Str8Up ICYMI: Justin Matthews And Colby Keller Double-Penetrate Duncan Black

Posted May 4, 2020 by with 22 comments

Str8Up ICYMI normally covers scenes you might’ve missed over the weekend, but in this edition, we’re covering a scene that you might’ve missed when it was originally released over six years ago. It was re-released on CockyBoys over the weekend, and it stars Colby Keller (remember Colby Keller?!), Duncan Black, and Justin Matthews:

The scene—which was re-released as part of CockyBoys’ recently launched “CockyBoys Makes You Feel Good” series—is titled “Kiss Hug Fuck Love,” and in it, we get to see Colby Keller and Justin Matthews double-penetrate Duncan Black.

Justin Matthews is the only performer still active today, and if I’m not mistaken, this was his first scene DP’ing someone. This was definitely Duncan Black’s first time as a DP Bottom.

Before the DP, you’ll see Justin playing the guitar and singing, which I remember loving the first time I watched this. In short, this has held up really well and was nice to revisit. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Colby Keller And Justin Matthews Double-Penetrate Duncan Black]