[UPDATED] Sebastian Young Has Been Accused Of Giving His 5-Year-Old Daughter An STD

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Via Sebastian Young’s Twitter and GoFundMe, where is hoping to raise money for a lawyer:

One day recently my 5yr old daughter had some type of an infection. We took her to the doctors and they comfirmed that it was an std. We asked her how she got it and stated it was from a boy at day care, and that he did stuff to her…. The detectives in this case ruled out the daycare and automaticly accused me “because I am a gay pornstar” and I about lost it!!Doing everything I was told, I got tested and came back clean. They still dont care.. I need help to obtain a lawyer for myself as well as for my daughter in this matter. all prceeds for this will go towards a lawyer..

A search of Florida—where Young and his family live—jails and courts did not result in any records of Young being arrested or charged with anything related to the incident he’s described. Young has been arrested and charged multiple times for assaulting his wife.

As of post time, Young has not responded to a request for comment from Str8UpGayPorn, but he did reply to one of his followers who asked him about his daughter’s STD:


Update: Sebastian Young has confirmed to Str8UpGayPorn that he was not arrested, but he is being denied visitation with his daughter pending completion of an investigation. Young adamantly reiterated his belief that Florida police are scapegoating him due to his career as a gay porn star, and that the daycare is in fact to blame for his daughter’s STD. Young affirmed that any funds raised via the GoFundMe would go towards legal fees as he fights to regain visitation with his daughter and prove the daycare’s wrongdoing.

In 2014, Sebastian Young had sought $30,000 via GoFundMe in order to purchase a laptop. This new campaign for a lawyer is only asking for $10,000.