Sean Cody Now Has Dumb Music Playing Throughout Their Awful Trailers

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14Sean Cody continues to change into a completely different, completely unrecognizable studio from what they were five years ago, as they’ve now put dumb music and abrupt edits throughout their trailers, totally distracting from what they’re supposed to feature: Hot guys having sex. Here’s the latest one, with Sean and Archie:

This feels like a student short film made by a straight person, not a gay porn trailer, and there’s nothing arousing about it.

Remember when Sean Cody made you want to jerk off? By showing hot guys having sex, without the corny, over-produced nonsense? Here’s a trailer from 2014, before the studio was sold to Mindgeek:

[Sean Cody: Jess Fucks Peter Bareback]

Also of note, the site has been completely redesigned for 2019. It doesn’t seem that bad, but I haven’t gone through the whole thing yet. The only thing that’s kind of odd is seeing FamilyDick ads running along the bottom of the site, but most studios run ads from competitors now, so I guess it’s not that weird:

familyFinally, it looks like the post-production people or whoever puts the scenes onto the site still doesn’t know what they’re doing, as this week’s Asher/Kaleb scene is a complete disaster. Here was the trailer that was sent out:

And, here is what the actual scene looks like on Sean Cody right now:

Good lord.


  • erexshawn
  • Xzamilloh

    That’s what the actual scene looks like? That filter? Adele’s “Hello” should be playing behind it.

  • Scrapple

    Just what we need, another Himeros. I guess they figure hearing music will make us unsee the shoddy production. You can’t even get people’s complexions right or figure out how to get the director’s voice out of the finished scene, but you’re going to try slo-mo effects?

  • Hush-ins


  • Sebastian S

    Weird. Other scenes have been messed up but my Kaleb and Asher scene doesn’t look like that. Also, I noticed my scene has the “white outlined” SC logo on the screen, but the clip there has the old yellow logo. Are there 2 versions of their videos?
    I took a screencap:

    • Zachary Sire

      the version that’s up today and as of right now (Friday night) is the fucked up version I embedded above, with a yellow logo. I wonder if they uploaded this messed up version, after you downloaded yours (with the white logo)? When did you download it?

      • ShootingBlank

        I think they only put the music in the trailer, I don’t hear the music in the actual full length video. Also, the logo is white in the full length vs yellow in the trailer.

      • Sebastian S

        They really are clueless over there now. I downloaded it right after it was released, so Wednesday, I think?

  • Rough&sweet

    This video also has dumb editing for the cumshots ( always cut to the closeup ) and no repeated cumshot anymore

  • Seth Sexton

    The question is WHY?? Why the changes? Zach is right, the music totally turns me off. Nothing sexually seductive about it. And NOTHING will top the days of big dick Jess and Peter.

    Gay Porn is reverting back to the days of old. I recently canceled my CorbinFisher sub because the redesign totally deleted ALL of my personal settings and favorites. And the site is now less user friendly which means I gotta work harder to find the scenes I want to see. Do I need to write a letter to senator Lindsey Graham to get a congressional inquiry into this matter? The people deserve quality Gay Porn.

  • Xzamilloh

    Anybody seen Jake Orion getting his dick sucked by Vadim Black on his Fans account? I’m just asking because I wouldn’t spend a dime on that cornball but I’d still like to know if it was a big deal

    • Zachary Sire

      It’s just another scam. There was no video. They did a pretend joke “preview” video for a few seconds.

      • Xzamilloh

        I fucking knew that shit looked sketchy when someone on my TL retweeted it!! Thank you.

  • lordgabux

    Has anyone noticed Sean profile is not available anymore? To find any of his scenes you need to click on his partners’ profiles…
    and the plot thickens…