WATCH: Sean Cody’s Jack Fucked By Jess In Bottoming Debut

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scjackI don’t have a trailer or proper photos yet, but Sean Cody just sent out a teaser pack of small banners and gifs, and they reveal that Sean Cody’s Jack will be making his bottoming debut this weekend. Get ready!

UPDATE: Sean Cody has now sent out a trailer (watch below) and full photo set, and Jack’s bottoming debut will be live here at 9pm tonight!

6h2a1673For over two years, big Jack has only performed as a bareback top in over a dozen scenes (Jack’s full filmography here), and his fans have been hoping that Sean Cody would eventually let him bottom. Now, it’s finally happening…

6h2a1759Also, this doesn’t look like it will be a half-assed, limp-dicked disaster like previous bottoming debuts on Sean Cody (i.e., Brandon bottoming for Tanner), because in Jack’s bottoming debut, he gets fucked bareback by horse-hung “cum factory” Jess!

6h2a17926h2a1626 6h2a1815 6h2a2199The only question I have is how many times Jess will cum in this scene (in his last scene, he busted four nuts), and how many of those loads will be creampies in Jack’s ass.

ckje(Added: Once again, Jess shoots four loads in this scene—two all over Jack’s torso and face, and two onto/into Jack’s hole. Jack cums twice in the scene, both times while Jess’s cock is in his ass.)
jessjackTrailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Jess Fucks Jack Bareback]

  • Zealot

    Chloe says that the word “bottom” has gotten a pretty bad rap lately. She reports that during sleepovers or other outings such as the annual Concerns and Issues Forum Retreat for Grade Schoolers, she prefers the bottom bunk. “Actually, being on top creates any number of issues for those of us who are vertically challenged”, she comments. “You have to negotiate steps which were obviously not created for those of us with shorter legs, and in the middle of the night if your DDAVP hasn’t sufficiently kicked in, it’s up and down those darned steps all night long!”

    Chloe believes that for people like Randall Smithe-Mendoza a co-camper at these annual retreats, are usually more than happy to offer to take the top when sharing the co-ed dorm rooming arrangements. She reported, “Randall has very long legs as his mother was a Rockette and his father was an Argentinian male model”.

    So, the message for Jack in this scenario is “don’t fret being on bottom. Ultimately Chloe feels it’s “good” and actually preferable in the end as there is less work and effort than trying to negotiate the top position. As always, wisdom from the most astonishing sources.

  • goosegui
  • Dicky

    Those eyes in the still are cartoonishly frightening. Was it the dick or the cum that caused those?

  • john
  • moondoggy

    I think I’ve unfairly ignored Jack, so I’m excited for this. I only wish Jess were a little more built to balance out the muscle ratio. I’m not one of those “I like seeing the little ones top the big ones” people. But then again, Jess’s dick is the great equalizer.

  • DaveSean
  • Casey Scott
    • DumDumBonerMaker

      Hey!?! That’s my take on this guy.
      — but you’re welcome to use it.. because it’s funny and accurate.. and I like to share — But if you came up with it on your own… then NICE TO MEET YOU like minded person!

      You can also use my elderly-based reference for Ryan Rose – which is Fire Marshal Bill from ‘In Living Color’. The likeness is uncanny.

    • DumDumBonerMaker

      Hey!?! That’s my take on this guy.
      — but you’re welcome to use it.. because it’s funny and accurate.. and I like to share — But if you came up with it on your own… then NICE TO MEET YOU like minded person!

      You can also use my elderly-based reference for Ryan Rose – which is Fire Marshal Bill from ‘In Living Color’. The likeness is uncanny.

  • Andrew Simpson

    The guy does NOT look like he is enjoying it. See this is problem having a top do a bottom scene because often it sucks. I remember when they got Landon to do a bottom scene he looked like he was in pain and having discomfort LOL! These porn studios need to find men who are more versatile.

    • Sebastian S

      It was the same with Stu. Boy did I want to enjoy his one bottoming scene and it was…ok, but he didn’t seen to enjoy himself.

      • erexshawn

        two bottoming scenes. he got fucked by Tanner for like 3 minutes but he took it better than with Pavel. Pavel did have a pretty thick cock though

    • sxg

      They made the mistake of booking Jess as the top.You DO NOT start with someone that big because it could traumatize you from bottoming ever again.

