The Shade: Randy Blue Skewers Hot House, Sketchy Sex, Bait Bus…

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Randy Blue brought Diego Sans and Scotty Marx together for an epic fuckfest, but first, they get to have some fun, and this might be the funniest (not to mention most accurate) thing from a gay porn studio I’ve seen all year.


Watch the preview video below (the actual sex scene is out on Friday), and look for references to Sketchy Sex’s ridiculous gangbangs, awkward POV porn, every amateur sex tape you’ve ever seen, and a jab at Hot House’s absurd “sports” scenes that made me literally LOL.


  • ArtPop93


  • NG212

    That was really great, and true! Of course, people can make their own jokes about Randy Blue’s porn, but that’s a different matter.

    Diego Sans is so hot, but I wish he’d bottom more. I feel like he’s been misused for a while now.

    • sxg

      he HATES bottoming and he’s a bit of a fussy bottom on set. So it’s unlikely we’ll see him bottoming anytime soon, unless it’s for a special model.

      • Bull

        That’s a pity, because he makes a hot bottom. But I do like him as a top a bit more.

  • andrew

    Scotty Marx sure is beautiful.

  • shidinja .

    Judging by the screenshots, there was an uncensored version of the Youtube video?

    • sxg

      If there is, it’s not on their redtube account. Before they’ve been adding BTS at the end of every scene like they’ve been doing lately they used to upload the x-rated BTS on their redtube account. I see they’re currently re-posting some of their G-rated BTS videos from their banned youtube account.

  • sxg

    lol I just LOVE Evil Jeff for coming up with this idea! But as for the massage part, Randy Blue has done a good number of those scenarios themselves lol

    • Alan

      And more than a few locker room/workout scenes – of course there’s nothing to say they can’t be/aren’t poking fun at themselves either!

  • McM.

    The whole thing is so good!

    I can’t even pick out a favorite part.

  • sxg

    Sadly they did not include lazy bondage, frat bros, xxx gym buds and who knows what else!

  • Colorful Kent

    Wow, Diego Sans can act. Impressed. Wonder how many of these scenarios RB is guilty of especially straight baiting since they use a lot of straight guys.

  • sxg
  • Alan Keddie

    Shade is right, shade is good.

  • Iain Gardener

    This had me falling off the couch laughing, and Diego is so good

  • Bull

    LOL! I loved this.

  • ROFL