Sneak Peek: Sean Ford, Carter Dane, Levi Karter, Ben Masters, And Cory Kane Star In CockyBoys Enfant Terrible

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Shot on location in Paris, France earlier this year, CockyBoys’ upcoming series Enfant Terrible features an all-star cast, and it’s led by a broodingly sexy Sean Ford:


A smoldering hot Levi Karter:


The dashingly handsome Carter Dane:


The very big-dicked, very gorgeous Cory Kane:


And, an absolutely adorable Ben Masters, who I think has gay porn’s best smile:


FYI, a translation of “enfant terrible” for those unfamiliar with the French expression:

Enfant terrible is a French expression, traditionally referring to a child who is terrifyingly candid by saying embarrassing things to parents or others. However, the expression has drawn multiple usage in careers of art, fashion, music, and other creative arts. In these careers, it implies a successful “genius” who is very unorthodox, striking, and in some cases, offensive, or rebellious.


This is a sneak peek, and the full series will be released on CockyBoys throughout January:

[CockyBoys: Enfant Terrible]


  • B.C.

    A star studded affair. And in the trailer I recognize Calvin Banks and Adam Ramzi. I’m already sold.

  • DaveAtom

    Great! CB spends its money in something with quality. I prefer this so much more than those effects MEN uses for their stupid, laughable plots.

    Is refreshing to see a studio that tries to do something different. But, sometimes they are out of focus. Gay man sex should be the goal, more than a story that normally is not well developed, with nonsense dialogue, and maybe change the ‘obscure’ tone of all their stories.

    They are in the right path though, imo. They could try to do something like ‘Looking’ (but with hardcore scenes), or something like Noel Alejandro’s short movies.

  • sxg

    CB decides to use the French word for child in the title of a film starting barely legal looking twinks?

    • holgerson

      What? I think all actors have their 20bd behind them. Levi is 25. Calvin will be 22 soon.
      At Helix is constantly nagged, the actors are too old (Kyle is also 25).

      At CB the same age is a “starring barely legal looking twink”.

      Sometimes I do not understand it.

    • Seanumich

      Who looks “barely legal” to you? MOST of the guys I just saw look well into their 20’s and if you mean barely legal to drink alcohol or rent a car MAYBE,. but for consensual sex I would say they ALL look plenty old enough

  • Scrapple

    I look forward to seeing the final episode of the series when it airs in June of 2020.

    • Eclipse
      • Scrapple

        I’ve always been lowkey wondering about Sean’s ethnic background. With the longer hair he looks like he’s auditioning for gay biopic about the early life of Logic. Or Wentworth Miller.

        • Eclipse

          Wentworth Miller…I fell so deeply into those blue eyes when he was on Prison Break. My gay ass watched every episode lmao. Spot-on take, you could be onto something.

          • Scrapple

            I’m finally getting around to watching the reboot season and he still has it. Wish he’d go back to Legends of Tomorrow so I can see him regularly.

          • Eclipse

            Haven’t watched the reboot yet, is it worth it? The original finale devastated me so much that I wasn’t too motivated to go back even despite the retconning lol… I’m so behind on the CW comic shows. LoT’s 1st season was a lot of fun. Why did Wentworth leave??

            Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS, Scrap :)

          • Scrapple

            I literally only the first episode, so I can’t tell yet. But I’m still expecting it to be good. The finale bothered me too, but I just watched the two-part post finale they made into the movie and it made the finale less jarring.

            I don’t know why he left. He came back for a bit then left again. I guess he had other stuff he wanted to do outside of acting.

    • Stacy

      Then the following year will be the director’s cut…

  • Drew Kingston

    Les Enfants Terribles is also a film based on a gay french artist’s
    novel, Jean Cocteau, which describes a possessive relationship between a sister and his brother. As in the end of the story, they both die, I guess we still are going to see people dying after gay sex in that CB episode.

  • Jon
  • No_No_No_Yes

    Am I the only one fast growing weary of Sean Ford’s resting bitch face? He is serving up Zoolander meets Kim Kardashian, and unless he is going to make that level of investment in botox it’s just not cute.

    This SHOULD be good, given the level of talent – but given the recent uptick of artsy fartsy nonsense coming from that site NOTHING is a given. I feel like Edina Monsoon and her friend Patsy should have chaperoned this. At least if the sex fell short there would be laughter.

  • Stacy

    Doesn’t it seem like some of the team he took is a bit “small town trade” for an international story?

  • Tempest

    The only star I see here is Carter, bitch can always get it honestly.

  • JGB1976

    I wonder why Levi Karter hasn’t done bareback. Cockyboys is basically a bareback site now (and I’m not complaining).