Gay Porn Before And After: Sean Cody’s Louis

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louis24Do you remember Sean Cody solo model Louis, from November of 2016? Have you been waiting 14 months for him to return for his first duo scene? If you answered yes to both of those questions, today’s your lucky day, because Louis is back. On the left, it’s Louis over a year ago. On the right, it’s Louis today.

ouis2Louis returns today to fuck Joey bareback, and while nothing too remarkable happens here, the guys make a nice pairing, and they look good fucking. (Louis with the longer hair and beard is great.)

563A5451 563A5317Note that this is Joey’s 36th scene, putting him a little bit closer to reaching Curtis (who has 41 scenes) and Sean Cody’s reigning king Tanner, who has a record 42 scenes. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Louis Fucks Joey Bareback]

  • Miloš Del Rey

    “Do you remember Sean Cody solo model Louis, from November of 2016? ”

    • nbtx27

      I didn’t remeber him, but he’s beeter than just about all og the current SC roster. So, that’s good.

  • sxg

    If it wasn’t for what looks like a former gunshot wound, I would have said that’s not the same person.

    • doodlebug

      I know! Why wouldn’t they photoshop that out? In the second set of pics, the way they have him posed, it’s the first thing your eye is drawn too. It’s like they want us to notice it because they think it’ll make him seem more something? (edgy, tough, straight) Weird!

      • nbtx27

        It’ actually the only thing I don’t like about him.

  • John

    Normally I prefer clean shaven, but he is hotter with a beard I think.

  • Devin

    Joey’s hair looks weird. That cut is not for everyone

    • sxg

      I think it’s the hair color that ruins it.

    • c_find

      I actually like it especially with the nicely trimmed beard

    • nbtx27

      His face and body aren’t for everyone either. To me he is one of Sc’s worst– but at least it isn’t Daniel, thankfully.

  • Scrapple

    The after is definitely better (although closer inspection reveals that beard is a touch anemic).

    I will never understand why these guys come back so long after their solo, when most of them disappear again. Reid only did one scene after his return. So did Peyton and some others. Brock did two. It’s weird. I think the only one who came back after a long stretch and stayed around to get regularly stretched was Joe. That’s why SC hyping these returns on Twitter makes no sense. Actually their hyping anything on Twitter makes no sense. It only allows for a bigger letdown when expectations aren’t met.

  • Phresh

    Does SC/MG know how to hype up a scene or does SC/MG know how to hype up a scene? Whether it be a getaway, a return or a debut, SC/MG will hype it up like its the greatest thing ever, then when you sit down with Vaseline in hand, ready to give it your all, SC/MG provides you with the most luke warm, forgettable, non give a fuckable content your limp dick cant handle. MG/SC be like when they hit that enter button

    • nbtx27

      And after 3 full years of MG run crap at SC, you are still surprised? Why?

  • He is giving me some amount of Matt McGorry right now.

    • nbtx27

      Big NO from me too!

      • TroyMcK

        Oh, c’mon… you know you wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

        • nbtx27

          I’d never go near the guy, I would cross the street to avoid him. Just kidding, but I don’t find him good looking at all, face or body.

  • Baradude

    Porn model: hmm I’ve been gone for a bit what should I do….I know I’ll just grow a beard like every other dude, that will help me stand out!

  • Jon

    See? This is why I don’t trust beards.

  • Grant Watson

    Joey has never looked harder and hotter – love the scruff, the hair, the body, the bubble butt. Flawless Muscle Cum Drinking Piggy.

  • Bio

    So he does a porn solo, gets “In God We Trust” tattooed on his side, then comes back to fuck in a gay porn scene. I don’t know at least for me religious tattoos seems out of place in porn of any kind.

  • LinkinVumen

    Being honest, this is one of the scenes I was not able to enjoy at all. That wound looks seriously bad and his body isn’t that much better. He needs to go into something else or put some makeup on the wound because it looks worse than 50 cent’s gunshot wounds.

  • Wahlberliner

    Nice improvement over the old Louis!

  • emercycrite


  • that beard really suits him.

  • goosegui
  • Andrea Spiga

    Luis from 2014 is still in my heart. He was so cute and hot.