WATCH—Sean Cody’s Jack: “Getting Fucked By Daniel Is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me”

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Note: This post has been updated down below.

The good news: After nearly a five-month absence, massive muscle man Jack returns to Sean Cody for more barebacking tonight, and he’ll probably be getting creampied for the second time in his career. (See previously, ICYMI: Jess Creampies Jack.) The bad news: In order to see that happen, we’re gonna have to put up with Daniel.

C98t7P2XkAUdr40Daniel’s perverted soap opera villain schtick is boring (the fake enthusiasm, creepy dirty talk, and abusive spitting got old several scenes ago), but it might be worth it just to see Jack being fucked again.

daniel-jack-seancody-04The 6’4″, 255-pound Jack proved how good he was at bottoming (and he also appeared to truly enjoy doing it) when he took Jess’s cock last October, so let’s hope he shines again tonight. And, let’s hope he makes Daniel shut the hell up?

jackdanielSean Cody’s filming and picture quality is always hit-or-miss now (and it’s usually a miss), so there’s no way to know if this scene was shot well or even watchable until after it goes live in a few hours.


After watching this scene in full, a few important notes:

1. For the better part of a year, most Sean Cody scenes have been extremely disappointing. This Jack/Daniel scene is the exact opposite of a disappointment, and it has in fact shattered every low expectation I had. In short, it’s without question the best Sean Cody scene released since 2015’s Curtis & Randy, and it’s one of the greatest Sean Cody scenes of all time.

jackdan22. Rather than go into specifics on why it’s so great (trust me, it’s better to just be completely surprised/blown away while viewing yourself), I will confirm that the filming/picture quality is great, the cum shots are absolutely insane (Daniel manages to shoot a cum facial and creampie Jack with the same load), and even Daniel (who normally is annoying) is fantastic. His obscene dirty talk and overzealous domination completely works here, thanks largely to Jack, of course.

3. Speaking of Jack, good God. There is gay porn acting, and then there is what Jack does in this scene, which transcends powerbottoming to become one of the greatest gay porn performances in recent memory.

jackdan34. If you want to be impressed by a phenomenally good gay porn scene, drop whatever you’re doing and just watch this now.

jackdan4jackdan55. At the end of the first part of their fuckfest, Jack proudly tells Daniel, “I’m your little bitch.” Then, he admits to the camera, “Getting fucked by Daniel is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Honestly, I think he’s telling the truth, and he really means it.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Daniel Fucks Jack Bareback]

  • sxg

    I’m still waiting on what the bad news is. Daniel’s goofy aggressiveness may not be for everyone, but his performance as a top still outshines above all of that. Maybe if he beat up his boyfriend or tried to whore his brother out to his sugar daddy you’d like him more!

    All jokes aside, Jack bottoming for someone as aggressive as Daniel is a win for me! I only wish this was a flip fuck. We know that Daniel can take a hard pounding!

    • Zachary Sire

      There’s a difference between “goofy” and ridiculously annoying/unsexy. If you can put up with it and it doesn’t bother you, good for you.

    • moondoggy

      Daniel is still so far up my list of favorite porn things that to name any specific person above him would be blasphemy. What active SC model hasn’t he fucked who would be worth seeing? Landon, obvi … anyone else?

      • DaveAtom

        And yes, Daniel is the best

        • Dale Bergman

          A Daniel/Nixon scene would be interesting. I would love to see how Nixon would react to Daniel. Nixon needs to be a permanent bottom from now on. He also needs to start sucking dick, rimming.

          I’m surprised that Daniel was never paired up with Dean. They would be hot together.

          • Michael Daymonte

            I think it would be HOT for Daniel to be in a 3way with Randy and Curtis, all flipping so each gets to creampie the other two.

    • Xzamilloh

      Daniel is one of the best well rounded performers I’ve seen. I’d rather see him motorboating a fat ass or shooting a geyser of cum, but he takes as good as he gives. Beats the hell out of Ryan Rose posts… no pun intended.

      • Zachary Sire

        Physically he is great and he fucks very well, so I agree with all those positive aspects of him. But…it’s everything he says and every sound he makes (and the slapping and spitting) that ruins it all for me.

        • Xzamilloh

          It’s understandable because there are plenty of porn stars who check off every box when it comes to being a great performer, but there are some things about them that don’t do it for me.

        • Always Looking

          I like Daniel, but I can see why he can be an acquired taste. Since Daniel has done stuff with fetish websites, myfriendsfeet, if I remember correctly, he’s probably been exposed to some kink. Besides, he’s a guy, so by default there’s going to be some kink there, even if it’s mild. He just overplays the top dog/dominant role shtick a bit too much. It’s unfortunate, because he wasn’t always like that.

