Now Sean Cody Is Filming Scenes Next To An Ugly Freeway Interchange

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04The good news: While it’s still not up to par with their pre-2016 content, Sean Cody seems to have mostly fixed their horrible camera/color/editing issues since moving to a new house. The bad news: Now they’re shooting scenes next to a freeway interchange with multiple freeway overpasses and bumper to bumper traffic.

13 Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.42.43 PMI’m not sure why or when it became so difficult for these Sean Cody camera crews/directors to film decent content, or why it didn’t occur to anyone in the room that maybe viewers aren’t interested in being distracted by a dizzying array of rush hour traffic on the 5 freeway? This is as visually ugly as the morgue-like scenes they gave us the first three months of the year, and you have to wonder…is anyone directing or planning any aspect of these scenes at all?


Honestly, have they never heard of blinds or curtains?

And as if the 5 (I’m assuming it’s the 5, but it could also be the 805, or even the 163?) isn’t ridiculous enough, we also get to see people’s reflections in all the glass. Great.


Of all the places in this house to film people fucking, this was the ideal spot?


And, maybe worst of all, the entire first part of the scene is filmed at angles that don’t show much of the top’s face or his cock, and instead are filmed from behind him or above him while he keeps his head pointed down. I guess Jakob is a good looking guy, but that’s hard to say. We don’t see him that much.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.41.41 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.41.27 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.42.02 PMThe first half of the scene ends with a nice cum facial for Lane that’s filmed well, and thank God the second half of the scene is shot somewhat better, on the bed and away from the fucking freeways. But, this is still another hard pass from me. The picture quality is just mediocre, and the sex is filmed poorly from weird angles. Unless you’re a hardcore fan of Lane/Jakob (or maybe a hardcore fan of urban sprawl?), this is pointless.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Jakob Fucks Lane Bareback]

  • Dale Bergman

    The sex itself is very good. Jakob has come a long way since his first scene with Blake. I was very impressed with his performances in his scenes with Joey, Lane. He open mouth kisses, sucks, rims. His cock is always rock hard. His facials are great (I loved that he licked his cum off of Lane’s face). Nixon should take notes from Jakob on how to abandon limitations and just go for it. I want to see a well shot scene with him in it.

    • Zachary Sire

      Or…the director could tell Nixon how to fuck.

      • Dale Bergman

        I’ve seen enough of Nixon topping. It’s time for him to start taking cocks and loads on a permanent basis.

        • peter

          Jakob fucks Nixon and each SUCKS DICK for the first time.

          • Dale Bergman

            I would like to see Nixon bottom for Jakob. Nixon definitely needs to put a dick in his mouth. Even big-dicked Brooks (the best dick I’ve ever seen in gay porn) sucked and rimmed. Nixon’s diva, arrogant limitations in his scenes is annoying now.

          • peter

            Brooks: the ones with criminal records usually have fewer boundaries. Sucking dick doesn’t seem like much to ask if you’re looking for bond money.

            But then I thought Brooks played for our team?

          • Dale Bergman

            I think a guy with a husband sized cock who refuses to bottom should suck dick. I’m sure SC would have been fine with Brooks just topping with that big dick.

            I’m pretty sure Brooks is gay.

      • Dana Rimons

        Nixon is awesome.

        • Tktai Kamilla

          Yeah, awesome top BORING guy.

      • Edward

        Trot out Landon to fuck Nixon. Yum

    • Jon

      However, reading this maybe I’m wrong, he looked robotic in the trailer, but apparently it’s a good performance.

  • Zealot

    Say what you will about Sean Cody’s ambience…at least they’ve started hiring chairs of color. My source, his fiancee Sheree, a self-described “fiery red Latina Hollywood-style occasional chair”, who “swivels both ways”, says the lucky break came to “Marcellus” earlier this week, and he insisted that I be there as his “tufter” for the shoot.

    Pictured: Sheree

  • sxg

    You really nitpick at the weirdest things. The excess reflections I understand those are very distracting, but unless you have ADD/ADHD I can’t imagine anyone normal being that bothered by the traffic you can barely see.

    What you think is the worst thing in this scene is probably the best thing they did. Do you really want to get a good look at this face???
    Same thing about the dick. Not much there to admire either. Poor Lane. He needs a beast top, not this shovelfaced wimp.

    • Dale Bergman

      I think Jakob is attractive. He has gorgeous eyes, great skin, nice lips, and I like his nose (there seems to be no middle ground regarding his nose). I also think he has a nice dick on film. He gave Lane a good pounding.

    • John

      It is an Eastern European face, not a middle America face. I think he is very handsome and striking.

    • Tktai Kamilla

      Hmm … I just looked at his blue eyes and entered the paradise. Jakob is great, not a typical beauty but he is certainly a sexy man. In addition, in each scene his performance improves.

    • Zachary Sire

      Jakob is gorgeous. Would be great to have his face/body/cock on full display while he fucks, instead of a bunch of cars.

    • Kanaka

      So there!

