This Is Sean Ford And Corbin Colby’s Second Three-Way In Less Than One Week

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Corbin-Colby-Noah-White-and-Sean-Ford-036Sean Ford and Corbin Colby really like performing together, as this is their fourth scene together in less than two months. Also: Sean Ford and Corbin must really like having three-ways with each other and another performer, because this is their second three-way in less than one week.

Corbin-Colby-Noah-White-and-Sean-Ford-033 Corbin-Colby-Noah-White-and-Sean-Ford-037 Corbin-Colby-Noah-White-and-Sean-Ford-039Corbin spent most of his previous three-way being fucked, but this time he’s doing all the topping, slamming blond powerbottom Noah White and Sean Ford in multiple positions. (Sean Ford fucks Noah White, also.)

Corbin-Colby-Noah-White-and-Sean-Ford-040 Corbin-Colby-Noah-White-and-Sean-Ford-050 Corbin-Colby-Noah-White-and-Sean-Ford-045Normally I complain about scene partners being paired together more than once, but because I’m a crazed Sean Ford/Corbin Colby stan (and because they have a cute scene partner with them to mix things up), I must admit that I have no problem with this at all.

corsnTrailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Corbin Colby, Sean Ford, And Noah White]

  • FrenchBug

    I don’t understand Helix’s release strategy here.

    Sure, SF and CC are popular but they have been teasing a whole bunch of cute newbies on Twitter for MONTHS that have yet to have a scene released while they risk burning out their biggest stars by releasing basically the same scenes back to back.

    Helix has always had a tendency to overuse their popular performers and that’s fine but this is a particularly stupid way to do it since they have some new things in the can.

    • Blacharrt

      poor marketing and over saturation of popular models. I mean seriously in how many variation can you have them hook up. Next will be terrible themes… Oh wait to late on that one.

  • Paul J

    I really like the Corbin and Sean pairing, but it seems repeating a due is a porn no-no and so there has to be a third. Maybe that’s because porn is so formulaic: kiss, suck, rim, fuck. Can’t there be some variation on that?

    if I’d signed up to Helix, I would be getting a tad fed up with so much of the same though.

  • R.A.M.J

    None of these people do it for me. Pass!

    • Xzamilloh

      Corbin does it for me and continues to do it for me… but in the Helix setting, it’s getting old, no?

  • Alismith

    I’ve gone off Helix lately – pushing the same models too much. Sean is not my fav by any means – too wooden for me. Can’t understand why he’s so popular. I like CC and Joey Mills but the rest are interchangeable – the new model Robin looks interesting though! Still, as long as I don’t have to watch Max ‘directing’ I’m ok!

  • TheThom

    No complaints here!

  • GCHQ