Taylor Reign Tops Sean Ford In Gorgeous “Postcards From L.A.” Fuckfest

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w_wdg1a7131CockyBoys’ “Postcards From L.A.” has featured some of the most popular duos of 2018, starting with Sean Zevran and Liam Riley earlier this month. Today, it’s another A-list duo that will no doubt drive fans crazy: Taylor Reign and Sean Ford.

w_wdg1a7145 w_wdg1a7163“Postcards” has featured great locations, and this one is the best yet. And, as if Sean and Taylor weren’t hot enough without cameras around, the photography and filming is gorgeous, and they both look better than ever. Taylor Reign coming in for a kiss has me shaking:

taylorreign1w_wdg1a7354Rounding things out (and most importantly, for some), the fucking is also perfect, with Taylor topping and Sean bottoming. So, this is obviously must-see for fans of either star.

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Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Taylor Reign Fucks Sean Ford]

  • B.C.

    And I thought CockyBoys couldn’t possibly top Jack and Ollie’s performance, and then they pull this wondrous merger. Taylor and Sean coupling is my ultimate wet dream. Amazing beginning of the year for CB.

  • emercycrite

    They’re both so gorgeous. This is a wondrous pairing.

  • Ed Woody

    I find this quite acceptable.

  • Scrapple

    Finally CB figures out what to do with Sean.

  • WorkBitch

    This looks so much better than the lackluster other parts of this series. I hope Taylor will bottom again in one of his future scenes, he’s been topping quite a lot lately.

  • Schnitzel

    So Sean isn’t wasting away somewhere as a CB exclusive. They actually DO intend to use him.

    • peter

      I still think leaving Helix was a huge mistake.

      • adamb

        Totally agree, can u imagine Sean fuckin around with all the new prettyboy playthings at Helix now! OMG what a fucking opportunity missed!? Now we fucking barely get to see him!

        • jersey

          worst thing thing was going to cb should have stayed at helix or just gone indie and work were ever he wants

    • jersey

      i agree he has been wasted at cb

  • goosegui
  • adamb

    OMG Sean is finally fucking back! I really wish he had not of left Helix where we overdosed on him. It is really fucking tough not seeing him that often on CockyBoys. At least Sean still does porn & has’nt quit like Justin Owen, speaking of which what’s happened to Levi Karter?

    • ?SeanFordSirens??

      Levi has been filming a couple of things! Not sure when they’ll be released but he’s coming.?

    • ?SeanFordSirens??

      Yeah, the saturation of Sean at Helix has set up an expectation amongst his fans. I agree it is tough not seeing him that often but there are plenty of guys who aren’t releasing something every month. Sean released in July, August, October and now January but I suspect the content has some play in the disappointment of his fans. People seem to focus on Sean’s release timetable but we aren’t privy to his personal schedule and availability, plus the studio’s need to work around a lot of performers. And we don’t know the terms of his contract. This frequency may well fit his personal preference, which is my hope because he’s such a gem. He had a whirlwind first year in porn, maybe it took its toll. (I know you didn’t ask for all that but it’s a topic on my mind a lot).

      • adamb

        Thank you for wonderfully detailed reply, i was’nt expecting that so quick!

    • peter

      I don’t know which Sean one-on-one I like more Justin or Josh. Hunky Justin with his Samson locks banging him standing up!

      Oh Justin Owen wherever you are please, please get back in front of the camera!!!

      • adamb

        When it cum’s to Sean’s pairings at Helix i think Justin & Josh are fairly equal? Oh yeah we need Justin backl in porn ASAP!

      • Ty Huber

        I was totally smitten by Justin Owen when he was at Randy Blue back in the day. His over-the-top chatter is hilarious (“Just look at that cock going in and out of that asshole;” “Do you like those long, deep strokes, baby?; etc., etc). Girl just never shuts up.

  • Jon

    Eh, Taylor is a much better bottom than a top.

    • adamb

      Yeah i sorta agree with u, i think most twinks/twunks r better as bottoms?

    • emercycrite

      I dunno, I love seeing his cock in action too.

  • The only thing that would make it better is if it was bareback.

  • Zealot

    I usually go for beefier and hairier, but there’s no denying this scene is…


  • Maximus

    I don’t understand why Sean Ford is a thing. She seems like a nice enough gal, but she’s just soooooooo young-looking.

  • Devin

    Taylor’s jaw line. Holy shit. Sean is hot. These guys are boring, though as usual.