at SC. There are sites for which he’d be just fine, SC isn’t one of them.

      • Then that’s on Sean Cody. Blaming the studio for changing their product is one thing, fat-shaming the actual performer who is taking work from someone willing to give him it is a whole other level of BS, and it is unfortunately the latter that we’re seeing most of on here – because being a catty bitch is just far too much fun when people feel like there’s some way of justifying it.

        • Billy C

          It’s not BS to point out that he doesn’t have a porn-worthy body when we’re the porn consumers, and he doesn’t appeal.

          • But he DOES have a porn-worthy body by some people’s standards. Just because they’re not yours doesn’t mean he doesn’t have worth as a porn performer for some of the rest of us. I’m a consumer too, but I’m not expecting all porn to be made to my standards – because all porn isn’t for me.

          • Billy C

            Then this dreck is perfect for you. Enjoy – most of the rest of us will look elsewhere for our porn entertainment, to studios who maintain a standard that SC has apparently abandoned.

          • I didn’t say the porn was good, or that he’s a great performer, but my sexual interest in a guy isn’t affected by him having a little bit of meat on his bones (and I’m definitely not alone in that). Obviously yours is, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but just because you don’t like something doesn’t make those who do like it beneath you, and doesn’t make your taste the ‘high standard’ other people should aspire to.

            And good luck with that, snowflake. A lot of studios hire performers like this and stay afloat. Look at Colby Jansen’s popularity and then tell me you know what “most” porn consumers want. If there wasn’t an audience for it, they wouldn’t be making it. End of story.

          • Billy C

            No the end of the story is the sharp decline in the quality of SC’s brand. It built itself to a standard which was well above this dreck, and delivering this crap will degrade it’s subscription base, which subscribed to see that higher standard. That will be the end of this story.

          • Then that’s on them and for them to worry about and that’s my point. This is about the studio, so this guy doesn’t deserve to be the target of the fat jokes in this comments section, and those of us with a bit of paunch don’t deserve to have to read or listen to fat jokes (or entitled derision) for a guy who’s still much more in shape than most of us. That’s my point.

          • Billy C

            But that Is the point. This is a commentary on the porn presented. And while I don’t begrudge anyone the freedom to manage his own body the way he wants, on screen it’s a thumbs-down, 0 out of 10 compared to the studio’s (apparently previous) standards, which most of the subscribers obviously preferred, given that (again, apparently bygone,) previously consistent standard for the actors they put there for us to watch. And this dialogue has probably gotten as boring for you as it has for me – as SC has for me.

        • T2TheB

          Fair point. I agree; the blame rests with the studio, not the performer.

    • Wickbaby

      Thank you for saying that! 20 something jocks with 6packs are hot…but so are 30-something former jocks with a little heft. And I always wonder what he Internet body shamers look like naked with a dick in their asses….Oh and Curtis is an asshole? Spill the tea!!

  • sam my


  • Xzamilloh
    These hoes is trying it. I want receipts on this one… PROOF someone spanked it to this.
    Who gave this the green light to be released??
    Not even gonna press play. #Done

  • Corax95
    • Who what where when how…

      so does she, that jumped up whore. speaks french like a pigh.

  • Who what where when how…

    jeezus, is he 57 already? sure looks it.

  • Greg

    Well, I’ll always have a soft spot for Curtis and say what you will about this scene, it IS better than that hot mess with Kellin & Joey from last week. I’ve said my piece.

  • MW

    Curtis’ wife is ruining his body!

    • kevin

      More likely his divorce

  • V1

    So that’s where the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man went…

  • Brunneous

    Sometimes the best way to judge someone is with silence…

    Btw, I’m not talking about Curtis…

  • sanfv

    My suggestion to Sean Cody regarding the recent Curtis debacle.

    Kill her with fire. I volunteer.

