Semen From Diego Sans Used To Make Diego Sans Clone In New Scene

Posted September 13, 2018 by with 25 comments

5The only thing better than one Diego Sans? TWO Diego Sans!

16In Diego’s new scene, gay porn star David Blake takes a sample of Diego’s sperm and makes a Diego clone (it’s not clear what David is doing in Diego’s house or why he does this—maybe he’s just a horny roommate who wants to fuck Diego?):


Once Diego 2.0 is made, the two become boyfriends, and they eventually fuck.

10Those of you waiting to see Diego Sans being fucked (it’s been, like, 475 years since he’s bottomed) will have to continue waiting, because he’s once again topping today.

13 18You would think if they have the scientific ability to make a clone, they could at least program the clone’s DNA to be a bottom? No such luck.


The real Diego Sans walks in on his clone fucking David, and it’d be hot if they had a three-way, but that would probably involve way too much CGI, so the scene continues with just one version of Diego and David fucking. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Cloned Diego Sans Fucks David Blake]


  • kireb

    Ewww there are two of them now

    • Silver64

      And neither one of them bottoms. What a waste.

  • Xzamilloh

    How does MEN manage to “Hold my beer” themselves with these stupid concepts??

  • Luke

    I’ve boycotted Diego Sans scenes until he bottoms again. Top/bottom only performers are a turn-off for me

  • doodlebug

    He’s guaranteed 2 or 3 scenes a month, all directed by his boyfriend, at one of the top paying studios in the biz. Why would he go anywhere else? The guy’s got it made.

    • Satyros

      That makes sense then. I knew the boyfriend was also involved at Men but I didn’t know that he directed all of Diego’s scenes. Still, what a waste for us horny viewers!

      • n24rc

        They are at this point just cashing in the checks and don’t care. So why should we?

  • nick

    Ways too much hair (on the head)

    • Eric from Sweden

      I really like Diego’s hair in this one! Looks great! And wild!

  • peter

    this is really godawful

  • Scrapple
    They’re stealing plots from Preacher now? Has it come to that? I bet Dora was the surrogate.

    If you have all of these scientific and financial resources, why do you need a roommate? And why couldn’t you just hire Diego as an escort a Diego look-alike escort?

  • TK

    Tattoos clone? Interesting.

    • PurpleBB8

      Clearly the Diego Sans clone is a needleplay bottom.

  • Kevin Jones

    It’s kind of a shame though. Diego is a great top but he is also a great bottom as well.

    • Silver64

      Well, he used to be a great bottom, many moons ago with RB…but I guess we’ll never know if he still is. What a waste of a hot ass…

    • Jeff Shew

      He does not bottom because McNamara ain’t sharing that poon with NO-body

  • Hush-ins

    They are able to create a perfect clone only from half of human DNA? Wait, this is porn.

  • occupyfannypack

    they should’ve cloned the “not in front of my salad” gurl (along with her salad too) as well for this scene to be more believable, tbh.

  • PaulieP

    at least it wasn’t his “sister” again…..

  • Daniel Hayes

    How do they come up with these storylines. I mean, what do they smoke?!

  • RBLover

    agreed about the lack of bareback. I feel like the “nasty” in him would really come out if he did those scenes. What a waste.

  • Brandon Joseph

    Where do they come up with these stupid concepts? I mean I know these are porn films but damn, they don’t have any other idea’s? This is why bareback is so popular now, it’s taboo and people want to see taboo types of themes in porn now. Men needs to get it together, sometimes it’s not just about getting hot models, you gotta give us some hot themes too.

  • TruthTeller2020

    Meh. Diego Sans has become boring and predictable. He stopped being interesting once he signed on with MEN, and became this “strictly top”

  • GayhawkAZ

    It’s terrible and hackneyed.

    But I love to watch Diego fuck, so 8/10, would jack off to it.