Big-Dicked (And Big-Haired!) Twinks Silas Brooks And Asher Haynes Suck Each Other’s Cocks And Fuck Bareback

Posted February 6, 2022 by with 23 comments

If you’ve read the last few posts, you know my moving saga has been going on all weekend. Now, it’s finally over after a dramatic turn of events this afternoon, and I can get back to posting more regularly. Tonight, we have a new scene out from Helix:

But first, with regard to that moving drama, I found out today from my building handyman that the person who rented my apartment before me actually died in the apartment last month! The leasing office didn’t disclose this to me—which they’re legally obligated to do in California—so this means that I can cancel the lease and move out anytime I want without being hit with a fee (which is a great thing, since I never wanted to live here for the full lease year anyway, and this was only going to be temporary while I find a place out of state to buy).

People die every day (although, usually they’re in a hospital) so I’m trying not to be too creeped out, but I can’t help but wonder who the dead guy was and what happened to him. I confronted the building manager and she admitted they were wrong (not to mention illegal) to not disclose, but she still wouldn’t tell me how the guy died in here, other than to say it was not a murder. Good to know!

Anyway, enough about me and the dead body that may have been lying in the bedroom where I’m going to sleep tonight, because here is thick-cocked twink Silas Brooks in a rare bottoming scene with gorgeous newcomer Asher Haynes doing the honors as the top:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Asher Haynes Fucks Silas Brooks Bareback]