Who Do You Think Will Get Fucked In Sean Cody’s Puerto Rican Orgy?

Posted June 8, 2017 by with 30 comments

DBxTzuZXoAA2kxfThe headline of this post is obviously a rhetorical question, since we can see in the photo above that the two people getting fucked in this Puerto Rican orgy will be Jayden and Manny. Unfortunately, there’s a technical error on Sean Cody’s website right now, so the orgy that was supposed to be released at 9pm (or midnight, if you’re on the east coast) tonight never happened. “Oops”:

oopsAnother “oops”: Sean Cody didn’t send out promo content to anyone today like they normally do, so there are no preview pics, and there’s no trailer to post.

I’m going to bed. The site will likely be fixed before I wake up, and the scene should be here. Even when this is released, it’s Daniel and Brysen topping, so don’t expect much of anything new in this orgy. Compared to past getaways, the Puerto Rican Getaway has been mostly unremarkable, so hopefully there’s a surprise somewhere in this orgy.

Added: It’s fixed and it’s now live here. On quick glance, no surprises or anything crazy stands out. Here’s the trailer:

[Sean Cody: Daniel, Brysen, Jayden, Manny]