Tayte Hanson, Sebastian Kross, Rocco Steele, Ricky Roman, And Levi Karter Take Over Chi Chi’s Grabbys Pre-Party

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IMG_9304For the first time in Grabbys history, I wasn’t kicked out of a Grabbys pre-party. Maybe I wasn’t drunk enough? Maybe I was actually too drunk to notice/care?

Either way, here are Tayte Hanson, Jacob Ladder, Jimmy Fanz, Levi Karter, Diesel Washington, Liam Riley, Dakota Wolfe, Max Carter, Kyle Kash, Ricky Roman, Trenton Ducati, Sebastian Kross, and a few more at a relatively tame Grabbys pre-party at club Hydrate in Chicago, hosted and DJ’d by Chi Chi LaRue. Maybe everyone’s just waiting to get fucked up with Ryan Rose when he arrives—newly single—tomorrow?

IMG_9224IMG_9228IMG_9230IMG_9248IMG_9234Levi Karter and Tayte Hanson had people GAGGING:


Sebastian Kross drew a huge crowd:


Is there anyone on earth more perfect than Ricky Roman? (P.S. Keep an eye out for his boyfriend, Michael Ribezzo—above left— in an upcoming CockyBoys scene.)

Remember legendary gay porn performer Spike?! Here he is (below, left) with Jimmy Fanz:

IMG_9322 IMG_9331

Kyle Kash does the splits, and Dakota gives Levi a kiss goodnight:


More dancing from Tayte, Levi, and Rocco Steele:

  • Alan Keddie

    Damn! That’s hot! (Not the Rocco Steele part(s)

  • Michael Talerico

    Zach – everyone knows you’re in love with Ryan Rose, which makes your statements & opinions about him null & void.

    • andrew

      Good; that means the negative comments of you guys who don’t like Ryan are also null and void. That leaves only an objective observer like me to praise Ryan’s awesome physical beauty and great performances. LOL

  • Odetofear

    Sebastian Kross…I love him so much.

    You KNOW Tayte and Levi fucked that night. I’m not sure who i’m more jealous of.

  • sxg

    First thing that popped into my head when Ryan Rose announced he’s recently single is which hospital is Ethan staying at so I can send him flowers…


    • McM.

      Whether or not Ethan Slade was beaten also crossed my mind.

  • Bob Bilbert

    In other words…..Every known- and some unknown- strain of HIV will be present.

    • Dave

      Was about to say the same thing…everyone will sleep with everyone let the passing of STD’s begin!!!! LOL ☺ Oh and Ryan Rose is now single?? LOOK OUT!!! everyone he’ll be trying to fuck you bareback in his hotel room in no time!!! Oh yeah and everytime one of these events comes up you see pictures of Levi Karter with his tongue down ANYONE’S throat LOL

      • Dave

        UH OH!!! little Liam Riley just tweeted that he can’t wait for Ryan Rose to get to Chicago…well I guess we now know who will be the 1st person Ryan fucks in Chicago…set up the turnstyle now LOL ☺

        • sxg

          Like a boyfriend would have stopped RyRo from fucking Liam! Monogamy and current pornstars do not go hand in hand!

          • Two Cents

            I have been calling this for about a year now and when Liam Riley put out that video about being Ryan Roses biggest fan I knew that he was smellin for him. I even thought that Liam Riley was the one that Diesel Washington said that Ryan Rose was holding hands with the night that Ryan stood him up in New York. The client. There was also a rumor going around that Ethan did not like Liam because he knew that Liam was jockin hard for Ryan Rose. We know that Liam is Ryan Roses type. You heard it hear first Liam Riley is going to try to lock that up tonight. T-O-N-I-G-H-T. I wasnt a big fan of Ethan but he has grown on me. I knew that if they broke up he would get the short end of the stick. I just get the feeling that there is more to this story than what we know now and somehow like the lies about steroids something about cheatin is going to come out. Wonder what Ethan is going to do because they live together in Florida. Guess he gonna move back to Nola.

          • Dave

            Ryan is a slut plain and simple…Just ask Hunter Page…Pittsburgh 2013 he fucked both Tyler Sweet & Duncan Black in succession bareback in their shared hotel room (not sure if he was dating Ethan at the time or not). Ryan is a player plain and simple & he tries to act innocent and that he’s above it…If that’s what Liam is attracted to then GO GET IT!!! Just beware that if Liam is the first guy Ryan fucks in Chicago it won’t be the last.

          • Two Cents

            I dont want to think that bout him but in my gut I know youre right. He walks, talks, and quacks like a player but I just feel for Ethan man, because I know that he was cheatin on him. When Diesel said I just knew it. He said that he would never cheat because when it was done to him it hurt so bad but I guess that was a lie like the steroid use. Well what goes around comes around and if Liam gets caught up he will be there when it all hits the fan. Youre absolutely right though.

          • Dave

            Just hope Liam uses his head. I’ve heard him on youtube that he doesn’t sleep around and I hope that’s the case. I don’t trust Ryan farther than I can throw him, hope Liam doesn’t get hurt in the process, seems like a sweet kid.

