Monday Madness: Sean Zevran & Luke Adams Edition

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luke adams sean zevranFans of Sean Zevran and Luke Adams are in luck, as these two gay porn stars have been in not one, not two, not three, but FOUR gay porn scenes released in the last two days! (And if you count Sean Zevran and Boomer Bank’s historic flip-fuck last week, it would actually be five gay porn scenes.) Luckily, Sean and Luke are so scorching hot, no one can argue that either of them are overexposed (yet). So, in honor of Sean Zevran and Luke Adams, today’s edition of Monday Madness is devoted entirely to all of their recently released gay porn scenes. Which Sean Zevran/Luke Adams scene is your fave? Vote down below.

1. Luke Adams Fucks Johnny Rapid for
This is the 137th time Johnny Rapid has been fucked, and Luke Adams is the 82nd man to fuck him (side note: you can trace Johnny’s bottoming history here).

IntrusiveInstructorSTG13Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Luke Adams Fucks Johnny Rapid]

2. Sean Zevran fucks Shawn Wolfe in Falcon’s Crave
They spell their names differently, but Sean and Shawn are otherwise completely in sync in this intense fuckfest.

55164_08Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon: Sean Zevran Fucks Shawn Wolfe]

3. Sean Zevran Fucks Abraham Al Malek in Raging Stallion’s Filthy Fucks
If you can’t get enough of Sean Zevran and you can’t get enough of Raging Stallion’s ridiculous “sex on a box” scenes, here you go!

55255_15Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Raging Stallion: Sean Zevran Fucks Abraham Al Malek]

4. Sean Zevran Fucks Luke Adams in Falcon’s Naughty Pines
Last but not least, Sean and Luke are finally together. Sean is a top once again, and here he is relentlessly pounding Luke’s perfect bubble butt in the woods.

55155_09Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon: Sean Zevran Fuck Luke Adams]