  • Dale Bergman
    • sam my

      Back when the sex was aggressively good, intense, and enjoyable to watch. You can say the same for Randyblue, Bsb and Corbin Fisher. A lot of these studios have gotten lazy.

      • Casey Scott

        Randy Blue is importing scenes from Eastern Europe and shooting everything in hotels. Talk about a MAJOR downslide on the level of Sean Cody. I’m shocked Zach hasn’t reported on it.

      • Luca

        Corbin Fisher lost its way long ago.

        • turbo27

          SC’s downfall has been the absolute worst! I can’t understand why they totally ruined the site.
          CF has been better this year, 2015 at CF was very bad, but nothing like the current SC.

    • nick

      Who are those two in the 6th gif ?

      • Dale Bergman

        Cameron and Daniel.

        • nick

          Thanks, i just watched that scene, holy crap that was hot.

  • kireb

    well, he still looks much better than Abe in his “comeback”. the pimples were everywhere…

  • Knightgee

    Most of these guys are only attractive because they have above average dicks (if that!), spend 5 days in the gym and the other 2 in the tanning booth. Half of these dudes can’t fuck or take dick and the other half can’t get hard to start with. So the fact that Curtis goes like a week without gym or sticking to his diet and becomes worthy of ridicule for being “out of shape” should let us know that the only appeal he or any of these dudes had before this was a gym membership. Even less for the other models since at least Curtis was an enthusiastic bottom.

  • SaintMike

    Well I feel better now! -pass the pie!

  • snoopyfo

    i mean is anyone surprise? this has been going on for a while now

    and for anyone missing the point of this article,

    curtis is not up to sean cody “standards” and yet he is still filming with them, yet other models get thrown at bromo, etc,

    and honestly i don’t see his appeal, he is not attractive at all, but to each his own

  • Jace

    Well, Curtis has been bred so often, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.

  • kevin

    It’s that D I V O R C EEE!

    There’s some kind of rough justice in the fact that Curtis looks like shit!

  • GN

    Avoid carbs…

  • kevin


  • pangelboy
  • Bradster

    Curtis…SC’s equivalent of Kenny on Corbinfisher – mediocre looking and lambasted by the majority of the audience yet inexplicably appears in a shit ton of updates.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Curtis was gorgeous when he debuted, and his performances kept him in high regard as his looks slowly declined. This, however, is too big of a dip in physical appearance.

    • kevin

      Unlike Curtis, Kenny’s body has grown increasingly spectacular and his performances have always been first-rate.

      Curtis was really cute, had a big dick, and was openly bisexual. But he was a little too open about his feelings about POC, which is when he lost me.

      When was the last time he swiped his gym card?

  • WhimsyCotton

    Jesus Zach, I hadn’t even looked up the update on Waybig. I see Curtis here, and it’s like everything I’ve known and loved is dying!

    Curtis what happened!?? This is straight up dad bod except you’re still in your 20s! Lord Jesus fix this please!

    • turbo27

      Is he still in his 20s? His first scene at SC was August 08, maybe he’s a little older, though they said he was 18 then. Doesn’t look 26 to me now.

  • JT

    At least Broderick looks good? Or perhaps that’s just in comparison…

  • Gazzaq

    Welcum back Curtis who I really like as a performaer, but with this Phat Arse Geezer ‘Get Outta Here’. Seriously which IDIOT in the Sean Cody Production Team decided to bring Phat Arse Broderick to Top and not get Fucked. STUPID PERIOD!

  • FooFight

    Cody’s models made me ‘bate all day
    Now they make me wonder why I pay
    Oh, I believe in yesterday.

    • turbo27

      Very good. Perfect summation of older SC( pre MG ) vs. last 19 months SC. Don’t pay!

  • Spencer87

    I’m sorry.I’m not here for the body shaming either,but this is sooo shady and I love it! LMAO

  • bo69

    at least Broderick is gay.