          • Two Cents

            That shipped has sailed. Zach just posted a picture of the two of them making out on the floor of the club. Liam is looking to get his clock cleaned and Ryan Rose was waiting for him. It is clear that he is into him and Liam wants it bad. I dont believe for one second that Liam doesntt get around but even if he didnt he is gonna get all of Ryan Rose tonight, tomorrow, Sunday and monday as well. Ryan Rose is free and he is gonna make up for lost time. Well not if he has been cheating all this time like I bet he was. Hes just makin it public.

          • andrew

            Some guys don’t do monogamy very well and being a big hunky porn star with all kind of guys available to you, makes it damn near impossible.

          • Two Cents

            You have really made an art out of praising this man – LOL. I dont understand fandom like that but as long as you like it then heh. I mean Ill give it to him that he is handsom but now his appearance and porn status makes it impossible for him to be faithful? No, cheaters cheat and it has nothing to do with them being hunky cause god knows there are some fugly ppl that cheat and arent porn stars. Good looks and porn dont make you cheat, lacking respect for the person you say you love is what makes you cheat. But if he did cheat then what goes around will be coming around before its all over.

          • andrew

            You don’t understand a fan praising a porn star that he is attracted to and whose scenes he enjoys watching? Seems pretty natural to me. I don’t defend cheating by anybody who is in a monogamous relationship. My point was that monogamy is more difficult for some people than others. The reality is that the richer, handsomer or more famous a person is, the more temptations there are to cheat. Guys often cheat because there are more opportunities presented to them to cheat. If good looking, muscular porn star Ryan Rose walks into a club, there are way more guys interested in getting it on with him than some ordinary guy walking into that club. That doesn’t justify cheating. It is just one of the reasons why monogamy is more difficult for some than others.

          • Two Cents

            No I understand liking a porn star or any person that youre attracted I just think you take the fandom to the limit. My opinion. I have favs too but I dont act like you act so I cant say whats normal, but its what you like to do so hey do you. Monogamy is not hard for someone truly committed and its the lack of respect that causes them to cheat not more options IMHO. I get your point that theres more temptation and all that, but monogamy and the amount of temptation are two different things to me. I also go back to something Erik Rhodes used to say. He said that he knew that fifty percent or more of the attention he received from guys was because he is a porn star. I think RR gets more attention for being a porn star than he does for being good looking or muscular. Either way I get your point it just sounded like you were trying to justify his behavior.

          • n24rc

            Considering it is his job to fuck for a living, obviously they weren’t monogamous. LOL.

          • andrew

            So true.

        • Todd

          Is THAT why Liam did that “I Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Like You” video ?

          • Two Cents

            You guessed right sir. Hes been plottin for a minute now. Think about it. He gave this interview on this website saying how much he likes straight guys/athletes and Ryan Rose fits that description. He is a fan boy who wants the D and Ethan Slade may have been the only obstacle to him gettin it, if Ryan did not cheat (but I think he did). Liam gonna get that d tonight.

          • n24rc

            “cheat” – again, the man makes a living fucking people? how is this cheating if they are both open about being whores?

          • Two Cents

            “if they are are both open”. If RR is fooling around with someone thats not his man and not sharing it with him then hes cheatin. I know its odd to say that about escorts and porn actors but thats how they see it.

  • theo775

    Diesel looks so happy being surrounded by those skinny white twinks.

    • Bk3

      When I saw that, I flashbacked immediately to that Ryan Rose/D. Washington spat where Ryan basically spilled some (fake or real, idk) tea about Diesel, his type, and heartbreak.

  • CBW

    If anyone needs to do any repairs it’s good to know that Dakota is there to supply the tools. Just need to wipe them off first. 🙂

  • Todd

    Ethan Slade: I’m single too.

  • sxg

    Oh RyRo’s ask.fm crap is quite hilarious! He recently had this to say


    which is funny considering what we saw in the video that has recently been deleted in this article. But thankfully Zach took a few screenshots!


    • Zachary Sire

      Thanks for letting me know that the video was removed. I of course saved a copy and uploaded it to the post.

      • sxg

        Damn you are always prepared! You should consider applying at TMZ you’d be the highest paid gossip queen there! 😉

  • C3xxx

    Yikes, Spike! 😮
    Fond(le)y remember his frotting video with Dylan Reece.

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  • Cosmic

    So which porn star was caught on video getting raw dogged by Rocco Steele this time?

  • andrew

    Ryan and Liam look really hot together. I’ll bet the sex will be smokin,

  • Craig Brown

    I probably seems redundant to you because you know your subject so well, but I wish the photographs were labelled better. I can’t tell who is who.

  • Myko

    They cant dance for s*t !.

  • Myko

    Michael Ribezzo—above left— in an upcoming CockyBoys scene.)

    he has changed his twitter and instagram profile.
    Another average looking guy with no star quality coming into porn, well the cocky boys porn moms will be pleased another twink to mother !

    I am off to set up a machine to create “hot guys for porn ”
    The industry is dying on its arse !