There’s An All-New Cast At Sketchy Sex, Including A Model Named “Baconator”

Posted February 3, 2021 by with 22 comments

Gay porn stars come up with their performer names in all kinds of ways (some use their middle names, favorite movie star names, ex-boyfriend names, etc.), but how do you think this new Sketchy Sex model came up with his?

I’m thinking maybe he picked “Baconator” right after his first shoot at Sketchy Sex, while he was high as f*ck in the drive-thru line? Speaking of which, I am now starving.

Baconator isn’t the only new meat at Sketchy Sex this week. Here are a few more performers making their debuts, including Hayden Rose, Danny Martinez, Johnny Hunter, Jaxon, Aaron Kicks, and my personal favorite (other than Baconator, of course), Daniel Dean:

And here’s the trailer for this week’s orgy, which features an extremely loud gangbang bottom practically choking on all the cocks. I guess he was starving, too. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sketchy Sex: Baconator, Daniel Dean, Aaron Kicks, And Jaxon’s Orgy]

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