Sean Cody’s Daniel Returns To Deliver The Best Cum Facial Of 2016

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03His overacting and so-called “intensity” might be fake, but Daniel fans will find a lot to love in his scene today.

15Daniel puts on his usual aggressive top act with bottom Joey, and it’s great, if you like Daniel. It’s even better if you like Joey, who always looks so good getting his huge ass fucked.

09 12 17Daniel’s cheesy dirty talk and fake screaming aside, this scene is among Sean Cody’s best of the year. Plus, it’s less than 20 minutes long, and Sean Cody doesn’t really subject us to any of Daniel’s behind-the-scenes antics (there’s no spitting in this scene, mercifully).

16Giving credit where credit is due, Daniel’s cum shots are extraordinary, and he delivers two of them in this scene. His second cum shot is a massive creampie, and Daniel literally floods Joey’s asshole with his load. I counted at least eight large streams of cum being fired off:

joeydThat second load is impressive, but the one he pumps out earlier in the scene is better. Daniel hoses down Joey’s face for 12 full seconds, with ropes of cum shooting and spraying everywhere—in Joey’s hair, in his eyes, in his mouth, on his chin, on his neck, and on his chest:


This cum facial is clearly in the running to be named one of 2016’s Best Cum Facials.

joeyd2Wait…maybe I’m a Daniel fan after all? If I can watch his scenes on mute, yes.

Trailer (full scene here, and a reminder that Sean Cody passes are $1.00 using this link or any link in this post):

[Sean Cody: Daniel Fucks Joey Bareback]

  • Nathan

    The way Daniel talks is really strange, like he has some sort of impediment or something. It’s a huge turn-off.

  • DumDumBonerMaker

    Avoid cum in the eyes my friends.
    It’s a first rate easy way to infection – both mild and friggen life threatening.

    Plus the ingredients of semen is not good for the eyes generally and will totally cause irritation no matter what… But if your mouth and face are in good health – go for that fun mess.

    • Xzamilloh

      Go for it? That’s all I heard

      • Maximus

        While I don’t believe that it amounts to queerbaiting, the writers and directors of Supernatural MUST know just how gay some of the shots are, right? I mean, maybe that kind of thing never would have occurred to people back in the early days of television, but this is the 21st century. Not that I’m complaining……

        • Xzamilloh

          Jensen Ackles need to be some internet rule for gay forums, because whatever the situation, there’s a Jensen gif that sums it up perfectly

        • Dale Bergman


          • GrownFury

            Sorry to ask what is probably a dumb question…what show is this? Who is this man?

          • Dale Bergman

            The show is Supernatural. The actor’s name is Jensen Ackles.

    • silvarga
      • Mike Julius

        It’s obligatory. It’s iconic. And it burns.

    • kkdd1

      i have never been a fan of CUMMING in someone’s face PERIOD !

    • C3xxx

      The eye always gets it..just ask Lenny

      • Mike Julius

        The second one is the relevant one.

  • Xzamilloh
  • Xzamilloh

    Daniel’s weird… but he’s freaky nasty, he’s a great top, a great bottom and enthusiastic as fuck. Plus… you like Ryan Rose, so I forgive you.

    Yup, I said it.

    • sxg

      Yea it’s astonishing how Zach can complain and be turned off by Daniel’s off the wall personality in his scenes, yet when it comes to RyRo the fact that he beat the living shit out of Bobby Hart doesn’t even phase him, even when he constantly reminds us all about the domestic abuse charges Sebastian Young and Johnny Rapid have.

      • Xzamilloh

        I mean… I can’t throw stones about that, because even though Sebastian Young has demonstrated what a despicable human being he is, I’ll yank a few out of black beauty between my legs for a SY scene. Ryan Rose just doesn’t do anything for me.

        • Mike Julius

          Wow. But yeah, that ass don’t quit. And if it wasn’t for the wife beating/violent, the criminal edge to him would be a turn on.

        • Two Cents

          Gotta say that I agree with you on that. SY does something to me and his booty is on the top of that short list of things that make him so sexy to me. But I cant get down with the wife beating and meth fueled violence so no scenes for me with him in it. RR just doesnt do it for me either, but SY…I feel him.

  • sxg

    Normally I like facial hair but for some reason I’m not too crazy about Daniel’s here. Other than that can’t wait to see this scene! Also surprised there was no mention of Jack and Blake’s scene. That one was a hot one as well!

