LOL: Here’s Sean Cody’s Thomas Having His “First Time With A Dude,” Which Is Not Actually His First Time

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thomaharisAs all of us knew when his solo scene was released last month, Sean Cody’s Thomas used to perform as Corbin Fisher’s Harris in 2016. During his brief stint at CF, Harris fucked three different guys (Kenny, Ellis, and Henry), and he was pretty good at it, for a brand new model. Here was the first time Harris ever had sex with another guy on camera, when he butt fucked Kenny:

[Corbin Fisher: Harris Fucks Kenny Bareback]

Today on Sean Cody, Harris/Thomas is paired with Lane and, surprise, it’s his “first time” all over again! As you’ll see below, Sean Cody and Thomas want you to believe that his gay sex with Lane today is his “first time with another dude.” LOL:

[Sean Cody: Thomas Fucks Lane Bareback]

In fairness to Sean Cody, I don’t think they knew about Thomas’s past work at Corbin Fisher when they filmed him fucking Lane. Given the way the studio is run and how the scenes look these days, it’s reasonable to assume that they really believed this was in fact his first time.

  • More

    and he not vers? when he gon bottom?

  • peter

    Either he was hammered and blacked-out like Kavanaugh or Kenny, Ellis, or Henry don’t count as dudes . . . like Lane does.

    Maybe Lane’s a dude and Kenny, Ellis, and Henry (donkey-donged Doug?) are only bros.

    I realize he’s kind of a controvresial model, but Kenny had one of the most edible, fuckable asses at CF!

  • Burkeman

    “Given the way the studio is run and how the scenes look these days, it’s reasonable to assume that they really believed this was in fact his first time.”

    Ouch, wow, scathing, Zach!

    • Anon

      Damn, MindGeek ruining everything once again.

  • Tempest

    The nerve of SC to waste Lane on such an unknown, spaghetti shaped dork as Thomas.

    • Keir Grey

      Thomas is still young and can get buff up. I think he has a cute face. I don’t Lane attractive at all.

      • Tempest

        Nobody cares that he’s young, he’s boring even if he puts some meat on those twiggy bones. I don’t want any Helix shenanigans over at SC, enough of this crap.

        • Keir Grey

          I never see any of Thomas’s scenes on Corbin Fisher. I’ll take him over most of the newbies on SC. I don’t find guys like Brock attractive. I think Thomas is cute.

          • Tempest

            How is he cute when he’s about to break in half? Nothing exciting about this kid (because he looks like a kid) whatsoever, but that’s okay, most of their recent models are on the same boat so he’s not alone.

            Get that 8teenboy shit off of SC ASAP, ffs.

          • Keir Grey

            Agree to disagree. I don’t think Thomas looks that thin or like a “kid”.

          • Tempest

            He does look thin, at least compared to the rest of the old SC roster and when they had standards and rules (Ah, when they said that each model needed to have zero prior porn experience lmao), but since they don’t care anymore they’re just gonna hire whoever they want and it just happens that these guys are coming right out of school just to get some money with little effort, that’s how I see it.

    • peter

      Lane should relocate to Barcelona and so he can ride and get cock-fisted by Tim Kruger and his stable of donkey dongs and become the Yank Lukas Daken!

  • Irene’s Foot

    I know that description in every porn is not actual truth in real life, but i am genuinely shocked that people to this day still believe it. I’m pretty sure that they use ‘Straight’ label just to sell the scene

    • peter

      I used to think that, too, but now I’m convinced that some guys will do anything for a little easy money.

      ‘Bi-curious’ is the new ‘straight’, because fans these days like just a glimmer of hope a hot model is attainable.

    • MC.EMC2

      True but SC is one of the ‘amateur’ studios that has featured the largest number of self-proclaimed gay/bi/pan models as of late… So just to be fair I feel they deserve a little credit for trying to steer clear of this ‘str8 men having gay sex only for the money’ bullshit

      • Tempest

        Not at all, there’s also the case of gay guys fresh out of high school/college that want easy money with little to no effort at all, it’s why I’ll never like twinks and such, they look way underage and skinny and I feel weird and uncomfortable.

  • peter

    Thomas Harris, his name when he gets demoted to Men, is also the name of the author of Silence of the Lambs.

  • John

    During Sean Cody’s true heyday they did around 60 internal breeding scenes. Now they are struggling and they NEVER do any breeding scenes. One wonders…………… They have lost their edge.

