Sean Cody’s Randy Annihilates Little Lane’s Hole

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Today’s the first day of Sean Cody’s new release schedule (new Sean Cody movies will now be posted every Thursday, Saturday, and Monday), and they’re starting off the new schedule in a very, very big way. Like, really fucking big.


You no doubt recognize that horse cock as the battering ram masquerading as an uncut penis that belongs to Sean Cody’s Randy, the musclebound lug who has creampied over a dozen holes since debuting on the site back in August, 2013. Today, Randy is back to obliterate another bottom—newcomer Lane.

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It’s almost kind of insane to see something so huge going in and out of something so small at such an intense speed and with such extreme force—Randy pounds the living fuck out of Lane, as you’ll see in the trailer below.


As usual, both guys cum twice in this scene, and Lane takes both of Randy loads deep inside of his hole.

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And just to make sure none of that cum goes to waste, Lane goes the extra mile and cleans off Randy’s cock with his mouth both times once he’s done being bred. Good to the last drop, obviously.

53Trailer for Randy barebacking Lane (watch full scene here—and remember, Sean Cody trial memberships are now $1.00):

[Sean Cody: Randy Fucks Lane Bareback]


  • andrew

    Randy is a big stud and I think a popular top man for SC to bring back. I wonder if many gay men lick the cum off the dick that has just come out of their butt. I sure don’t.

    • Seahawksfan

      I agree. Ass to mouth is gross in reality. It only works as a fantasy in porn. As for Randy he just doesn’t do it for me. He has a great bod and a ever hard dick but there is just something missing for me.

      • Zachary Sire

        He’s not really my type either…but something about the way he fucks has made me come around to him recently…ESPECIALLY when he fucked Curtis, ICYMI:

        • Johnny

          Not my type either, but it’s been so long since SC has had a great top with a great dick that IS my type that I’m making due with Randy.

      • Sebastian S

        Like a chromosome or two?

      • Bk3

        A paper bag for his face?

  • WhimsyCotton

    Finger fucking good.

  • sann28

    Randy has such a butter face that no big dick or topping skills can make me watch his scenes.

    • sann28

      How could I forget?! Peter.

      • skorpiond

        Peter ain’t shit! STOP asking for him! He’s fucking ugly in the face. like ugh. how old are you?….

        • sann28

          Gurl please,you’re calling this ugly?you MUST be visually impaired,fer sure! that is one goddamn delicous man with a handsome ++ face and a perfect body!how the fook did the sean cody team let him go while bringing back over and over boring ass brandon and butter faces like randy ?! ughh.

          • Bk3

            Don’t waste your time with these bitches. She called Peter ugly so clearly she’s out of her fucking mind and there is no reaching her.

          • skorpiond

          • skorpiond


          • andrew

            You sure are right about Peter. It’s not necessary to bad mouth Brandon and Randy to build up Peter. His qualities speak for themselves.

        • TK

          SHUT. YOUR. FACE!

          Peter is a rock star! His body is amazing, his cock is fantastic and he’s not ugly.

          • skorpiond


      • andrew

        I like Randy but I also think Peter is one HOT guy.

    • Snowballx

      Where is ABE???

    • sxg

      Peter’s attractive, but doesn’t deserve all the hype he gets.

      • andrew

        We all have different tastes. One guy’s Rock Star is another guy’s Butterface.

      • A lot of SC models get tons of undeserved hype, Jess quiclky comes to my mind.

        • sxg

          Jess was overhyped as well in my opinion.

      • Gazzaq

        Has a huge cock and loves getting fucked so there you go..

        • sxg

          I’m going by facial looks alone. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a scene of his.

          • Gazzaq

            Their good mate Peter is very versatile.

    • JackNasty

      He has a face? I hadn’t noticed. And Peter’s face is far from great. Good enough but not great. I’m fine with either of them.

  • sxg

    Yes a Randy scene! I’m always up to see Randy whether he’s topping or bottoming!

  • Bob Bilbert

    hate randy LOVE LANE!

    • Mihcael Davies

      Love Randy, Dislike Lane

  • skorpiond

    What ever happen to Enrique and Esteban? or Landon? when they don’t have him looking like a total bum? which I think is unjust!! or Leon? I want him back!

    • Was Esteban a cuban guy from like 4 years ago? I get hard just thinking about that stud.

  • DPS

    Randy does it for me just fine. Big dumb jock with a big dumb cock that pushes it’s way into any hole just to get off. The only thing that nags at me is he looks like he could be the son of Chevy Chase. Once I get past that feeling I good to go.

    • samIam

      me too

  • peroxideburger

    wish randy had cummed straight in his ass without jerking off.

  • Porn Star

    I want to see all these people who comment. Show your faces. I think it’s a safe bet that these “butter” faces are probably better looking than yours.

    • Gazzaq

      Well said mate well said…

  • bo69

    Great scene, kissing, sucking, breeding, cleaning, snowballing. Mutt and Jeff, but that’s the way it is with Lane and anyone, and he’s a hottie because he loves big cocks and does not apologize.

    • Gazzaq

      Damn Right and he should never apologise for loving big cocks

  • TK


    I’m so excited he’s back!

    He’s just so cute. Sure, he’s not SC’s cutest model, but he is cute and he loves the dick! I love the way his cheeks get red when he’s totally into the fuck. I bet he’s just an amazing bang. Sexy lil cum slurper.

  • bob80

    Lane looks like Arya Stark.

    • CMn702

      OMG>>he does! Hah!

    • 1234

      …I wish you never said that…

  • kaeleon

    Randy is awesome! Great scene!

  • reginald jones

    Randy looks like Sarah Jessica Parkers hot, gay brother.

  • sxg

    Damn we are most certainly divided here. For me Lane looks creepy as fuck and definitely not a fan of his. I can see why people don’t like Randy he does have too much of a jock look. And I’ll probably shoot myself for saying this but he does look a bit like Herman Munster.
    But besides his teeth I find his face to be hot! I love the big jock look, and totally love his big beefy muscular body and that fat dick!

    • Kevin

      Love Randy and not a fan of Lane either. Btw i think Tristan looks more like Herman Munster.

    • LOL at Herman.
      I love Randy, his body is amazing and his cock is perfect to me. A friend of mine once told me he thinks Randy has sort of a horse face, I don’t care I think he’s kinda cute.

    • Gazzaq

      You know sometimes the ones who are not the perfect lookers are the best performers. Brandon says it all

      • sxg

        Brandon is the exact opposite of what you just said, as he’s goodlooking but a completely shit performer.

        • Gazzaq

          That’s what I meant good lookers equal shite performers i.e. painting by numbers like Brandon.

  • That pic of the gaping hole and the hard uncut cock is EVERYTHING!

  • jonnyfoy

    Off topic but: Does anyone remember SC’s Jamie? I just came across this:

    What a shocker.

  • Gazzaq

    This scene is excellent Lane is a little slut who loves getting fucked and he is a bloody good performer. Randy is an intense fucker pure concentration getting the ‘job’ done right DAMN loved it. Just like the old days good fucking performances. Top of its game is Sean Cody…

  • John Iii

    Randy is one of my SC favorites. He could be the twin of this guy in my dorm i use to blow a couple of times a week. Big lug of guy who loved getting blown. Loved fucking my face and i was more than game. He never did get into anal though but i couldn’t complain. Good arrangement for a couple of years since apparently the gf wasn’t that good at head.She never did figure out I was swallowing that dick and load on regular basis.