WATCH: Sean Cody’s Brysen Picks Up Bodybuilder Jack And Fucks Him Bareback In Mid-Air

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563A9901UPDATE 3/24: This scene is now live here, and while it’s not as good as Jack’s last bottoming scene with Daniel, the fucking is still great and both performers turn in some of their best work. One key highlight is when Brysen picks up the massive Jack and fucks him in mid-air:


Given their height and overall size difference (Jack is a few inches taller than Brysen, and he obviously weights a lot more than him), this is epic. It only lasts for about 30 seconds, but Brysen is a beast!

[Sean Cody: Brysen Fucks Jack Bareback]


Original post from 3/21:

Sean Cody’s Jack has only bottomed twice before—for Jess in 2016 and for Daniel in 2017—and this coming weekend, it’s time for Jack’s annual bottoming scene! This time, the lucky top is none other than Brysen:

563A0284 563A0157Daniel and Jack’s fuckfest is one of the most iconic Sean Cody scenes of all time, but could this be even better? Given that Brysen is physically flawless and one of the best Sean Cody tops of all time, it’s highly likely.

563A0249 563A9634Unfortunately, rumors of Brysen’s retirement have been swirling (and they appear to be true, based on a tip from one reliable source), so this might be one of his final Sean Cody scenes. He really is one of the greatest and most gorgeous gay porn performers ever, so he will be sorely missed.

563A0294 563A9528 563A9737Muscle god Jack proved to be a phenomenal bottom with Daniel, so I can’t wait to see how he performs with Brysen’s cock inside of him. They look incredible together:

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Full review coming Saturday once this is released. The trailer isn’t very exciting and doesn’t show too much, but here it is (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Brysen Fucks Jack Bareback]


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