WATCH: First 12 Minutes Of CockyBoys Answered Prayers Finale, “The Actor”

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Over a year ago, CockyBoys and director Jake Jaxson introduced audiences to the mystifying, gorgeously shot (by RJ Sebastian), allegorical, and now award-winning series Answered Prayers. Today, six installments later, it’s all coming to an end with Tayte Hanson and Levi Michaels in “The Actor.”

You can watch the first 12 minutes of “The Actor” here on CockyBoys for free, but first, here’s a look back at all 16 characters from each part of this series. Which one was your favorite? I’m partial to the very first episode—”The Banker“—with Jake Bass and Ricky Roman. Also, Levi Karter as Puck has been instrumental to the success of AP, and was a key character throughout. CockyBoys and the entire cast have a lot to be proud of, as there will likely never be anything this imaginative or thought-provoking released in gay porn ever again.

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Here’s the last sex scene from Answered Prayers, starring Tayte Hanson and Levi Michaels.

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Watch the first 12 minutes of “The Actor” here on CockyBoys for free.