Sean Cody Is Now Recycling Solo Models From Over 10 Years Ago

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11Last week, Sean Cody skipped its solo update and replaced it with another one of Boring Brandon’s scenes. This week, their solo update is a model named Kenneth—who already did a Sean Cody solo over 10 years ago. Thanks to Twitter user samuelxvn for reminding me that Kenneth previously appeared as Slone in September of 2006.

2016 vs. 2006:


Today, Sean Cody has tried to trick its members by re-introducing Slone as Kenneth. For what was once the greatest gay porn studio around, this is both embarrassing and sad. Also, what has this guy been doing for 10 years, other than growing a beard and a horrible man bun?

slonek2Slone actually returned to get his dick sucked in one scene shortly after his solo in 2006, so maybe Kenneth will re-return again for another oral scene. Knowing the new Sean Cody, I wouldn’t be surprised.


Perhaps the stupidest part about this whole thing is that Slone/Kenneth wasn’t even hot enough to merit one solo, let alone two!

13For those who might think that Sean Cody’s new staff weren’t aware of Kenneth’s prior solo, think again. Porn studios are required to maintain identification records for all the performers on their sites, so Slone returning as Kenneth after an entire decade can’t be a mistake. As soon as they received his ID and did his paperwork, Sean Cody had to have known that they filmed him before. Now, they’re trying to pass him off as a different person, hoping people won’t notice. I’m not a paying member of Sean Cody, but if I were, I’d be pissed.

Since they’re unable or unwilling to recruit new models, maybe Sean Cody should just start re-releasing old solos instead of re-filming the same guys. Why waste the time and money, right?


[Sean Cody: Kenneth/Slone]

  • sanfv

    Mindgeek is just like a fraternity, all about the sloppy seconds!

  • FooFight
    • Andrew S.

      he looks like gentrification too

  • Scrapple

    So you did get that raven? Nice. I’ve been perched all day waiting for this. Are we sure SC still has those records? I just figured they were sold to DB after the acquisition. Given what happened with Clark Bates, I’m assuming this solo won’t see the light of gay. Oh well. Slenneth should try hitting up Chaos Men again. I’m sure Bryan would welcome him back with open arms and orifices.

    This whole thing is messier than Negan and Lucille doing a reenactment of the pilot of “Pitch.” Messier than Ouija 2. SC has changed. It’s time to acknowledge the harsh truth.

  • John McKee

    Jesus christ, what the hell is going on at Sean Cody? I’m not personally attracted to him but at least the old Sean Cody would have taken him to get a haircut and a shave before filming him if he showed up looking like that.

    • Miloš Del Rey

      Sean Cody is low key under management under Curtis’ ex wife. Getting her revenge by taking down the company that stole her man.

    • DumDumBonerMaker

      Sean Cody Corp may still have an aversion to people-of-color but now they’re cool with scraggly hipsters.
      So, yay diversity! It’s happening!

  • Andrew S.

    Anything but hiring diversely I guess! LOLOL

  • J Kelly

    I actually really like the idea of bringing past performers back to see how they have changed and what they have been up to. Changing names, though? What?

  • terrencemoss

    #1 – he’s still hot.
    #2 – i wouldn’t mind seeing some past pair-ups redone. perhaps Colby and Marten? that’s still one of Cody’s best ever.

  • danny

    I think he looks good scruffy. He’s still handsome. I like the idea of a performer coming back after a few years. Most of them have become hotter.

  • McM.

    I can understand him coming back (with the same name) if Kenneth/Sloane was just away for a long while. They did it successfully with Noel and other “returns”.

    But this guy went on to another site. This breaks the exclusivity of the studio and is yet another sign the old Sean Cody is gone.

    Gone. Gone. Gone.

    • CA

      Where else did he go?

      • McM.

        ChaosMen. He was Roy. Had a solo early 2013, and then an edge scene with Delaney a few weeks later.

        • CA

          They’ll likely pull this update now like they did with Clark Bates from earlier this year.

          • Atticus

            They might not. I think in the case of Clark Bates, it was because he was attempting to work at both studios concurrently. Kenneth has been inactive for years now.

          • CA

            I’m fine with him back–I’ve long been over the exclusivity rules of SC. I hope he’s in some action scenes soon.