  • robertdude


  • Scrapple

    See, when you worn-out and run-through pigs want to reclaim your Neneh Cherry, all you have to do is cut your hair and change your name. Then you can bang in a Buffalo Stance.

    • Seth Sexton

      This bitch done pulled out a Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance gif! Damn I feel old.

      • Scrapple

        How old do you think I feel having to wade through Neneh Cherry gifs?

  • Matthew

    Ok this right here I just puked a bit like wtf who wants to see a man fuck a tranny especially a female on a gay porn blog. I didn’t want to see this repulsive shit on my timeline when this blog is suppose to promote gay porn not tranny bullshit. I rather see two guys fuck then this shit… 🤢🤮😡🤬

  • Symon Lee

    That’s funny, cos I remember in his SC Solo interview released just a few days ago….Thomas (aka Harris) spoke about his sexual encounters with other guys, and about the type of guys he is into….so they clearly know that he is not straight and it’s not his first time with a “dude”. However, Thomas did specifically say he’s never bottomed for a real dick before, only had dildos up his ass…..which according to his CF scenes he has never bottomed….so who knows, hopefully that’s their goal with Thomas – getting him to finally bottom for a real dick?? LOL

    • peter

      They back-stepped on Gibson, too, who in is solo said he liked doing it with guys because you could fuck and then crack a beer. He also said he liked having a dick in his mouth and has yet to go downtown in an action scene. That’s MG for you!

      • Symon Lee

        They either just have really bad communication skills with the Casting director, and should probably work on that…..or they just don’t care, cos nobody ever watch solo videos anyways, right? who cares? xD (which is like 99% true..LOL…I’m guilty of never watching solos unless they come back.)

        Anyways…..knowing what we know now……go back and watch his first solo interview with CorbinFisher…..Boy….was that awkward or what?!! >_<
        They literally forced those questions down his throat….and never once asked whether he likes guys or girls or both or more! It was like yeah, you're so attractive…you must get loads of chicks right? you must love all that female attention…and banging so many chicks it must be exhausting for an 18 year old~~~~and you can just see in Harris' eyes, in the back of his mind he's thinking, yeahhhh…sure….I love banging dudes…I mean..chicks, excuse me!! I love chicks so much, I bang them all night long and orgasm more than once!! LOLOL

        That interview is pure gold now……anytime someone wants to fight me about all this gay4pay shit being all real and genuine…I'll immediately show them this epic interview!!! xD

        As for me, I only care about Thomas coming back to bottom……fingers crossed that happens soon!!!!

        • MC.EMC2

          I like your comment…. Goes to show how CF is a crappy heteronormative, gay-shaming studio that tries to sell the idea that gay sex is inferior and only experimental. I can’t believe people try to compare SC with the likes of those internalized homophobes who run CF…

        • I had to watch the Harris interview again lol so right its a riot listening to the questions and seeing his facial reactions. He is at least bi he gave Kalli a good banging (yes I watch most of the ACS scenes.)

      • Dot Null

        After the format change, a lot of the guys avoid explicity saying whether their experiences are with girls OR guys. Until Gibson mentions the word “dick” he avoids using any word referring to any specific gender or genetalia (He also doesn’t say that you can crack a beer, you might be thinking of another model).

        With the exception of obviously-gay models like Wagner and Elton (if the name didn’t give it away), the only ones who reference or mention gender out of the gate are openly gay/bi, or have already had gay experiences, and they typically mention it, or their “type” at or near the beginning.

        So they were/are censoring their straight models, or in some cases, they’re clearly having them read a pre-written script (Xander, Avery). Which makes sense when you’re trying to market straight guys to gay/bi men, but it’s not contributing towards any progress or social change. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that it’s a step backwards.

        “Some of them are in fact legitimately straight (regardless of how deep they can take it) and just want the money, but they got backlash for being honest about it and our sales dropped, so we’re going to force them to be more ambiguous so you can still fork over your cash and spank it to their scenes without fear of being kicked out of the LGBT clubhouse.” -SC/MG Execs, probably

  • Jace
  • Reasonable assumption Zach and MG bosses don’t give a damn anyway. Besides MG execs certainly don’t WATCH their gay porn sites which is amply demonstrated every week by their wretched content!

  • Hari Kalyan

    Maybe It’s all semantics. He’s never performed under the name “Thomas” before so ergo its his first time with a dude. These aren’t actual people, they’re playing porn models.

  • Seth Sexton

    Is Lane still slurping cock from ass to mouth in his latest scenes? That’s all the little insatiable slut is good for. I love dat.

  • e jerry powell

    Maybe the first time today?