        • paultacoma51

          I have to agree. The spitting is NOT a turn-on in any scene, just like pissing. I’m sure it appeals to some, but certainly not the majority. But that’s just me.

        • Dale Bergman

          Why did you remove my review of this scene? I didn’t even use any GIFs.

          • Maximus

            I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one, dear. Daniel and Jack were both so extra that I couldn’t enjoy the scene. Gender norms as prescribed by hegemonic masculinity were also prominently on display. It could have been a hot scene had both performers calmed the fuck down and just enjoyed the sex.

          • Dale Bergman

            I found this scene to be highly entertaining and funny. I knew that this pairing was going to be far from subtle before I watched it. Daniel is an acquired taste.

            The different perspectives of what people find erotic is interesting. Many people found the Nixon/Brysen scene dull, but I thought it was genuinely erotic and memorable (the second half on the bed). The kissing and eye contact throughout that scene was so hot. I also loved Quinn’s scene with Hugh on Corbin Fisher from last year. I usually prefer Quinn (my favorite active gay performer) as a bottom, but he gave a terrific topping performance and pounded Hugh expertly (including two cum-shots in a row). They were my favorites scenes from 2016.

            You and I usually have the same taste. What are some of your favorite scenes?

          • Maximus

            We do typically have the same taste in men and porn, which is why I was surprised. Perhaps it was a case of confirmation bias—I went to watch the scene with a preexisting belief that Daniel is extra and overly aggressive, and thus, I perceived the scene as being consistent with that belief.

            I quite liked the Brysen/Nixon scene, and I’m mildly in love with Quinn. The Randy/Curtis scene that Zach often references is also a great one. My favorite scenes are probably those from the golden age of Corbin Fisher, the ones featuring guys like Connor, Dawson, Aiden, Travis, Harper, Kent, Trey, and Quinn.

          • Hieronymus

            randy and curtis O.o oh man…. sex for the ages

          • Zachary Sire

            Given the location (it’s in the old Sean Cody house–note that scenes over the last two months have all been in a new house) and the fact that the picture quality is fine, I’m assuming it was filmed a very long time ago by a different crew, or at least with their old equipment/editing software. If I had to guess, I’d say this scene was shot last summer.

          • Dale Bergman

            You’re probably right. It’s back to the graveyard in their latest solo (in the new location).

          • Tktai Kamilla

            I do not think, these scenes were made with the new cameras and the new team of cameramen, as it has been all this year, apparently only have “learned” to use 4K cameras.
            Speaking of the scene, while the performance of Daniel and Jack was masterful, the production team of Sean Cody continues to leave me doubts … In the old Sean Cody, especially in scene as these, “big”, the close-ups never missing, yesterday, I think that only two times I could distinguish the hole of Jack, and were almost instantaneous …
            Problems continue, are less, but continue.

            Below are two photos showing the differences between the scene of yesterday, filmed with 4K cameras, and the last real scene of SC, filmed with the old equipment.


          • Tktai Kamilla

            Another two …

            I know that probably many will not notice, but I do, the damage that was done this year Sean Cody with the quality of his videos, has left me with much suspicion every time I have to see a scene.

          • Dale Bergman

            The actual video of the Jack/Daniel scene on Sean Cody’s website looks similar to their pre-2017 scenes. Some pre-2017 SC scenes had darker cinematography. I prefer the cinematography in the Jack/Daniel scene to the Daniel/Graham scene. Flesh tones are more natural (they’re less pinkish). I also don’t agree about the camera angles in the Jack/Daniel scene. I thought the scene was well-shot.

            I thought that this nightmare with the faulty camerawork was finally over until I saw today’s solo preview. Sean Cody deserves a special place on STR8UPGAYPORN’s worst of the year list for releasing all of these technically faulty scenes. The Jack/Daniel scene is probably going to take first place at the end of the year’s best scenes list (very deserving). Sean Cody’s inconsistency nowadays is so frustrating.

          • Peter Wells

            That could be because it was shot last year immediately after Jack’s “first bottoming” with Jess. That session is refered to at the start where it is said to have happened “just this minute”.

      • sxg

        I would love to see Daniel motorboat Jack’s ass the way he did with Forrest!
        Or the way Jack himself motorboated Forrest!
        Only disadvantage is Jack’s ass is mostly muscle and probably won’t jiggle that way. Although that might be for the better since I always found Forrest’s ass a bit on the gross side the way Kardashian’s ass looks now.