          • Atticus

            I’m glad that SeanCody no longer does “oral-only” scenes. I can’t wait to see him get fucked, assuming that he’ll be a bottom.

        • Atticus

          I knew that he had a ChaosMen feel to him.

  • baredaddybear

    Once Corbin Fisher started recycling old scenes, I cancelled my membership. I recently cancelled my Sean Cody membership because they have been using a lot of models that aren’t really my type. So where do I spend my porn dollars now?

    • Dave

      CF has not recycled scenes. They offer at least 2 new hardcore a week and one solo. In between they offer scenes that were previously only available at CF Select for a fee.

      • WhimsyCotton

        So to the people that previously bought those scenes, thinking they would not be available outside the premium service, they don’t count as recycled?

        • CA

          Not really–they had access to those scenes years ago. It’s like watching a movie on HBO after you paid to see it in the theater. It’s free with part of your subscription.

          Also, these are bonus scenes–there are still three to four new updates each week in addition to the old CFS scenes, there used to be only three.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Belami (+KinkyAngels) and occasionally random Czech sites are guaranteed hits. In terms of quantity of content, no one compares to them, and with Belami (+KinkyAngels), the quality is on par with pre-Mindgeek Sean Cody.

  • john
  • AussieB

    With so much porn already filmed, they wouldn’t even need to film new models

  • sans
  • kevin

    he wasn’t that hot to begin with and the years certainly haven’t been kind

    • DumDumBonerMaker

      What? He was cute before and now he’s probably over 30 and looks pretty damn fresh for someone so elderly.
      He’s not nearly as worn looking as many porn guys, let alone those over 30.

      • J Kelly

        “he’s probably over 30 and looks pretty damn fresh for someone so elderly”

        I hope this is a joke.

        • Pertinax

          If he started in 2006 with 18 y. o., he is 28 y. o. now. I think he’s handsome .

          • Igloo Australia

            It said he was 28 on Chaosmen in 2013 so……

          • Pertinax


        • DumDumBonerMaker

          Which part do you think is a joke…?
          – The part where I say he’s over 30?
          That’s answered by others here – but if he was at SC 10 years ago like the article says, he’s at minimum 28 but I doubt he was 18 when he started.. probably filmed first in his early 20s… So, do the math.
          – The part about being ‘elderly’?
          Well that’s more snark than joke because 30 is elderly for porn.
          – The part about looking pretty fresh?
          He looks fresh.. not worn. Looks under 30 and naturally healthy for sure.

  • Matthias M.

    I don’t mind this as long as they still look good. it has a great “What Ever Happed To” feel to it.

    • CA

      Yep. I don’t like BJ scenes, but Slone’s was the best I’ve ever seen. I’m fine with him back.

      The drama drumming up outrage from viewers is over the top.

  • Caleb Exhem

    So he couldn’t get a sleeve or something other then that tired as man bun? Like bitch at least try to fix your self.

  • sxg

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the model lied about doing previous work and since there’s a new crew running SC there was no one there to make the connection and be able to remember him.

    • DumDumBonerMaker

      From the article:
      –“For those who might think that Sean Cody’s new staff weren’t aware of Kenneth’s prior solo, think again. Porn studios are required to maintain identification records for all the performers on their sites, so Slone returning as Kenneth after an entire decade can’t be a mistake. As soon as they received his ID and did his paperwork, Sean Cody had to have known that they filmed him before.”–

      • CA

        I mean, if his name is John Smith lets say, do they really cross reference all of their new models with old ones? Why would they?

        • DumDumBonerMaker

          If they don’t outright ask (which they should) or if the dude lies, I think the cross-referencing would be automatic – like computer-ic-ly.
          They enter the guy’s name and SS# in their system, not only for payment setups but for legal record keeping, and his info pops up as “already on file” — Any semi-modern legit employment paperwork system is going to be self-cross referencing.

          • CA

            Ha, you think SC had HR and computer software back 2001 or in this case 2006? These guys aren’t on payroll, they’re contractors who performed a service and they wrote him a check for it. This dude’s old file and paperwork is in a box in the Mindgeek warehouse storage locker.

            Mr. Cody ran that place like a mom and pop five and dime well into ’10s. More recently I would probably agree with your assessment and I’m sure Mindgeek has all of what you mentioned in an HR database.

