#sockgate2017: Seth Knight And Dolf Dietrich Are Still Fighting About Socks And Chicken Legs On Twitter

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skfIf you just can’t get enough of the ongoing Twitter war between former twink turned muscle jock Seth Knight and multiple sock-wearing daddy Dolf Dietrich, it’s still going strong, with all their recent tweets posted below. Enjoy!

As you’ll recall, the war started last week when Dolf Dietrich tweeted out private text messages sent to him by Seth Knight, in which Seth took Dolf to task for allegedly talking shit on him on the set of a 15-person orgy. The battle continued all last week, with Seth Knight accusing Dolf Dietrich of wearing five pairs of socks to cover up his alleged “chicken legs,” prompting a video response from Dolf in which he admitted to only wearing two pairs of socks plus some padding, not five pairs of socks. Then, Instinct Magazine picked up on #sockgate2017 over the weekend, prompting yet another, even lengthier response from Dolf Dietrich. Warning: This will undoubtedly be the weirdest and longest thing that you ever read:

DLsnGpUWkAAvX_l DLsnM-tXUAEWRnuAs a reminder: It was Dolf Dietrich who started the public fight after publishing the private text messages from Seth Knight, so his outrage now is somewhat ironic. Even more ironic? After his complaints about “cyber bullying” and “body shaming,” 45-year-old Dolf Dietrich continued lashing out against 26-year-old Seth Knight with the below tweet, just a few hours later:

dolf1Body shaming and cyber bullying is never fun when it’s happening to you, but cyber bullying and body shaming someone else is totally fine, if you’re Dolf Dietrich.

Following the above tweet from Dolf, Seth Knight had his own poll for his Twitter followers:


And, I actually screamed out loud when I read this next one below, which I think makes Seth Knight the winner of today’s battle in #sockgate2017:

seth4Stay tuned. There will (hopefully) be more to come tomorrow…

  • Ceecee

    I can’t really wrap my head around being a professional 40 year old man and having public Twitter feuds with boys half my age.
    Seth is a bit of a twat but goddamn Dolf, act your fucking age.


    • Seth obviously knows that his legs are a touchy subject for Dolf and yet he keeps bringing it up on Social Media and since it touches a nerve Dolf feels he has to defend himself. So they are both to blame. But Seth seems to be the one who shoulders the most blame as he continues to talk about Dolfs legs when he knows it’s a touchy subject so he is like a school yard bully who figures out what name he can call you and then relentlessly calls you that name just to watch you suffer. Many gays experience bullying in school or did growing up so someone knowingly doing that kind of thing to a fellow gay is all the more upsetting.

      • Ceecee

        I’d 100% accept that if this was like a Helix teenager squabble. When you’re a grown ass man the whole fight becomes just crazy and tacky. Social media feuds with someone half your age just makes you look so sad.

  • sxg

    Dolf needs to get over his puny legs. God made you look like a stork. Using steroids/PEDs only makes your legs look even worse. But if he wants to do something about it, then he should get calve implants and almost die like Nick Capra did.

    • Paul Adams

      Almost?!?! I say SHOULD!!!

      • sxg

        Nick Capra is still alive sadly. Which is why I said almost

  • Miloš Del Rey

    Who doesn’t love it when two sinking ships sail at each other full force. Praise the Lord for this tea, my cup runneth over. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9be8d91c57e8672a412ee66ea7c5ffe256da53b4adcbb6ff115f4fa7e0a87a0b.gif

    • The Deacon

      i have been changed for good.

    • Scrapple

      My life could do with more KC and Shadow Moon.

      • Greninja

        You know he has a couple jerk off videos right? Do a google search and treat ya self baby.

        • Scrapple

          Come on now. Of course I saw those. Whittle is not Little.

    • Xzamilloh

      This is what my life looks like in my head. Apparently, I’m a white woman in my head because this feels right

      • lordgabux

        She’s every woman (and apparently every gay man too)

  • Zealot

    Please WOMEN! Haven’t we seen this all before?

    S: Your illogic creates small temporal seizures which illicit tremors in my right eye lid each time you over emote.
    K: SPOCK!
    S: That’s my name, don’t wear it out….


    • c_find


      • Zealot

        Thanks. I was inspired.

        • c_find

          Big trekie here, but it actually sounds like what kirk/shatener would say

          • Zealot

            Oh, Me TOO! I grew up on it. It was my escape. I don’t know if I could say in this short space what Trek (especially the original) has done for me through the years– but especially as a child. So I know these characters well…and parody them with all love and respect.

  • Scrapple

    Feud: Petty and Moan.

    Okay. The story that upset Seth in the first place you decided to retell now, while also including details about an alleged conversation with Seth’s agent where the agent calls his client a loose cannon and says he’s “embarrassed to represent him?” And then you go on to talk about cyber bullying when you’re the one who revealed those private messages and started this drama? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d105e52ee77c072b5446ff1e02bcc374a4471e8013e477407b914963ea864038.gif

    I can’t tell if Dolf is thirsty, dehydrated or anemic, but he needs to stop.

    • D.P. Welles

      Those looked like public comments on a FB post, not a private message.

      • Zachary Sire

        This all started when Dolf tweeted out private text messages that Seth sent him, as I reported last week (image below). Nothing public on Facebook. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/771fde28d9922f69ae8d3069b59951eb9fcd1ded8ea740d3836bac9d70c4d6a0.png

        • D.P. Welles

          I was referring to the new comments from Dolph in this post, as was I believe the original commenter.

