Sebastian Young Will Face Trial For Threatening To Kill Florida Detective

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jnoles1-1A trial date has been set for gay porn star Sebastian Young, who allegedly threatened to kill a Florida detective by running her over with his car.

At Young’s arraignment yesterday, a circuit court judge set a pre-trial date for August 16th, with the trial week beginning on September 6th. Young (whose legal name is Joshua Noles) pleaded not guilty to the third degree felony charge of corruption by threat against a public official, which carries a sentence of up to five years in prison.

young56Young is being held without bail in a Volusia County jail, but he does have a bond hearing set for July 7th.

Update 7/8/16: Young was denied bail at his hearing yesterday, and he’ll remain in custody pending trial. The prosecution argued that Young’s release could endanger the detective he allegedly threatened. Here’s the motion seeking his detention until trial, which the judge granted:

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As reported exclusively last month, Sebastian Young was arrested after allegedly telling a clerk in his lawyer’s office that he planned to murder a female police detective by running her over with his car. According to a police affidavit, Young believed that the detective, Danielle Reagan, was “ruining his life” by investigating claims that Young had sexually molested his children and given his 5-year-old daughter an STD. No charges were filed relating to those claims, which Young himself went public with in March.

Several years ago, Young was arrested and convicted for assault on an elderly person over 65, for which he spent nearly two years in prison. Young has also been arrested at least eight times on multiple drug, DUI, burglary, traffic, and battery charges over the past 12 years. While he has been arrested at least three times recently for assaulting his wife, charges were either eventually dropped or never filed after each arrest. The state appears likely to proceed with the charge this time, given that it involves one of their own:


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    About time.

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    He’ll be a men exclusive when he gets out sadly. They like that kinda stuff.

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    Book your flight and pack your bags bitch! Since duckface robbed you of what would have been an epic trial, this is the next best thing you’re gonna get this year!!!

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      Where’s this from??

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        Not sure. The 2nd on might be from a film.

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          The 2nd one is “Snakes on a Plane”

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    The three finalists for Mr. Suwannee 2016 were announced today. The men representing Suwannee Correctional Facility in Live Oak Florida are Titus, Mr. “D” and Torrence. After an exciting swimsuit competition culled down these finalists from the top 10 semi-finalists, tonight’s Jumpsuit Competition and talent pageant will determine the winner and eventual cell mate for Joshua Noles. Each will present their ideas also on the topic: “How Will I Welcome Joshua Noles to Suwannee?”

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      I just hope that Joshua / Sebastian when he is pressed up against the wall getting FUCKED up ass in the prison shower does not forget where he at waiting around 4 the director 2 call cut LOL !

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    Hell yes! Come on, everybody! Follow me to the courthouse!

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    I’m glad to see him go yet sad to know that ass will finally be gone.

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    He is simply vulgar. :)

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    I have read that he gave his 5 year old daughter an STD. Really? What kind of STD? No one has ever said. Was it Scabies? Scabies is highly contagious and is easily passed on in nursing homes by the health care workers to the patients- just by touching them. It is also easily passed on to kids in day care centers. I am not going to pass judgment onto Sebastian Young until I know specifically which STD we’re talking about. I suggest others do the same. As far as the detective goes, maybe she has it in for Sebastian as well as most members of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department. This is a rather backward and redneck area of Florida. There is a 7 Eleven and a church on almost every corner. Plus, they may not like him because he does gay porn. Sebastian is not going to be nominated for citizen of the year. He has a tendency to run his mouth when he shouldn’t and to be a hot head. The sheriff’s department is using hear say evidence against him and I suspect his civil rights are being violated. We all need to know more facts about this case. It’s not good to be stupid, but it’s also not against the law.It’s also not against the law to be a gay porn star. It sounds like the DA in Volusia County, Florida is trying to lock up Sebastian for life. We should all pay attention to this case. It makes no difference if you like Sebastian, or not. The next person they (the law) may come after is you.

    • kkdd1

      His past history of convictions for numerous run ins with the law is sufficient enough evidence for me to hold the negative feeling that I have towards this man regardless if he passed a STD to his own daughter or not .and I cannot imagine anything more DISGUSTING than that !

      • Hereweare

        He claims the girl told him that there was a boy at her day care who “did things to her”.

        • kkdd1

          If he is innocent blood work should verify that .

    • Hereweare

      He claims that he took his 5 year old daughter to a Dr when she had an infection, and that the Dr diagnosed it as an STD. He then said he asked his daughter about it, and that she talked about a boy at day care doing things to her. He claims the police got involved and are blaming him just because they know he does gay porn. I know for a fact that you are right about central FL………he might as well be in Alabama. Then there’s this story. Shooting off your mouth to your lawyer is not necessarily a legit threat.

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    It’s Florida. Nuff said.

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    Sebastian I would have ur lawyers invest in a whole lot of soap on the rope