    • Jon

      Co-sign the first part, literally whinning about the stupidest/pettiest of things. Would have understood the bitching if they were actually filming next to the highway or something.

      Anyways onto what actually matters, the action. From what I’ve seen, Jakob still looks robotic as usual and doesn’t seem fully into it, which bores me.

      My only hope is remembering that Jarek (yes that Jarek) was kinda that way in his early vids, then he grew into it and actually became a good performer. We’ll see if that happens with Jakob too.

    • moondoggy

      “You really nitpick at the weirdest things. The excess reflections I understand those are very distracting, but unless you have ADD/ADHD I can’t imagine anyone normal being that bothered by the traffic you can barely see.”


      “Would be great to have his face/body/cock on full display while he fucks.”


      My problem with the scene is not the decor. It’s the unconvincing editing. For me, the initial penetration is the most important shot in a scene, actually tied with the money shot. I despise it when a scene cuts from guys getting undressed or a top getting blown to a guy already getting fucked, which some of the lesser bareback sites do all the time. This was comparable — a side shot of Jakob trying to push in semi-hard cut to an underneath shot of them already fucking, clearly after fluffing and momentum building.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Agreed on everything. Jakob certainly has a good body, but has no one who replied to you below ever seen anyone from Eastern Europe???

      This is a hot Eastern European face.
      Jakob doesn’t measure up.

    • S .

      He just needs the Jennifer Grey special.

  • Marik Ishtar
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    I just wanted to address you all in case you may have forgotten about me.”
    “Everybody forgot about you.”
    “Can you please be quiet Madonna, no one was talking to you… Anyway, this message is about something else, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I just want to keep it real with you guys for a second. Yes, I am aware that Corbin Fisher has been passing straight pornography as content. I have ended my subscription and my hormones are in CockyBoys’ hands.
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    • Scrapple

      Lol. Got 2B Real.

      • PreludeToA

        The difference between Haterade and Gatorade is one fills you up and the other makes you thirsty.

        • Scrapple

          Lol. You all are gonna have me watching that this weekend.

  • Scrapple

    I naturally assumed they were paying tribute to Aretha’s “Freeway of Love.” Or they’re trying to tap into the bridge & tunnel fetish subculture, Cali style.

  • PaulieP

    i think you look to closely…..

  • DPS

    The entire scene in a single corner of the room feels like when dad would say

  • peter

    It looks like they’ve moved to the cheap end of the same street as the old house. The Million Dollar view is now only maybe 50K.

    I’m with Zach on this one. It’s not only that I can see the traffic, I can smell the exhaust, too!

  • n24rc

    Ever since the DB fiasco, SC is on the alert from the FBI. No more rent boy stuff. Can’t pimp them out for better luxurious shoots at some horny coot’s mansion.

    • Tktai Kamilla

      Being objective, this may be the main reason why Sean Cody has become such a mediocre and under-budget studio, and with amateur cameramen, the sale of Sean Ostler and Cody Media to MindGeek, everything can be easily connected to Donald Burns . The only certainty is that the end of Sean Cody began in late 2014 and early 2015. My main reason why I remain a subscriber is by nostalgia.

      • nbtx27

        I agree with your last 2 sentences, that was the end of SC. Nostalgia only goes so far though, why not cancel, you won’t miss it, believe me.

  • Ed Woody

    What the fuck is the big deal? Houses are built near roads, people have reflections. You’re really stretching for something to complain about now.

  • Maximus

    “The 5.” Oh, you Los Angeles people and your disdain for the letter “I.” But seriously, I clocked the freeway too. A nice view can include one, but the camera is pointed directly at it. Was the cameraman concerned that there was going to be traffic on his commute home?

  • pje821

    SC has been filming in this condo for a very long time; somebody just noticed? It’s San Diego. The horror!

    • howdydoo

      They have. It’s a mansion too.

  • Dave

    Yet, Gay Hoopla continues to film in the same white house with the same white furniture with the same crappy angles and editing and yet you never criticize them? What gives?

  • WhimsyCotton

    There was a freeway in this scene? Sorry, I must have missed it while getting my fill of Lane’s hot new beach bod and sexy fuck boy hairdo. He’s looking better than ever and overshadows everything else in this scene – except Jakob’s extreme honker situation.

  • sxg

    Hey that’s offensive… to falcons!!! At least their beaks are symmetrical!

  • VADick4U2

    This is not a new house for Sean Cody I was a member from day one and this is the house that they uses to shoot at back in the day. Go back to Four-Way Part 2 March of 2015 and you will see the same house. This is the second house that they used before they sold the site. The way the house is built you cannot see into it from any angle unless you have binoculars. It’s at the end of a dead end street over looking a cliff down to the freeway. There is one video that is still on the site that gives away where the house is. If the ever show directly out the back again everyone will know the location of the house. The house has a clear view of a SD landmark that is un mistakable. .

    • KG

      I think the often-seen pool is just below the balcony seen in this video.

  • KG

    Same house they have used for years (the one with the pool)…. see Four Way Part 2 from a couple of years ago.