Thick-Cocked Cade Maddox Jackhammers Shae Reynolds In “Men’s Briefs”

Posted February 11, 2022 by with 6 comments

The latest Falcon series, “Men’s Briefs,” is a collection of scenes shot in New York City, and today’s features Shae Reynolds dreaming about what most twinks are always dreaming about: Being fucked by Cade Maddox.

With no real plot, they get right to the sex, and from the moment Shae unveils Cade’s heavy cock, it’s nonstop sucking and fucking, and it’s great:


Based on the gif below, it looks like it must feel pretty good to be fucked by Cade Maddox?


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon: Cade Maddox Fucks Shae Reynolds Bareback]