7 People React To The Absolutely Absurd Hotness Of GayHoopla’s Sean Costin

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GayHoopla’s ability to not only discover literally the hottest straight men on earth but to also convince them to do hardcore gay porn is simply mind-boggling, and the debut of GayHoopla’s Sean Costin is no exception. I’ve lost my mind over Sean Costin. You’ve lost your mind over Sean Costin. Everyone’s lost their mind over Sean Costin. And, this is only his solo. His hardcore duo is coming out on Monday (watch that trailer right here).

Here are seven other people losing their minds upon seeing GayHoopla’s Sean Costin for the first time.







gayhoopla-sean-costin-15tumblr_n53a9j745I1smcbm7o1_4001Trailer for Sean Costin (watch full video here):

[GayHoopla: Sean Costin]

And a preview of Monday’s duo (trailer here):

gayhoopla-sean-costin-jake-davis-007 gayhoopla-sean-costin-jake-davis-009 gayhoopla-sean-costin-jake-davis-11

[GayHoopla: Sean Costin Has Gay Sex For The First Time With Jake Davis]