[Updated] Sneak Peek: Introducing Sean Cody Newcomer Shaw

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03Tomorrow night, Sean Cody will be introducing a new solo model named Shaw, and based on these sneak peek promo pics, this could be the hottest newcomer since Zachary?

Holy shit:


Shaw has a cute face, crystal blue eyes, and a perfect body (not too lean, but not bodybuilder roid rage either):

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The question that everyone will want answered, of course, is whether or not Shaw will be back for a bareback duo scene.

06There might be some clues about Shaw’s potential return in his solo video, which goes live tonight. [Update: Shaw’s trailer is posted below.]


Ummm, hi:

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My reaction if we get to see this cock in action with another guy:

gffiphy12 13The back is real nice, too:

15 16In 2015, the rate of return for Sean Cody solo models has been bleak as fuck, so I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Shaw’s return.

On the other hand, Sean Cody sent me these personalized promo pics (below) with hashtags highlighting Shaw’s best features, which means they’re really trying to make a big deal out of him. Would they go to this much trouble over a solo scene if the model wasn’t coming back for a duo?

Introducing_Shaw_Face_text Introducing_Shaw_Body_text Introducing_Shaw_Dick_2_text

Keep your fingers crossed for a return. Here’s the trailer (full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Shaw]


  • GoGo

    Don’t’ want to get too excited, but if he does come back he’ll be a nice addition.

    • 1234

      I wonder why they’re making such a big deal about a new guy (by giving us a sneak peek) who clearly won’t return.

  • Marcus Collack


  • Kevin

    Very nice. He kinda reminds me of Jarek.

    • n24rc

      oh, you mean without the sociopath tenancies?

  • DaddyYankee

    If he doesn’t come back it’s useless introducing him.

  • kana_sai

    Question is, is he able to breed a guy?

    • n24rc

      No the real question is, is able to be bred BY a guy? LOL

      • 1234

        If he returned (I adress that to those who live in Fantasyland), he’ll end up breeding the other dude as he’s kinda hung

  • lemein

    Hot damn! he’s giving me a Peter vibes which mean there’s a 0.01% chance of him returning for a fuck scene.

    • sxg

      lol please. Don’t insult Shaw by comparing him with that hairless overmanscaped overtatted mess with wonky teeth and nose.

      • moondoggy

        This is the most disagreein’est thing I have ever seen you say. I could watch Peter breed the phone book.

        • sxg

          I could jerk off to Peter as well that’s not what I was saying. I was saying the idea that Shaw would give you the same vibes is a bit of a travesty considering they look absolutely nothing alike. Peter has plenty of flaws, flaws I definitely can work around, but flaws nonetheless. Shaw is just immaculate!

        • thisisalark

          But the paper cuts!

      • lemein

        Don’t be wack!Being comapered to smooth,lean, blue eyed,big dicked Peter is the hightest form of flattery possible. great,now I sound like that PR troll Bair.

      • Billy C

        Amen brother!

    • 1234

      Good eyes. Too bad Peter h

      • lemein

        Was not bothered by the tats at all.maybe cause I have a few of them myself ; )

  • trekord

    If Shaw isn’t coming back for a duo, Sean Cody deserves a special place in HELL! I talking beach front property on the lake of fire special!

  • nodoubtfan

    “Would they go to this much trouble over a solo scene if the model wasn’t coming back for a duo?”

    Maaaaaaybe? Some new guys certainly need to return and shake up the current roster of repeated guys.

  • n24rc

    Unless he takes it the ass once or is doing vers scenes, i won’t give a shit. Meh! When that happens let me know!

    • Igloo Australia

      Lol you make it sounds like SC newbies return a lot these days.

      • n24rc

        I have very low expecations. They are just pr press releases to hype product.

      • n24rc

        Well, we can’t have high hopes like that. Especially in this day and age.

  • sxg
    • Lee

      He’s got some huge moles/warts on his junk, they photoshopped them off for the pics. I’d still dance on that pole.

      • Billy C

        I watched the full scene (more than once ) and never saw anything like that.

        • Lee

          Then you blind, gurl!

          • FooFight

            Oh, my God! What is that?!

          • Lee

            He still HAF! I’d be all over that rod. I’d just approach it from its good side. LOL

          • n24rc

            yuk. He should have that checked. Get those removed.

          • Billy C

            I think my point was too subtle. We’re all imperfect in some way; and although this is certainly in a prominent area of interest, I easily overlooked this imperfection because the rest was so CUMpelling.

  • Zac

    I doubt he’ll be back. Since they started just introducing new guys in duos and skipping the solos, none of the solo guys have been back.

  • Alan Keddie

    Meanwhile. Have you checked out the new SeanCody update? With Big Joey! He’s the top!! And he’s paired up with Atticus.

    • sxg

      Joey is not a good top, and if Zach agrees that’s probably why he hasn’t written about that scene.