        • Xzamilloh

          That first gif has always gotten me to that climax. I love Forrest’s ass.

          • Two Cents

            I don’t like that site like that but Forrest scenes, especially like those, got me Bustin like nothing. Bottom heavy white boys like that need to be ate like that at least five days a week.

    • Ben

      Zach has irrational hatred towards Daniel. I love Daniel. Daniel can own my pussy anytime

    • darkdexter

      Totally Agree and I also agree that I wish this scene is flip-fuck. It would make this scene freaky hot!

    • Dale Bergman

      Daniel gave an awesome topping performance in this scene. His first cum-shot when he spins Jack around on the table and sprays his entire face and body is the most iconic gay porn moment of 2017. Jack was completely submissive to Daniel throughout. It was great seeing these two veteran gay porn performers bring their A game to this scene and deliver the goods in spades. This is one of the best Sean Cody scenes I’ve seen in a long time.

      Where has the film crew that shot this scene been all year? The scene was well-filmed (for the most part). Sean Cody needs to be more consistent with how they film their scenes. I want to see all future Sean Cody scenes shot like this.

    • sxg

      Watched the scene earlier today and I lost 2 loads before I could get to the end! Definitely one of the top 5 best scenes in Sean Cody history!

      I would have lost a 3rd load to the scene I’m sure, but the editing and camerawork that you were afraid of Zach hit later in the scene. Still, without a doubt this scene is still brilliant in spite of the few editing and camerawork issues. But its brilliance all comes down to both Daniel and Jack being brilliant performers, and especially Jack totally committing to this.

      • Zachary Sire

        I only noticed one camera/editing fuck-up towards one of the final cum shots near the end, but it was minor compared to the disasters in other scenes.

      • Dale Bergman

        I didn’t see any jarring camerawork issues in the second half. Daniel rimming Jack’s muscle ass in the second half was truly hot. It looks like Jack has been working hard on his glutes. This is the best scene of 2017.

        • sxg

          Who’s Abe and what happened to your post? Lol

          • Dale Bergman

            Sean Cody’s Abe. I don’t know what happened to my post…

          • sxg

            Ohhh that abe. Why was his name even brought up? Lol

          • Dale Bergman

            People were asking Rivers about his scene partners.

          • sxg

            Oh really? Must have missed that. What did he have to say about Abe?

          • Dale Bergman

            My post is back. I posted a copy of Rivers’s tweet.

  • Marik Ishtar
  • stephen

    for me it’s more “plus he’s paired with Daniel!” but I get why he’s offputting to some, the Tanner scene was a bit off for me too
    but he’s got more wins than losses for me so

  • Geo Mendez

    Great pairing period…. and I don’t care what ANYONE says!

  • CarlA

    Daniel is FINE by me! No complaints here. And him TOPPING Jack is a HUGE win! The last month or so worth of updates have SUCKED something terrible. The drought ends tonight.

  • CarlA

    P.S. Looks and sounds like Daniel made Jack his BITCH!!!

  • Miss Tea

    Jack has so much muscle now that he looks like a deformed action toy but he’s still hot as hell.Sadly all updates with daniel on it are a automatic pass to me.

  • snoopyfo

    i love jack but idk i dont like him as a bottom… daniel is is still creppy hot thou

  • TheThom

    Daniel is a fuck monster. He has an open invitation to destroy my hole anytime he needs to.

  • Scrapple

    I’m believing Jack didn’t enjoy that Jess pounding as much as people believe. It was more of a “brace yourself and visit your happy place” type of scene. I anticipate this being the same way. I think I’d rather the roles have been flipped. Jack would’ve been the perfect guy to retrain Daniel’s hole.

    • sxg

      As much as I love seeing Jack having his ass annihilated by Jess and Daniel, I feel sorry for him that these are the first 2 guys he bottomed for. Jess and Daniel are definitely not starter tops. Would have liked to see him build up to these two, as well as Randy eventually. If Tanner was still around he is always a great starter top. He’s got a good sized dick and he’s not too aggressive but also not a boring top either.

      At the same time I admire Jack and have much respect for him that he was ok with Jess for his 1st top as well as still coming back for more. Some guys don’t come back at all after their bottoming debut. Hope to see him continue his newfound versatility!

      • Scrapple

        That’s pretty much how I felt. Taking on Jess for your “First!” time is a bit of a challenge. And then Daniel. I guess they figured Jack is so aggressive that they’d put him with two guys who top that way. But I think he would’ve been able to enjoy Jess more if he had been around the dick block a few times before that scene. Even Peter had to work up to being a cockhound.

