Surprise: Sean Ford And Blake Mitchell Reunite For Raw Fuckfest

Posted November 15, 2022 by with 18 comments


Sean Ford and Blake Mitchell have a storied past as one of gay porn’s most famous powercouples (who were never actually a real-life couple!), but after multiple studio scenes (including one in which Blake made his bottoming debut with Sean) in 2017, the longtime friends haven’t performed on camera together for nearly five years. Until now, of course.


Sean Ford and Blake Mitchell have reunited for a new, hour-long duo scene on Sean’s OnlyFans, and those who liked their past work will be able to enjoy even greater intimacy and even better fucking (they’ve both only gotten hotter and more skilled as they’ve gotten older) in this superstar collaboration. Watch the trailer and see for yourself below as sultry Sean offers up his ass to big Blake one more time…


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[OnlyFans: Blake Mitchell Fucks Sean Ford Bareback]