          • Scrapple

            No, I was talking about the original private conversation with Seth. That’s what brought all of this about.

        • Should one have an expectation of privacy when they send text messages like that though? Calling someone a fuckin loser isn’t all that nice so I sure would not expect someone to keep our text’s private it I called them a fuckin loser.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf! I’d never heard of any of these guys until this morning and I just watch half of Dolf and Hugh’s scene from a couple of years ago. I’m so embarrassed for them both. Dolf particularly. The man is practically 40 years old, looks like he’s on hgh, and he and his husband’s acting skills are just sad. They really, really, should stick to their day jobs. And, Dolf, grow the fuck up and stay off of twitter, you attention whore.

    • McM.

      Why do ppl think Dolf Dietrich is on steroids?

      If he is then he’s been doing it wrong. The guy looks smaller than when he first began. He only appears “bigger” b/c of definition from leanness, but it’s difficult to maintain that and build significant muscle at the same time.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t say he IS on hgh. I said he LOOKED like he is on hgh. And it’s not, strictly speaking, a steroid.

      • Xzamilloh

        Ben Masters is lean. Blake Mitchell is lean. The ground beef in my fridge is lean. Dolf Dietrich is top heavy wtih scrawny legs.

        • c_find

          This whole thing is stupid but I wouldn’t really say Dolf is top heavy. Yes his legs aren’t developed but that probably has a lot to do with his height. It’s difficult for tall people to build their legs because leg exercise like squats is much harder for them to do because they have a greater distance to travel in the motion. This is one reason shorter guys bulkup very quickly in comparison to taller guys. Just wanted to share that bit of info.

  • BoomPow
  • backhand

    omg jake cook, golden watch is never a good look

    • c_find

      As long as he is ass up face down getting reamed I could care less about his accessories hehe

  • stephen
  • Xzamilloh

    The real loser here is our education system. Reading all of those typos, grammatically incorrect wording, and plain bad spelling was positively triggering. One of them could have dropped the n-word in there, and the grammar would have still been the most offensive thing about this garbage.

    “Pole”… Bitch said “Pole”!!!!


    • lordgabux

      I’m going to explain that one for you.
      Dolf wrote poll (as it should be)
      Seth wrote pole— because he’s unconsciously mourning how he lost any future opportunity to use Dolf’s pole.
      This came to me in a vision and I stand by it.

  • FrenchBug

    An irony of Dolf’s poll is that Seth’s self-loathing for his twinky days is well-known. He himself would have picked “men” and has worked hard to look very different now. So not sure what the shade was supposed to be?

  • Hereweare

    OK, I get who started it, but I’m sorry……..I tend to believe the one who can express his version of events in full sentences. When he said “after I relayed this old Chestnut of a story”, I wasn’t sure if I was on a porn blog or watching PBS.

    • lordgabux

      usually the one yelling is the one mistaken hahahahahhahahaha

  • WhimsyCotton

    Not to sound disrespectful, but am I the only one that is getting F2M trans vibes from Seth Knight? Whatever the case, he and his husband look good.

  • Mark123

    TwiTannic. and neither have anything to attract anybody.

  • yaoirabbit

    I’m not really picky when it comes to looks and haven’t once noticed his legs before this incident. It’s a non issue for me. But his personality is another story. He and his husband mistreat others and then victimize themselves when the tables are turned.

  • John M

    Today I am thankful that of all the lows in my life there has never been one as low as getting in a slap fight with another whore on the internet over a 15 man orgy.

  • Edu Guimarães

    Twitter it’s out of control since Trump

    • sexnando


  • lordgabux

    I see what you’re doing Zack
    You write ” former twink turned muscle jock Seth Knight”
    and you use a picture were he looks like the Pillsbury doughboy
    hahahahahahhahahahaa evil hahahahahahahhaa

    Dolf might be “acting silly” for his age, but if the story goes the way he tells it (and every story have two sides believe it or not) Seth took a perfectly normal story and made it into something it wasn’t. We’re thinking that the older person is acting wrongly but the younger person is also disrespecting his elder. So who’s supposed to stop first?

    I am #TeamDolf but I do not care about this story anymore.

    peace out!

  • lordgabux

    “Dolf posted the private conversation first…”
    So he was supposed to “suffer” in silence?
    I wonder if we’d be having this discussion if Seth would have been the one who posted “private” messages?

    Bullies need to be exposed, and Seth started the situation by not having a logical adult conversation with Dolf in the first place. They have worked together and were in (let’s call it) good terms. That’s the part no one here seems to realize.

    Why couldn’t he just call or text Dolf something like: Hey that story was embarrassing I would have preferred if you didn’t share it with others…

    Dolf is simple reacting (even if equally disproportionally) to Seth’s actions. None is right up to a point, but this is the society we live in today, let’s start a screenshot feud instead of confronting people face to face if we feel misrepresented.

  • Maximus

    It’s time to kill Facebook and Twitter, ladies. Humanity has shown that it cannot utilize them responsibly.

    • Paul Adams


  • C3xxx
  • scooterpie

    People still wear Nasty Pig? On purpose?

  • Francis Mastro

    I’m crying????????