Gay Porn Star Shane Cook Completes Chemo After Being Diagnosed With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

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Last August, gay porn star Shane Cook announced (as seen above) that he was diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and that he’d begun treatment to treat the cancer. Today, Shane has shared the excellent news that he’s finished chemo, and he shared this inspiring message and photo with his fans:

shane4 DtG1QAaU8AAE0xtHere’s to a full recovery and continued good health for Shane in 2019 and beyond. As he said back in August, Shane is looking forward to filming again later on, so maybe he’ll be back at Helix sometime next year?

I was fortunate to meet Shane earlier this year at an industry party, and he is so friendly, so genuine, and yes, so handsome. Here he is with Cameron Parks and Blake Mitchell:


Photos from Shane Cook’s solo scene (“Cook’s Cock“), and my favorite Shane Cook duo scene, with Angel Rivera.

hx122_scene12_011 hx122_scene12_019 hx123_scene14_021Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Shane Cook Fucks Angel Rivera Bareback]

  • Satyros

    Cancer in general sucks, but it especially sucks when it strikes young people. Hopefully he has a great recovery, I suppose the upside is that younger bodies are generally better able to bounce back.

  • Being in good physical health before chemo/radiation is a big plus for recovery. Good news Shane!

  • Shawn

    My boyfriend is currently battling cancer. It’s a truly awful thing to go through, I’m glad Shane has come out the other side, hopefully it’s clear sailing from here.

    • TriForceKid

      I know what you mean my grandmother died from it and my aunt has it now. Well wishes to your bf.


        Tri may GOD BLESS you & your family as well !

    • Eclipse

      So sorry to hear. Praying that he beats it. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, as loved as you must be for your support, you’re human too.


        Bc In order 4 u 2 give him all the strength he needs you have 2 be mentally & physically strong as well so BEST OF LUCK 2 YOU BOTH !


      Shawn I hope it bf recovery is just as SUCCESSFUL as Shane :)))

  • Sed

    Shane is a really nice, sweet guy. We’ve chatted from time to time. I wish him all the best.

  • joeguy45

    Bless you Shane. Praying for a full recovery. Thank you for sharing. xx

  • Donald Horn

    That dick tho.

  • Todd
  • Scrapple

    I was wondering what happened to Shane. Glad to hear the good news and I wish him well on his physical and mental recovery. If he does end up returning to porn, I hope he remembers to put himself first and not do anything that might compromise his health.

  • FrenchBug

    Fair to say that this is finally a Helix story where I believe everybody will agree.
    Sending him good vibes and wishing him the absolute best.

    • No_No_No_Yes



    Shane u r dealing with it , getting through it & u will be a better man for it BEST OF LUCK & GOD BLESS !

  • GayhawkAZ

    No wonder he hasn’t been around. I was just talking about Shane with a friend. I hope he recovers soon. :)