          • DumDumBonerMaker

            Cheap computers and small-business software was on the discount rack by ’06 – so even the rinky-dinky-ist operations had basic computer based record keeping by 06. Plus, porn companies have strict regs on their worker records (age issues) so they should be stringent.
            But hey, I’m no expert on Sean Cody so if you say they were probably using file boxes and carbon paper.. I won’t argue. Also, no matter all the words I typed about the whole thing.. I really don’t care either way.

          • CA

            I’m sure they had computers, I’m just saying I don’t think their records from Quickbooks on a floppy disk back in ’06 were integrated to, let’s say, their online Quickbooks cloud database of “vendors” or models that Mindgeek uses today.

            But I agree with you, I don’t care either way–which is why I think the outrage over the whole situation is ridiculous, who cares.

  • GN

    I’m not sure what’s more desperate, calling up models from a decade ago to come save your slipping productions, or having him go Grizzly Adams and changing his name to pass him off as someone new. Oh, our beloved Sean Cody, how far you have fallen.

  • lukaeber

    That’s incredibly pathetic. All the fears about what Mindgeek would do to the once great SeanCody appear to be coming true. You can’t tell me there aren’t amazing hot guys out there that are willing to fuck bareback for cash … Mindgeek just isn’t willing to pay to find them.

  • Maximus

    He sure kept his body on fleek. The lumbersexual hipster facial hair and manbun need to disappear, though. He’s giving me Portland, OR “I ride my bike everywhere and only bathe once per week, and only in woodland streams using hemp soap; oh, by the way, meat is murder!” realness, and that’s not cute. Goddamn hippies.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Damn Zach who pissed (or didn’t) in your Cheerios this morning?

    Why so negative?

  • Bert Lookinforearnie

    While there are lots of old queens holding onto last decade’s Aberzombie and Bitch aesthetic, “lumbersexual” is THE look and has been for a short little while now. They know and are capitalizing on this.

    I get that SeanCody built their brand on a slightly different foundation but times change. I like clean cut preppy guys as much as any other 20something American gay WASP, but such a small proportion of men look like that, and just because they do, does NOT mean that that’s what’s necessarily in style right now.

  • goosegui
  • lordgabux

    I think he’s hotter now than when he was a hairless jock, but there’s something off about him in those pics… like he’s too happy to be there hahahahahha. Let’s hope he comes back and get thoroughly banged.

    • Atticus

      He’d make a great replacement for Curtis as SeanCody’s go-to power bottom, since Curtis seems to have retired due to his impending divorce.

      • lordgabux

        I’m confused. Shouldn’t his divorce make him more available for the cockfest?

        • Atticus

          You’d assume so, but it’s been a while since we last saw Curtis.

  • pje821

    I’ve watched the scene, and Kenneth (the current, older version of Slone) is hotter than hell, body-wise. I do wish he had cut his hair and trimmed the facial hair, but his body is much sexier than it was in his “youth,” with a nice coating of chest/ab fur. And he delivers two nice loads, which is more than most of his younger counterparts do. Hope he returns in a duo, but I won’t hold my breath. I have no problem with models coming back onto the scene 10 years after their initial appearances if they look this good.

  • TheThom

    Geezus. When that guy hits you up on Grindr that you haven’t talked to in a minute, and it takes you a while to remember he was the one promised to blow without ever intending to actually follow through. AWKWARD.

    • CA

      Or you did blow and quickly blocked from your memory…to only find yourself back in his basement apartment years later feeling deja vu.

      • TheThom

        But he had changed his profile name. So, you didn’t even realize until it was too late.

  • The Porn Emperor

    Jesus Christ, what is the big fucking deal? It’s been 10 years. Who cares? He still looks good (except the bad beard and hair) It’s not a sign of the Apocalypse, nor of the downfall of Sean Cody. Everybody just calm the fuck down.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    This feigned disgust is worse than the actual “crime”. So what who cares? I wouldn’t have recognized or cared if you hadn’t pointed it out to me. Plus he still looks damn good. There are a few models I’d love to see what 10 years looks like on them.

    No the real crime here is that ridiculous man bun.

  • Buzzaki

    What’s the crime here? Using the same model twice? Or is it the fact they used a different name? Does everybody who leaves porn and returns get the same evisceration?