    • Xzamilloh

      Yeah, I see what you mean. If it were just a goatee, it would good, but its kinda patchy and then it’s got some gray in there. It looks poorly groomed.

    • McM.

      That was a good scene!

    • kkdd1

      I like Daniel facial hair and with the touch of gray makes him look very sophisticated .

      • sxg

        I do like facial hair and I have no problem with the gray in his facial hair. It would make sense that he would have some gray there since he has some in his head hair. I just don’t like how disorganized his facial hair is. It’s not as awful as Dean’s, but I would like to see it a little more organized.

        • lordgabux

          Perhaps he has scars and hair doesn’t grow there. I think he looks great, but if you can’t have a full beard the way it should be ,you should keep it up to a Van Dyke or a Goatee.

          • kkdd1

            I have that very problem regardless of how hard I try I cannot grow a full beard . I have no idea as 2 what a van dyke is but I do have a goatee or R they the same ???

        • kkdd1

          I went back and looked at the trailer and I agree he could shape it up a little but I still LIKE IT LOL !

  • Dale Bergman
  • John

    2 things: 1. I hate facials. Cum needs to be inside the mouth and dribbled out. Unfortunately the porn bosses almost never agree. That eye thing is real. Cum must be tasted fully. 2. I agree with the guy who said earlier he doesn’t like Daniel’s beard. He is an attractive daddy, but the beard doesn’t flatter IMHO.

  • Alias74PornReviews

    Daniel is one of the most unique cummers on the site. I’m not him….but clearly he starts to have orgasm waves hit him and his cock spurts cum followed by a later wave of orgasms that propel even more cum out of his cock. So the dude shoots, keeps stroking, then more splatter shots, followed by late in the game rockets. I used to think the dude was just faking them but judging from his cum shots in all of his latest endeavors I can see why the man screams and moans and gets jiggy with it. I point them out every time I review a scene of his.

    Frankly I’m surprised he literally doesn’t just fall over immediately in a narcoleptic, post-orgasm coma every time he comes.

  • RaJ

    I prefer David when it comes to money shots but Daniel can still get it.

  • Trepakprince

    I love Daniel and all his weirdness. Bad acting can be forgiven when you have a great jawline. (i.e. Casper Van Dien in Starship Troopers). Sure his intensity can be mistaken for pyschopathic but at least he shows emotion, (I’m talking to you Grant).

  • bo69

    Daniel is the bomb and the first part of this scene is sensational. Wonder if he’s str8, bi or on our side. I think he’s on our side.

  • McM.

    Joey looks smaller, but it is nice he knows how to keep in shape during the off-season.

  • keldommage

    amazing scene!!! I have been praying for Daniel to fuck Joey. Joey should be in the Headline too – his slutty insatiable bottoming ways are as much of a draw as Daniel’s cumshot. It was destiny SC’s craziest most aggressive top with indisputably their best and most eager bottom.

  • kkdd1

    I have no complaints my boy Joey is getting a HARD FUCK up the ass by Daniel I could not be happier

  • darkdexter

    If his screaming is fake as you think, I still like it and it make me love to see his scenes every time that SC release it.

    On the other hand, I don’t think his screaming is fake since he cum a lot (more than anyone in SC) with body shaking while he scream.

  • JonnyM

    Love Daniel. Look forward to all his scenes. I prefer loud noisy (even if faked) over silent sex between models who are just going through the motions.

  • Ian Tevyaw

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  • lordgabux

    I like Daniel better when he bottoms but heck yeah, I wouldn’t say no to daddy hahahahaha.

  • Jon A

    As you know, we’re in full agreement when it comes to Daniel and his creepiness, though I do agree with that user who pointed out your Ryan Rose bias.

    Anyways, the cum shot sold me. I can’t stand Daniel, but I think I can endure for those shots.

  • RBLover

    WASTE WASTE WASTE WASTE of good cum!!! He spurts so much, couldn’t he have aimed some of it into Joey’s mouth for the first one and into his ass for the second one? I’m sitting watching with a heavy heart at the lost of all that good cum. What a shame. Jizz belongs inside the mouth or ass!

  • Scrapple
  • S .

    With that kind of money shot, Joey must be raking in the $.

  • DaveAtom

    When my turn with Daniel? DX

  • GrownFury