      This is the one and only time where Brandon being the first to pop Jack’s cherry would be appropriate. He’ll think to himself “this isn’t so bad I could definitely aim for something bigger next time.” Sadly there may not be a next time.

      • Mihcael Davies

        Jack clearly said it was the “first BIG dick in his ass”, the camera guy “corrected” him and told him “your first dick” which Jack promptly repeated like a good little SC drone. So this isn’t Jack’s first time at the bottom rodeo like SC would want us to believe. Gotta love those slips of the tongue

        • sxg

          Yea I remember that part no really telling what he genuinely meant by that. Dude was kind of out of it when he said it so it could simply be he was confused, or maybe he did practice outside of porn and bottomed to prepare for his SC bottoming debut.

          Or it could be an indication of something that studios still tend to do, and that’s film and release scenes out of sequence and he could have already filmed his actual bottoming debut before this one with Jess. When Austin Wolf filmed his flip fuck scene with Kurtis the studio promoted it as bot their bottoming debut, but Austin had already filmed that debut about 5 months earlier with Tyler Wolf. What’s even more unusual is RB filmed and promoted that scene as a couples scene when they were already broken up for a month. But I don’t care if it’s Jack’s first or his hundredth dick, I’m just glad we finally get to see a dick inside that muscle ass!

          • Mihcael Davies

            Very good points raised, I guess time will tell

  • turbo27

    So glad I quit SC. Obviously they now like older, average looking at best, muscle guys. I don’t.

  • db_Rider

    I’ve been waiting so long for Jack to be with Lane. I just think that would be a great pairing. I just am not a fan of tops bottoming especially when it’s someone like Jack who is such a good top and I just don’t see the attraction to Jess.

    Another week spent waiting for a good scene from SC. :/

    • erexshawn

      you spelled Lame wrong.

    • Green4clover

      I’m also way down to seeing Jack with Lane! If Sean Cody is listening, I hope they do it. Jack is sexy as a top. I’m not interested in seeing him bottom.

  • Scrapple
    • Jazz

      LMAOOOOOO this cracked me up Scrapple.

      • Scrapple

        I’m already counting down the inches. I mean minutes.

    • TalkDirtyToMe

      You’ve nailed my thoughts. Jess is a flat assed twig but he does know how to fuck.

    • goosegui
      • Scrapple

        Jack didn’t just take Jess to Red Lobster, he bought everything off the menu.

        And then Jess took Jack out to the parking lot, bent him over the hood of the nearest crossover suv, and dicked him down while Jack nibbled on lukewarm cheddar bay biscuits. At least that’s what I’m thinking.

  • Jazz

    My baby Jess is gonna do it right! He should’ve fucked Brandon too. Maybe there’s still hope!

  • sam my

    I’ll wait for the trailer/full scene, SeanCody has a way of building up scenes, pairings, only to be let down/disappointed.

  • Al

    I’ve been waiting to see this happen for some time. I hope Jack bottoms as good as he tops. Jess really needs pounds him good.

  • snoopyfo

    im not looking forward to this because just looking at that gif LMAO looks like jack is not enjoying it…. i like both guys and they are hot but i think it will be another flop… but i hope im wrong

    • sxg

      I don’t think it’s that he’s not enjoying it in that gif it’s that he’s experiencing Jess’ whole dick for the first time. Even more experienced models, like Antonio Miracle, have made that face from taking huge dicks.

  • sxg

    What a fucking awful time to be stuck with no laptop because some assholes stole it and having to watch this on your phone! Gonna have to make the best of it :(

    • TheSagaOf

      Zaaaaaymn. That sucks. ;(

    • sxg

      So fuck it I couldn’t wait and I purchased a 2-day trial for $1 just for this scene! Worth it!

      Jack was a fucking trooper and took Jess’ dick like a champ! There was probably about 20 minutes of bottoming footage! Jess came 4 times, Jack came two. I watched the scene non-stop and came twice! I don’t think I was this horned up for a bottoming debut since the flip fuck scene with Kurtis Wolfe and Austin Wolfe at Randy Blue, and that was like 2 years ago I think!

