Gay-For-Pay Sean Cody Model Emmett Says He Almost Puked During His Scene With Shaw, And He Refuses To Eat Ass For $4,000

Posted June 26, 2017 by with 156 comments

13Well, something tells me this one won’t be invited back to film for Sean Cody again. (And that’s definitely for the best, as he did nothing for me in his one boring duo.) Here’s former Sean Cody model Emmett—on Chaturbate as “LiamBlake”—complaining about Sean Cody in a series of recorded videos posted on Twitter by an account with the name “CallingOutGranny” (nice).

In this first one below, he claims Sean Cody invited him back for another scene that would’ve paid $4,000, but he’d have to eat another dude’s ass if he wanted that check. Emmett says it would’ve been a “waste of time to fly all the way out there for that,” which is ironic considering it would similarly be a waste of time for us to have to watch that. He goes on to label his experience “so gross,” and says that the Sean Cody production crew wipes asses down with Listerine(??). He adds that the smell of another man is “not cool…it’s the grossest thing,” and says he was “literally about to puke” during his scene.

Unless he has an unreleased scene, he’s obviously talking about his scene with Shaw.

09In this next video, Emmett calls Sean Cody production people “douche bags” because they wouldn’t let him bring his girlfriend with him to the Sean Cody set. Well, unfortunately Emmett, it wasn’t Bring-Your-Girlfriend-To-Work-So-She-Can-Watch-You-Cum-In-Another-Man’s-Ass-Day.

It’s so hot when straight men turn into whiny drama queens. Please send all your thots and prayers to poor Emmett for almost puking, and to poor Emmett’s girlfriend for having to hang out in a San Diego hotel room for a few hours.