#sockgate2017: Seth Knight And Dolf Dietrich Are Still Fighting About Socks And Chicken Legs On Twitter

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skfIf you just can’t get enough of the ongoing Twitter war between former twink turned muscle jock Seth Knight and multiple sock-wearing daddy Dolf Dietrich, it’s still going strong, with all their recent tweets posted below. Enjoy!

As you’ll recall, the war started last week when Dolf Dietrich tweeted out private text messages sent to him by Seth Knight, in which Seth took Dolf to task for allegedly talking shit on him on the set of a 15-person orgy. The battle continued all last week, with Seth Knight accusing Dolf Dietrich of wearing five pairs of socks to cover up his alleged “chicken legs,” prompting a video response from Dolf in which he admitted to only wearing two pairs of socks plus some padding, not five pairs of socks. Then, Instinct Magazine picked up on #sockgate2017 over the weekend, prompting yet another, even lengthier response from Dolf Dietrich. Warning: This will undoubtedly be the weirdest and longest thing that you ever read:

DLsnGpUWkAAvX_l DLsnM-tXUAEWRnuAs a reminder: It was Dolf Dietrich who started the public fight after publishing the private text messages from Seth Knight, so his outrage now is somewhat ironic. Even more ironic? After his complaints about “cyber bullying” and “body shaming,” 45-year-old Dolf Dietrich continued lashing out against 26-year-old Seth Knight with the below tweet, just a few hours later:

dolf1Body shaming and cyber bullying is never fun when it’s happening to you, but cyber bullying and body shaming someone else is totally fine, if you’re Dolf Dietrich.

Following the above tweet from Dolf, Seth Knight had his own poll for his Twitter followers:


And, I actually screamed out loud when I read this next one below, which I think makes Seth Knight the winner of today’s battle in #sockgate2017:

seth4Stay tuned. There will (hopefully) be more to come tomorrow…

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