      • itsmything

        I sampled about two minutes total throughout its entirety and it was exactly as dull as I expected. Boring facial with a few dribbles and an uninspired external “cream pie.” Joey’s better as a bottom, obviously and that other guy should have stayed a fan of the site and never become a “performer.”

    • pangelboy

      Joey’s the top in that scene?


  • Rick Tan

    Butterface! I say this with love. He overcame his face with that Greek god body. That is an amazing body. If all meh faced men worked hard to obtain a body like that, the world would be a better place.

  • Maximus


  • Zealot

    If Donald Burns comes within 100 miles of Shaw, I’m going to bail out Teofil and give him Google Maps and a taser.

  • joetheporno

    And he has no tattoos!!!

  • Capello

    He is peerfect! Kinda Stu or Marshall. What is giving me hope, is he shows off his nice hairy hole. It’s very rare for the solos at SC.

  • DPS

    That’s some kind hot with nice hangers too! If he gives the typical vibe of ambiguous sexuality then I’ll be over him quickly. If he says he likes cock, I am all in!

  • andrew

    Shaw is a TEN. Great face, guns, pits, pecs, abs and cock. He’s perfect. I hope he tells SC he would return for a condom duo scene but not the risky BB. Maybe if enough quality guys like Shaw give them that answer, SC might not insist on BB scenes.

    • sxg

      You know if the barebacking thing is one of the main issues why the guys aren’t returning to the site, I think SC should start filming condom scenes again BUT maintain their production of barebacking scenes for those models willing to do so. More pay for barebacking scenes of course.

  • pje821

    Now that’s what an SC model should look like!

    • 1234

      I think you really meant to say that this is how SC/MG fools unsuspecting customers into getting new subscriptions by featuring hot soloists who ultimately NEVER return

      • pje821

        My expectations are that when a model this exceptional appears on SC, it’ll be a one-time occurrence. If he comes back it’s a bonus and we all win. Even if it’s just his solo we get to enjoy, SC is still a far superior site to 99% of what’s out there.

  • Anthony

    You only get that fucking hot with a professional dedication to fitness (and great genetics). Even if he doesn’t come back, it’s a commendable fete that Sean Cody even convinced this god to jack off on their site for us. I am un-cancelling my membership.

  • Myko

    He is sexy.
    Has an old face though – looks a little haggered. Hot nonetheless.

  • When you’re in public, but Shaw has your hand on auto-pilot…

  • Gazzaq

    Fuck he is Hot Solo only but who cares the whole Goddam Package Damn.

  • Ronan

    He looks great for 40ish.

  • GPM

    Just watched it. That was an instant download!

    • Billy C

      Funny . . . for me it was an instant UPlift!

  • lance

    My reaction when I saw this post.

  • Zues

    Aint god good?

    • Billy C


    • WhimsyCotton

      God is good; however, you’ve confused some random thief with God.

      • Zues

        Don’t you some Hitler’s Youth videos to jack off too?

        • Pascal

          Stop it, you’re gonna make him cum…

        • WhimsyCotton

          Ouch. I didn’t know Yonce fans were so hostile these days. Is Hurricane Adele blowing off your weaves?

          • Billy C

            LOL At the risk of “feeding the troll” I am SO with you!

  • WhimsyCotton

    My spidey senses tell me he’ll be returning. Maybe not for dozens of scenes, but I think we’ll see him for at least a couple.

  • itsmything

    gee zuss kryst. I just watched his solo. Checklist: perfect smile, perfect hands, perfect feet, perfect dick that curves down slightly, perfect balls (shape and size) perfect legs and ass and abs and chest and… on top of it, the son of a bitch shoots like a geyser. He didn’t just win the genetic lottery, it was one of those multi-state, one in a billion powerball-type odds. F**k sake!

    • Billy C

      LOL Yup that pretty much sums it up!

  • Sebastian S


  • Sebastian S

    Love him. That chest and ass are perfection but the cumshot took the cake. He’s also thisclose to being a hot daddy. I can totally picture (fantasize about) him being some suburban little league coach…

  • TheLisp


  • Jon A

    I can’t be the nly one to notice he literally almost has the same expression in every pic?
    He seems boringhot to me, like he’s good looking, but you know his vids will be boring af.

  • FooFight

    He’s a very hot guy, but SC is trying to position him as a straight guy who’s never hooked up with another guy. Just to go the 53-second mark in the video. The little tilt of the head and the body shimmy tells me Shaw’s dipped his toe (or something else) in the man pond before.

    • Billy C


    • n24rc

      Well, if that is the case, hopefully we see him bottom. =D

  • indootje

    Wow, this could be the hottest solo scene I’ve seen in years on any site !
    So yes, Shaw is realy a stunner, but to compare with Jarec we first have to judge a few scenes when he fucks and bottoms with other dudes

  • Bry

    he’s so hot i wouldn’t mind watching another solo video from him

  • nick

    Does his face move at all ?