Gay Porn Newcomer Vincent O’Reilly Comes To CockyBoys, Where He Lets Sean Zevran Cum In His Mouth

Posted November 16, 2017 by with 21 comments

5s0a6851Vincent O’Reilly turned in one of the best debut performances I’ve ever seen when he first appeared on GuysInSweatpants last month. Today, he’s making me shook all over again as he visits CockyBoys, where he’s paired with none other than Sean Zevran, which I guess makes me…double shook?

5s0a6955How is it possible that after all these years since his gay porn debut, Sean Zevran just keeps getting hotter?

5s0a6958This is…insane?


And, this is what Sean and Vincent look like together:

img_0497 5s0a7009 5s0a7004 5s0a70125s0a7022 5s0a7048 5s0a7130If you make it till the cum shots at the end, you’ll see Sean fucking an explosive load out of Vincent. Then, Vincent opens his mouth and swallows all of Sean’s cum, even slurping up all the excess cum that wasn’t shot into his mouth. It really is finger lickin’ good…


This is a nice new shoot location for CockyBoys, as everything looks great and is filmed and photographed perfectly. And, putting these two together is one of the greatest gay porn decisions of 2017. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Sean Zevran Fucks Vincent O’Reilly]


  • pje821

    Does every newcomer these days have to be covered in ink? Zero appeal.

    • Philip Broad

      Absolutely agree. Ugh!

    • peter

      I think excessive ink is a prerequisite for working at CB, unless you’re Sean Zevran and can set your own terms.

      • DaveAtom

        Sean’s fur is what the world needs to live in peace.

    • nbtx27

      Everyone at CB. Best filmed, but, most unattractive guys for a major site are at CB. These guys fit the norm at CB.
      Add the low class cemetary scene- CB is just trashy.

    • Owen

      I think Vincent’s tattoos are quite beautiful, actually.

      • nick

        I like the blue blossom one, he should have stuck with more of that.

  • peter

    The only thing that attracts me to this scene is swallowing Sean Zevran’s load

  • gaycockluvr

    Holy hell, Sean is so fucking sexy. Vincent ain’t bad either. He’s working with a nice dick and a nice ass. Vincent sopped up all of that cum too. I like that type of initiative lol. But Sean though…goddamn.

    • DaveAtom

      Sean is getting hotter indeed. And honestly I would do the same, slurp until the last drop of Sean’s cum

  • Baradude
  • Phresh

    Big fan of both Pornstars, especially Vincent(who Im hoping to see more of), just not a fan of Cockyboys scenes. They’re very try hard to me and have a way of making the sexist of stars, bland and what could could be named the best of scenes, forgettable and long winded.

  • Scrapple

    Eat it like frosting. That’s how a true hoe does it. I like Vincent. He’s like a cross between Orlando Fox and the late Dimitri Kane. And normally I’d be cringing over those tats, but it kind of works on his body. He looks like an Apt. 9 graphic tee from Kohl’s. Not sure why he keeps showing up with crop circles cut into his head. Bold hair style choice? Conversion therapy involving electrodes? What’s the deal?

    Sean seems to be embracing his inner thick queen since leaving Falcon. I’m not mad about that.

  • Schnitzel

    The scene looks hot but that audio mix was distracting AF

  • CamCam

    This is my kind of scene right here. I’m soooo happy to see Sean top and suck dick again since he hasn’t been doing that lately when he tops so that alone gets me excited. And Vincent is hot as fuck too and now i must see this video!


    Yea, Sean is really fucking hot. I fantasize sexy times with him.

  • robertdude

    The true oral cum blast is lost on most gay porn, but this one does it right. Would really like to see more of the top showing the camera the first blast, then burying his bone to the hilt and the bottom swallows all. We need more of that total animal oral”ness” in our porn.

  • J Kelly

    LOL I know this is a porn site and all, but THAT TABLE!

    • Scrapple

      I’m hoping they sanitized and re-stained it before Thanksgiving.

  • Devin

    Too bad the video sucked. Two bottoms. No chemistry. To Vincent…you should NEVER wear mid or high top shoes with socks that go above the ankle. That’s just wrong