House Full Of Anon Tops Can’t Figure Out Who Creampied An Unresponsive Bottom: “That Wasn’t You?”

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SS085A-ScreenGrab-26I’m not sure if this is a sign of a successful anonymous bareback pump and dump orgy, or if this is a sign that things have taken a turn for the worse? But, one thing is clear in today’s Sketchy Sex update: No one has any idea what happened to an almost unconscious bareback bottom.

SS085A-ScreenGrab-52The other things that stand out about this scene: The cast is all new, and the cocks appear to be bigger than ever.


As the tops arrive to begin the pump and dump, they find an unresponsive bareback bottom who’s clearly already been creampied by several men (some of whom obviously shot on his face, too). And he’s been loaded up so much, he can’t really move or speak.

SS085A-ScreenGrab-01 SS085A-ScreenGrab-03unre2

The non-communicative bottom appears to be in some sort of cum-induced coma, as he can’t answer anyone’s questions. Instead, the tops who’ve just arrived (and who’ve clearly missed the first round of the orgy) awkwardly stand there trying to figure out who creampied the bottom.

“He’s a mess, and I just got here,” one says, while pointing down at the creampied hole, to which someone else responds, “That wasn’t you?”


Sending my thoughts and prayers to all of these people. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sketchy Sex: That Wasn’t You?]

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