Semen From Diego Sans Used To Make Diego Sans Clone In New Scene

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5The only thing better than one Diego Sans? TWO Diego Sans!

16In Diego’s new scene, gay porn star David Blake takes a sample of Diego’s sperm and makes a Diego clone (it’s not clear what David is doing in Diego’s house or why he does this—maybe he’s just a horny roommate who wants to fuck Diego?):


Once Diego 2.0 is made, the two become boyfriends, and they eventually fuck.

10Those of you waiting to see Diego Sans being fucked (it’s been, like, 475 years since he’s bottomed) will have to continue waiting, because he’s once again topping today.

13 18You would think if they have the scientific ability to make a clone, they could at least program the clone’s DNA to be a bottom? No such luck.


The real Diego Sans walks in on his clone fucking David, and it’d be hot if they had a three-way, but that would probably involve way too much CGI, so the scene continues with just one version of Diego and David fucking. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Cloned Diego Sans Fucks David Blake]


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