Surprise! Big-Dicked Alberth Pineda Makes BOTTOMING Debut And Takes Massive Cum Facial From Tim Kruger

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I honestly did not see this one coming. After several scenes as a big-dicked top only performer since 2022, bespectacled twunk Alberth Pineda makes his bottoming debut at TimTales today.

timal1 This is taking “go big or go home” to the next level, and it’s so iconic that Alberth Pineda’s first time is with such a legend.

As if you couldn’t already see, the monster cock pillaging Pineda’s pussy belongs to none other than donkey-dicked king Tim Kruger. (I abhor using the word “pussy” in reference to a guy’s ass, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration—my apologies.)


Wait—did you know that Alberth Pineda had such a big and juicy bubble butt? Well, you definitely know now…


And as usual, Tim is teasing us with his own bubble butt. Fuck…when is his bottoming debut? Probably never.


And because this is a Tim Kruger scene, you better believe it includes a massive cum shot. While Tim typically pumps creampies into his bottom’s asses, he’s opted for a facial this time, and it’s a beauty:


Alberth clearly can not get enough of Tim’s creamy load. Can you blame him?

timal6Best cum facial of 2024 thus far. The best bottoming debut of 2024, too.

More photos, screenshots, and the trailer for Alberth Pineda’s incredible bottoming debut and cum-eating party with Tim Kruger:

timal8timal9 Trailer (watch full scene here):

[TimTales: Tim Kruger Fucks Alberth Pineda Bareback]

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