        Blake is seen more as a bottom, but he would’ve been a good choice to throw at Jack. Broderick too, since they’re of comparable sizes. Brysen would’ve had fun with that ass.

    • paultacoma51

      I only hope that this isn’t Jack’s last scene. I believe there was 1 or 2 models who didn’t return after a scene with Daniel. Make of that what you will.

      • Scrapple

        I don’t see someone being paired up with Daniel and being so traumatized that they leave the studio. It’s not that deep.

  • Xzamilloh

    Nope… Daniel is literally tops for me. I love him and everything about his aggressive eagerness to be dominant and nasty. No sniffs, mans, or butts about it.

    • Ceecee

      I love everything about him except for the spitting. If I’m there to suck your dick (which I would GLADLY do for him) there’s no need to abandon our manners.

  • Trev Nich

    I like Daniel.

  • Jose

    You can’t even cover Daniel’s noise with a heavy metal band concert.

  • peter

    You feel my pain . . .

  • nick

    Like Daniel as a bottom, Jack does nothing for me.

  • WyattTF

    My God Jack is so fucking big. I can not imagine the diet and workout requirements to look like that.

    • nick

      Eat, gym, shit, eat, gym, shit, eat gym, shit, get fucked by Daniel, eat, gym, shit……

    • kctx

      All that trouble to look so unattractive.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      Oh come on, it’s roids and you know it’s roids. You can tell because his gut/abs stick out so much and his shoulders are so beefy. Compare his legs–my gym is full of girls with legs rounder than that.

  • SteadyNUnremitting

    Ugh! Anyone else but Daniel over-dramatic creepy ass. Jack deserve so much better. Everything about Daniel seems contrived.

  • Tim

    i love daniel, but he can get over the top at times and with someone who gives as good as he gets in any scene on that score, this may end up being overkill (so much posing with Randy, so sweet with a couple of the chattier bottoms, so damned goofy with Curtis, it seems Jack just copies and magnifies his partner’s personality a bit much). that being said, i think it would settle Daniel down a bit back to his hot normal level if he did get a good solid pounding from someone.

  • Coke Haven
    ugh, It’s like watching Maria Sharapova play tennis or Christina Aguilera sing… well anything … too much damn noise

  • Zealot
  • kireb

    why did you put a picture of Arad topping? 😮

  • Marcus Collack

    I like Daniel, he’s fine, he’s nasty, and will impregnate you. (with as much as cum as he spews if it ever was a possibility he would be the father.) I think he’s one of those good guys that let’s it all loose when he has sex, but he will only go as far as his partner lets him.

  • Silver64

    I only made it to the 14 minute mark last night..this one will take multiple viewings…

  • Jemoen

    This site is such a disappointment sometimes.
    I had no idea that Daniel is hated here. What the hell??
    He’s amazing.. Get your shit together.

  • Lucifer

    Jack is fine, huge, love him as both top and bottom. However, the scene was mehhhh….

  • nodoubtfan

    High praise, Zach! I was gonna skip this one because of Doing Too Much Daniel, but now I’ll give it a watch.

  • SleepInTheYard

    I find Daniel and Jack pretty hot, but I found that scene so boring. Everything is quite exagerated, as everything Daniel does. His performances are not good at all, despite being a really handsome guy.

  • David Lundquist

    god, im in love

  • 2ex2nz

    I absolutely loved this scene! ?
    I’ve been a huge fan of both these men since I became a member of the Sean Cody site! Jack has a phenomenal body and seems to really enjoy his performances. Daniel’s aggressiveness and energetic performances; and of course his epic cumshots just get me going! ???? Great Job SC!

  • lordgabux

    heck yeah #BootyForTheWin hahahahaha

  • Qiao

    He and Coleman are my favorite ones… I miss Coleman so much

  • Michael Daymonte

    Why hasn’t anyone asked about the elephant in the room so to speak and I am not referring to Jack’s size. It is obvious to me by his profuse sweating, almost incoherent speaking and being too over the top that Jack was high on ecstasy, meth or GHB When the director interrupts the scene to ask “Do you need an adult? Are you ok?” Jack is clearly fucked up and out of breath and soaked in his own sweat yet Daniel, who is more physically active being the top, hasn’t a drop of sweat on him (except maybe what Jack dripped on him). I certainly am not the only one noticing the telltale signs hes on something and its not because hes doing cardio.