Sean Cody Couple Liam And JC Have A Cum Facial Party With Lan

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Sean Cody continues its steady metamorphosis into (today’s scene has a plot involving husbands, and one of them is fucking the neighbor, or something? I’m not sure, as I had to fast forward through the first five minutes), and this threeway features new models named Liam, JC, and Lan.

I think all three of these guys already fucked in the fake Mexican series, and I think JC and Liam are a real-life couple who’ve also already fucked in at least one scene? The details don’t matter, because today’s fucking is actually pretty good, and this scene ends with Lan busting a huge nut all over Liam’s face as he sucks JC’s cock:


If you fast forward through the beginning of the scene and remember to mute the volume (like in all his scenes, JC will not shut up with the fake moaning and screaming about how good the dick feels), this is solid. The facials continue when Liam busts in JC’s mouth:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Lan, Liam, And JC’s Bareback Threesome]

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