      Only noticeable thing that I didn’t like Jack is how he stiffened himself while getting fucked doggy style. It was the position he was looking forward to bottom in the most since he likes topping in it, but it looks like it was his most uncomfortable here. Relax your back next time Jack! And while Jess gave a goof performance, I feel that Jack could have handled someone more aggressive and even raunchier, like Daniel! So definitely for his next bottoming scene I want to see them two, hopefully in a flip fuck we haven’t seen Daniel bottom in a longass time. Ooh also I want to see how Jack would handle thickness, so please bring back Randy to fuck Jack! Sure they’ve done a scene together, but it wouldn’t be the first time SC brought back models to film together.

      BTW, that whole eye thing, you’ll miss it if you blink. It only lasted a split second. He widened his eyes a few more times throughout the scene, but not to the extent of that gif!

  • FooFight

    In that picture, Jack reminds me of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.

  • FooFight

    In that picture, Jack reminds me of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I’ll have to pass on this one. Jack just doesn’t have an appealing aesthetic as a bottom to me. Maybe Brandon killed the whole “get excited for a full-time top to bottom” hype for me.

  • Well shit, Jack’s certainly skipping the training wheels, isn’t he?

    Excited for the scene!

  • I certainly recognize that face. Girl, did you have some dairy last night?

    • moondoggy


  • S .

    So… they got the twinkiest guy to fuck the muscle-iest guy. Is this a new fetish?

    • nick

      I think we’re supposed to be all excited that the muscly guy (who we all totally believe is totally straight) has had to do this for some reason (money).

    • kevin

      I would say that Lane, Robbie, Graham, and the now clean-shaven Manny are the current ‘twinkiest’. Gay is an important element in twink

    • John McKee

      New? LOL.

      That said it is not my fetish so I wish they had someone like Randy fuck him.

  • Silver64

    Actually, I’m not overly surprised…Jack had that scene back in May with Forrest where he did some ass play…and he really liked it. One thing I really like are Jacks eyes..their so expressive…you know exactly how he’s feeling at each moment…I find it so sexy. And it showed when he did the ass play…kinda got a bit sleazy with it…Ass to mouth even…

    One thing I will say…I think this one will surprise us, considering who’s bottoming…and he’s not starting with a starter dick…

  • DumDumBonerMaker

    This dude, while I appreciate his hunger for man sex, is gross.

    • sxg

      Yea Jess is gross, the starving looking pothead but they probably needed a top that is almost as tall as Jack if not taller so it wouldn’t look weird.

  • steve adams

    Jack has the most jacked body in gay porn! Woof.

  • kevin

    Now these are the bodies we expect from Sean Cody, not Thursday’s Cracker Barrel boys

    Is it me, or does Jack look like Rex Ryan?

  • Jim Hardon

    when does Jess loose his ass cherry !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brunneous

    Like I was never meant to be a top, Jack was never meant to be a bottom. #notaboutthatverselife

  • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

    hey there steroid legs. those quads are nasty.

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    Honestly, this was kinda hard to watch. Jack obviously didn’t enjoy it, and how many of Jess’ cumshots are real?

  • goosegui
  • Andrew Simpson

    This guy Jack looks like he uses steroids.

  • Tim

    this was good enough, but not among the best. Jack evidently enjoyed it, as did Jess, but Jess could have planted a load deep inside Jack and didn’t and Jack’s vocal performance was a bit more than desired.

    • DeanD

      Jack’s muscles got in the way of the action a few times which didn’t help but he sure did seem to enjoy himself. Some of the positions were just awkward but the scene had its moments.

  • Bradster

    Put down the ‘roids dude. Looking like a meat-head won’t help make your face any better looking.

  • Marcus Collack

    I lost count how many times he said he’s never bottomed before. However I remember pretty explicitly Jack talking about wanting to show off his “bottoming skills,” in another video.

  • lordgabux

    If Brandon has bottomed with a tenth of the enthusiasm Jack put into his scene, THAT bottom debut would have been spectacular.
    Jack was hungry for that cock and beg for it with every action. If he’s going to bottom like that every time with need more and more and more!!!