Jax’s Bottoming Debut On Sean Cody: Do You Want To See It?

Posted October 3, 2019 by with 38 comments

0006 copyWith 15 scenes as a strict top, Sean Cody’s Jax is now one of the longest running top-only bareback gay porn stars in the history of Sean Cody (Sean Cody’s horse-hung Jess has the longest top-only track record, with more than 40 topping scenes), and in his latest duo, Jax is fucking Manny bareback:


Some fans have complained that they’d like to see Jax bottoming in a Sean Cody scene ASAP, but is Jax’s bottoming debut really necessary?

0011Jax’s cock is huge and always rock hard, and, most importantly, Jax is an extremely skilled top. So, why pull him away from something we already know he’s so good at?

In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

00060008On the other hand, big-dicked bottoms are a sight to behold, and seeing giant Jax being plowed by someone could be one of the most epic moments in Sean Cody history.

0018Is Jax’s bottoming debut something you have to see, or are you fine with him continuing his role as Sean Cody’s best powertop?

Whatever side of the debate you’re on, the perfection of Jax’s topping speaks for itself, and it’s on full display in his new duo with Manny. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Jax Fucks Manny Bareback]

And ICYMI, my favorite Jax scene (co-starring Jackson) was released on Sean Cody a few months ago:

[Sean Cody: Jax Fucks Jackson Bareback]

  • FieldMedic

    You’re making a bad assumption with this argument, that we all watch porn for the tops. Some of us watch porn for the bottoms because we like seeing hot men being fucked. If Jax wants to continue to top and Sean Cody doesn’t have the guts to make him bottom then I’ll just continue to ignore him and the scenes that he’s in unless he’s paired with a hot bottom (which seems to be few and far between). Honestly, I don’t really care about his dick or what he does with it, that’s not what I’m interested in while watching porn.

    • Link

      Where is Str8UpGayPorn on Landon never bottoming or Jess? They both have been doing porn for years and have never bottomed and those need to be pointed out more than Jax who has only done 15 scenes. More like they want to see him bottom because they like him and want to put pressure on Sean Cody to push him to bottom.

      Let guys decide what they want to do – for once.

      • trumn10

        Landon did bottom, but you are right about Jess. Jax, maybe he doesn’t do it– his choice.

        • Link

          Correct, Landon bottomed for a few seconds in a flip fuck scene – 1 out of 33 fuck scenes.

          • Hamnat

            I never understood why they couldn’t get him to do more. He was hot as a bottom. It wasn’t uncomfortable to watch like Brandon’s was when he finally bottomed. It was a memorable scene of his probably my fav.

    • Austin

      I’m in this camp.

    • P-laudy

      You’re completely right, not everything is about DICKS! There are asses too

    • David Siegel

      Since I’m a top, I like to see a hot muscular man get fucked, especially if he has a hot ass. More importantly, though…why the hell did he dye his hair? He looks much better with his natural hair color. That black hair doesn’t fit with his skin tone. The natural ginger looks hotter.

  • Kanaka

    A flip with Archie perchance??

  • Richie

    He’s just another Gay4Pay. Not interested in seeing at all

  • CamCam

    Only if he’s with a partner who’s worth a damn.

    • Es Kay

      As a hardcore Manny stan, I am offended lol

    • trumn10

      That will be hard to find at SC, maybe Archie?

  • Geo Mendez

    I said it once I said it again.. Jax and Jeb flip flop NOW!!!!! https://media1.giphy.com/media/3o751Yxe9UjX26BZbG/giphy.gif

  • NeAl1669

    Yes I really do. Manny would’ve been fun a unexpected, but I really want Jack to do it like yesterday.

    • terrencemoss

      Manny had a flip with Sean a while back. He was pretty good as a top.

  • TheSagaOf

    Would be nice but I’m not hyped about seeing a “top” bottom and he’s flaccid and just not enjoying it. I mean, he could fake it which would be nice but meh.

    • Ty Huber

      YES. Not much worse in a porn scene than a bottom who is clearly frightened, nervous, bored, humliated, comatose, or in pain. Don’t make models do things they can’t at least pretend to enjoy.

  • erexshawn

    He takes fake dick on his Only Fans page. Not sure what the problem with him bottoming for SC. Unless they are trying to build up the scene making some of us extra thirsty.

    • C A

      What dick does he take on his OF account? Stop trying to push business his way.

    • NG212

      What’s his handle?

      • erexshawn

        I’m not his PR man and believe me, it isn’t worth it. unless you are really into narcissists and pussy

  • Eclipse

    I genuinely don’t remember the last time I cared about a SC scene so…hard pass on any of this.

  • Scrapple

    I would maybe only care if it were a scene with Jack, or maybe Josh (because of the internal potential). Jess could come back and crack that ass open too.

    I’m more concerned with Jax being a consistent performer. The site has a habit of lately putting him in scenes as the guy who just get services. He has proven he’s a much better performer than that. But the calls for him to bottom aren’t going to stop because he set it up with the hole play in his solo, and with the toy fucking on his fan site. At some point it’ll probably happen, but by then it might end up being as disappointing as when Brandon finally grabbed his ankles. It’s like seeing the release of The Matrix 4 or Avatar 2. Sure, it might look good, but at some point you’ll be watching and thinking “It took this many years to happen, and it still isn’t perfect?”

  • Al

    Pass…if he’s had 15 SC scenes and he doesn’t ring a bell to me…I’m good.

  • C A

    I’m honestly over hm.

  • TJaa7

    I don’t need it.

    He’s sort of like the new Jess. You’re curious about it but know if you get it it’ll be a disaster.

    I’d like to see him and Archie do a scene. I think Archie has only been in flip flops would love to see him do a fully bottom scene with Jax

    • JayceReed

      Amen to this…

    • Al

      Agreed on Archie…..I would love to see him in a fully bottom scene.

  • hotdickcum

    I havent watch any SC scenes for a long time that I have to ask, who the hell is this white boy? lol.

  • A Black

    I don’t watch his scenes so are the pictures not showcasing this ‘huge’ dick of his well?

  • terrencemoss

    Not every top needs to bottom. I’m glad Jess hasn’t and I hope Jax doesn’t.

    Plus, after the disappointing Brandon hype, just let the tops be the tops and the bottoms be the bottoms and the flippers flip when they want to flip.

    Also, why don’t we clamor for bottoms to top in the same way we want tops to bottom?

    • P-laudy

      Because a top doesn’t need to have that much of a previously preparation and also when you are going to be fucked, you lose the natural rol of the men in sex, to bottom it means that you’re giving the manly rol and that’s why everyone likes that, to see the submissive rol in men that isn’t the natural rol in it especially in the manly and muscular ones!

  • ViktorTausk

    He looks terrible in his Manny video. WTF has happened with his face and skin? Is that steroids? Apropos steroids: Manny shouldn’t start taking them either. He looks gross now.

  • Jim Steele

    Jax and Landon, please.

  • JT

    Guy is so ugly, don’t care to see him topping or bottoming

  • bob80

    I never look at the tops, I only look at the bottom. I don’t care if it’s a man, a woman or a dildo doing the fucking, all I want is to see hot guys putting thing in their butts. Jax is hot so I want to see him bottom, so far I haven’t even paid attention to him because he’s always been on top.

  • David A Swiental

    Jax should flip fuck with Shaw!!!! Where has Shaw gone? Hottest Sean Model guy ever…