    • kevin

      So too I suspect is Curtis

      • bo69

        Curtis is closeted sooooo deep and married and a Trumpster

        • turbo27

          Nothing to do with him appearing at SC, so who cares.

        • kevin

          Separated as per FB

          • bo69

            Didn’t last a year. Figures.

    • turbo27

      Is that a free pass to appearing at SC? Not good looking with a great body? I just would like to see a few hot guys, I haven’t so I cancelled, and have not regretted it once! As you can tell it does piss me off that SC has declined so so much.

  • Tim

    This is his first update in several months, and Curtis has been up to speed in the vast majority of his updates. And if you want a cum-hungry bottom, they have few that are as capable as him. If his next update he doesn’t improve, I will agree a bit more.

  • Well, they stripped them of everything, including dignity, why not make him work this off too? So sick of seeing the half-roasted look. Either go all over, or stay pale! And someone get Ms. Thing some press powder, bitch looks greasier than a food truck taco.

  • Andrew Simpson

    I do not understand the hate Zach has for Curtis? Curtis like Joey are the guys who bottom most for Sean Cody! Curtis like Joey both admitted they LOVE to bottom. There is even a hilarious video of Curtis taking his pants off jumping on the bed with his ass in the air. I LOVE Curtis! This is lame of Zach to bottom shame a man who loves to bottom. Contrary to popular belief a bottom is not weak and Curtis is an awesome power bottom! He always puts in a good performance.

    • turbo27

      Curtis been around 8 years! enough. He was never really handsome, used to have a great body, though he is a good performer. He needs to move on. Problem is SC has many who are much worse in recurring appearances.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Curtis is not fat I really do not like the body shaming going on NOT every single porn performer must have ripped abs and a perfect body. Zach makes it seem like Curtis is a beached whale when he is clearly NOT LOL! I think Curtis looks great I actually think that is kind of scary in a way where people expect porn models to look perfect YET they do not in real life. No wonder some porn models like the now deceased Eric Rhodes used steroids and other kind of shit to keep in great shape. The porn fans and the industry put so much expectations on porn models it really messes with the head. This post by Zach is a HUGE FAIL. and VERY NEGATIVE. Disappointed a gay porn blog body shames other men.

  • lordgabux

    We’re #bodyshaming now.
    How lovely…

    • Brunneous

      Funny how it’s the same queens who were crucifying Sean Cody and other predominately white porn companies for their lack of diversity. Now that one of their models has gained a few (seriously a few ’cause its not like he’s fat) pounds they’re making these shady ass comments. I guess “diversity” only matters when it comes to race, not body weight and size. But that’s gay men for you…

      • lordgabux

        Exactly my point, sexy. I understand why Zack does it (he’s a sassy journalist and that is his thing), but some queens here just love to whine about something, anything as long as they can whine. I’m not particularly attracted to Curtis, but that doesn’t mean I need to call her fat, or Trump follower, or bigot. I only care that the boy gives good ass.
        We’re a hairbreadth away from #slutshaming porn stars.
        That will be our Judgement Day.

        • Billy C

          It’s not slut-shaming to observe and comment that a porn actor is visually unappealing. You are willing to overlook one aspect in favor of his bottoming prowess. I am not. And others are concerned with his political views or racial intolerance. That’s what makes our country great – we’re all ENTITLED to our opinions. Though I do agree that slut-shaming porn actors would be nonsensical.

          • lordgabux

            I agree with you that each person is entitled to have his/her own opinion. The problem is when some think their opinions are more valid than others. When we start calling other people names because they don’t share our opinions or points of view. That’s the problem.

          • Billy C

            Sadly that’s human nature. Then again, we wouldn’t have any interest in the political campaigns if that weren’t the case.

  • sammy1023

    Enjoyed the scene, Broderick is a little piggy, whole thing was hot.

  • nick

    Jus sayin

  • Pascal

    KKKurtis should have used those white sheets he’s usually so fond of for this scene.