The 18 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful And Amazingly Iconic Pictures From The 2014 Las Vegas Hustlaball

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HUSTLABALL-1759Did you think you were done hearing about last weekend’s Hustlaball in Las Vegas? Think again. Above, it’s drop dead gorgeous hunk Levi Michaels showing off, as he should.

Thank you as always to Rolling Blackouts for providing these exclusive photos to Str8UpGayPorn. Things looked pretty tame compared to the New York Hustlaball. Unfortunately, Vegas has a lot of rules: No nudity, for one. 🙁

HUSTLABALL-1764Everyone was impressed by Trenton Ducati.

HUSTLABALL-1748Who is this Goddess with Sister Roma??

HUSTLABALL-1634Easily the most handsome couple of the night: Boomer Banks & Angel Rock.

HUSTLABALL-1663Does it get much better than Sister Roma and Christopher Daniels in a tube top?

HUSTLABALL-1674mr. Pam showed up wearing a giant butterfly on her head.

HUSTLABALL-1692Promoter Scotty B. showed up wearing a giant Duncan Black on his head.

HUSTLABALL-1710Levi Karter and his muscles were there.

HUSTLABALL-1746Hottest person on the red carpet award goes to Brent Corrigan. Has he ever looked better?

HUSTLABALL-1778Ray Han was serving Showgirls Goddess realness.

HUSTLABALL-1787Max Ryder fell asleep.

HUSTLABALL-1789But then he woke up.

HUSTLABALL-1934And he was flawless. (As was Benny Morecock.)

HUSTLABALL-1896Brent Corrigan was horsing around with Trenton Ducati.

HUSTLABALL-1930Has he been working out?


HUSTLABALL-2006Hungry hungry hippos?

HUSTLABALL-2018See you next year, Las Vegas!

[Rolling Blackouts]