Seth Peterson Takes Two Big Cocks In His Mouth And Two Big Cocks In His Ass In “Tech Support”

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The only thing better than being fucked by one giant cock? Being fucked by two giant cocks at the same time, obviously. Gorgeous muscle twunk Seth Peterson knows this all too well, and he enjoys being DP’d by big-dicked besties Aiden Garcia (his real-life boyfriend) and Silas Brooks in this second episode of “Tech Support” on Helix.

Before the fucking, there is of course sucking, when the “two at once” theme begins:

Fuck yes, who doesn’t love doing this?

Seth has been DP’d before, but I don’t recall him ever having two cocks of this size in his ass before. It’s a beautiful sight:

Aiden Garcia gets to enjoy some bottoming in this three-way, too, so there’s some nice versatility in the scene. And Silas Brooks takes Aiden’s big dick for a few minutes, so this is one of those perfect threesomes where each star tops and bottoms.

As usual, you can see the softcore trailer that shows some of the plot from this scene on Helix’s site, and here’s the hardcore trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Silas Brooks And Aiden Garcia Double-Penetrate Seth Peterson Bareback]

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