Gay Porn Before And After: Sean Cody’s Jess 2010 Vs. 2018

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16Sean Cody’s Jess is right behind Curtis as the Sean Cody model with the longest-running career, having been performing there now for over eight years. Curtis started filming in 2008 (but, he hasn’t been in a scene for over six months), while Jess started filming in May of 2010. Jess’s latest scene (as seen above, with Deacon) is out today.

On the left, it’s Sean Cody’s Jess in 2010. On the right, it’s Sean Cody’s Jess today, in 2018. When was he hotter?

jess43jess32 jess23Jess has always been a great performer, so I’m not worried about how he’ll do in today’s scene. The problem, as usual, looks like it’ll be with production. Rather than relying on filming and editing a good scene, the crew is relying on a stunt with a blindfold.

07 08Although both studios are owned by the same parent company now, Sean Cody is not Bromo. So, there’s no need for stupid props. Sean Cody used to be known for filming great sex scenes, so it’d be nice if they could just focus on doing that again.

14Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Jess Fucks Deacon Bareback]

  • some charge

    same boredom

  • Joel

    Yas! So happy Deacon is back! I fucking love him! The production’s colours are also better than they’ve been in the past. SC is getting there; they aren’t there yet, but they’re getting there!

  • TheSagaOf

    He could still get it anytime he wanted. Would not turn him away.

  • wdeee

    Either is fine.

  • peter

    Jess has picked up some lines around his eyes which add character to his face and make him look even hotter, IMO. He’s still a long way from being a ‘sexy daddy’ thank God (a back-handed compliment if ever there was one!)

    He just needs to do something about that awful haircut!

    • Shawn

      what is back handed about it?

  • AJ’s Black Widow


  • Geo Mendez

    There is a video from this chick on you tube that claims she “dated” Jessie briefly and when she asked him about his porn life he totally went off on her!…(juicy stuff gurl!…….)

    • sxg

      What do I look for to find this video???

      • Mark

        “date jess sean cody”

        • n24rc

          Good doxing this guy. Way to encourage more people to do porn, by cyberstalking. LOL

          • Todd

            I’ve chatted with a few performers over the last couple of years and they all claim everyone important in their lives already know so if they get outed (which they expect) it’s not a big deal. Plus, do we really need MORE people doing porn?

          • n24rc

            I think it has to do with kids in the first place. I’m a wrong in assuming some have families and they don’t want stalkers to interact or pester them? Which is why a lot of porn performers end up in UTAH.

          • n24rc

            True. I imagine the state of the economy the lackluster jobs there are now, which contributes the glut of people interested in performing now.

    • Seth Sexton

      So is Jess actually straight?

      • Todd

        Jess has been happily married since at least 2014.

      • youbitchesneedscience

        You can actually see him performing with his wife on flirt4free under the name Veronica & Tony Kush.

    • HIkkI78909

      she used his photo in the thumbnail but I dont think she was talking about him

  • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

    The older pics use a filter. SC probably used it back then to give the pics a dreamy feel to them, and to blur out any of their imperfection. The 2018 pics are more clear.

  • sxg

    What is going on in the last side-by-side pic of how he currently looks? Is that a shitty haircut, or does it look like his skull is trying to run away from him???

    • Pinko of the Grange

      His supercuts form 2010 was soooo much better.

    • c_find

      I think he’s loosing too much weight so it’s making his head look bigger like a bobble heat top

  • Yerba

    looks a bit meth-y now, cute and puppyish then

  • John

    Would love to see him bottom. He is hot.

  • pje821

    Jess is an SC favorite of mine. Even though I prefer models with more flesh and muscle (his body has barely changed in 8 years), I find him extremely sexy and always a good performer who delivers the goods (a great cummer). This scene between him and Deacon looks like it has a lot of potential.

  • Jim Hardon

    neither don’t want to see him again until there is a dick up his ass

    • youbitchesneedscience

      Only if done with enthusiasm. Remember what an over-hyped boner killing disappointment Brandon’s bottoming debut was?

  • Vizual Bastard

    Jess and his premature ejaculation problems…. I kind of like him because he is slutty looking. Could do without him too :-)

    • n24rc

      FYI: IF they are premature that means the person is really turned on. SO this guy might be super gay but in denial. Who knows?

      • c_find

        A lot of men have premature ejaculation because they are on antidepressants. I would not read too much into it. And when did premature ejaculating become a positive thing??? Most people like men that last more than 5 seconds.

        • n24rc

          I think it’s great, it means you’re having fun and that is the point, isn’t it? And whose to say that you can’t go at it again.

          • c_find

            We will agree to disagree, from all the women and men I’ve been with cuming too fast has always been a bad thing. In all honesty I really never got his appeal I don’t really find him that good looking, he just jackhammers and has no stroke game and ya his dick is a bit bigger than average but a big dick ain’t much if you only using for 5 second intervals. But he’s very popular on Sc So different strokes for different folks. Hope you enjoyed the scene

          • n24rc

            Holy Crap, someone online actually allows for disagreement! Lol.

        • Maximus

          Antidepressants typically decrease arousal and can cause erectile dysfunction.

          • c_find

            My bad you are right in certain case they are used to treat pre mature ejaculation. My point was him cumming fast isn’t a sign that he’s into dudes.

          • Maximus

            And just in case a guy who’s considering taking antidepressants is reading this, I’d like to emphasize that the sexual side effects, while annoying, are absolutely preferable to being depressed, suicidal, anxious/panicky, obsessive-compulsive, or some combination of those ailments. The sexual side effects can be treated with ED medications.

            Jess is clearly attracted to dudes to some extent, but you’re correct that this tells us nothing about his behavior or identity outside of his work in gay porn.

            Again though, I just have to mention the hideousness of the hair. Bitch looks like a wood duck.


  • Marcus Collack

    Craig Mannings older brother that we don’t talk about?

  • emercycrite

    He looks gross and smelly. And at the end of the day he’s nothing more than a lame ass G4Per.

  • peter

    One more thing about Jess. He’s one of the last holdovers from the great period of SC. He reminds me of how great they used to be, which might not be a good thing for the current brand

  • Edward

    Before. He looks like he has BMI issues now.

  • Satch87

    I normally like him. But his haircut makes him look like Emperor Cartagia from Babylon 5.

    • c_find

      Thanx now I can’t unsee it LOL

  • Sorry, was there someone else in those photos of Deacon?

  • Maximus
  • GayhawkAZ

    2010 Jess. He just looks…rough now.

    • youbitchesneedscience

      10 years will do that to you – no matter how healthy your life choices.

      • GayhawkAZ

        That’s not absolute. I think there are people that look better 10 years later, not worse. Your comment seems to indicate that we’re going to all look worse as time goes by.

  • Atticus

    Jess hasn’t aged all that much, tbh. I do prefer his 2010 haircut though.

  • Alan Song

    HOT as always but really need a better haircut.