Sneak Peek: Watch The Trailer For Helix’s Upcoming Feature, Vegas Nights

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Helix Studios has just released a teaser trailer for their upcoming feature, Vegas Nights, starring several of the studio’s most popular performers. It’s the studio’s first movie since 2016’s multiple award-winning Lifeguards (which took home Best Supporting Actor and Best Picture at the 2017 Str8UpGayPorn Awards), and based on how stunning this trailer is, it looks like they’ll have another major hit on their hands.


Gay porn stars featured in Vegas Nights include Kyle Ross, Max Carter, Joey Mills, Angel Rivera, Tyler Hill, Cameron Parks, Dylan Hayes, Corbin Colby, Johnny Hands, Corey Marshall, and Julian Bell, an 8teenBoy model making a surprise crossover appearance. The first of six Vegas Nights episodes is set for release next month, and here’s the trailer:

[Helix Studios: Vegas Nights]

  • Miloš Del Rey
    • Zachary Sire

      Corbin’s in it.

      Blake isn’t though. I don’t think Josh is either.

      • Miloš Del Rey

        That’s not good enough.

      • B.C.

        Oh, well. You win some and lose some, but it’s got the main attraction – Angel Rivera. And that 8teen blond bombshell. I’m happy.

      • Beanjam

        Not having Helix’s two best tops, what a mess.

  • Luke

    This looks REALLY good. Hopefully a return to form for Helix

  • CamCam

    Look interesting but the final judgment will come when the scenes come out. I hope the sex is good to watch.

  • Scrapple

    Ah, so it’s like Oceans Eight, but with young hoes and no thievery. Looks very crisp and glossy. But I can’t support a movie which glorifies underage drinking, gambling and limo driving.

    You know CF’s Jason is fuming. All those years in the life and the closest he got to filming a Vegas movie was with those CF Unlimiteds.

  • Michael Roberto

    Tyler Hill just gets better with age! He is adorable :-)

  • While my favorite Helix model isn’t in this (Blake), I’m still gonna check it out. Besides, I still have Kyle, Max, Joey, and Corbin.

  • marc

    will this the first 100 % bareback movie of Helix `?

    • stagboys

      Didn’t think about it, but probably the first one since ‘The Cage’.

  • Tempest

    Sorry but these underage whores are better suited for a Dan Schneider movie than the dark world of the adult entertainment. Or they can always go and have a drink with Bryan since he’s all about dem young holes.

    Fuck this and fuck me for being gay, I didn’t sign up for this.

  • gaycuckhubby


  • GayhawkAZ

    So is this the video where Max and Kyle broke up?

  • No_No_No_Yes

    First off, Helix needs to snatch every model that shows up to the set with that “swirly doo” and hand them their severance package. Ageing twinks are not a pretty site, these guys are clearly stuck in some weird time warp from a decade ago. Max is about five years past his “in camera” date, and anything he is in is instant boner death.

    I understand it is hard for some twinks to transition to man porn. It requires – eeh gads, a “masc makeover”. Sad but true, there is no room in gay porn for gay guys who actually look/act gay. Arriving at Man Camp, all razors and tweezers are seized. Those Joan Crawford eyebrows are done, along with all your other manly parts returning to nature. This boot camp will include intensive gym time, lessons in the fine art of “Manspeak” in depth voice coaching, yes – they will help you find that lower register you have managed to suppress all this time. Next will be hundreds of hours learning manly facial expressions whilst getting fucked, and how to “Man moan”, including the patented how to arch your back and NOT look like Kylie Jenner, taught by none other than Vadim Black, the manliest little butt slut in history.

    After completing the final class, “Contain your inner Beyonce” the art of manly moves and cocksucking (also taught by Ms Vadim), there is the final stage, “Macho Makeover – Welcome to Man Porn” Where that silly coif of yours will meet it’s ultimate finish, Time to meet your forehead. It’s true, some of you may not survive this round, as your forehead can’t start at the back of your head. Cough *Max* cough, however, for those that do, an array of manly looks are available that will not include you looking like you started your day with a blow dryer and curling iron. Your brows will be edged, your pubes will be hedged, and you will be ready to assume your place in Man Porn history.

    -OR- You can pack your bags and head to Palm Springs to prepare for your life as a rich old mans arm candy. Keeping in mind that too has a shelf life.

    Oddly enough, some will find they had it right to start with.

    Welcome back.

    • c_find

      That was very enjoyable to read.

  • Alan Song

    party time!