Today In Covidiots: Ricky Larkin And Rocky Vallarta Speak Out In Support Of Eugenics; Michael Jackman Compares COVID To STDs

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Turns out Quin Quire isn’t the only covidiot in gay porn who has no idea what happens during a pandemic, and who is willing to let millions of people die preventable deaths so he can go to the gym. Following Quire’s sociopathic tweet over the weekend (as seen above), someone named Rocky Vallarta quoted Quire by asking, “Why is this such a polemic thing to say?”

Other than the obvious (otherwise healthy people with decades left to live shouldn’t have to die preventable deaths), the pandemic’s catastrophic effects on our health care system—including mass hospitalizations and the inability to treat other people needing medical care, plus long term injuries and permanent medical conditions suffered by COVID-19 survivors—coupled with the destruction of the economy could easily cause our entire country to collapse. It’s not just about “old people” dying (although, that would be tragic enough on its own to any person with a moral compass), it’s about the overall functioning of society. But, some people are only concerned with themselves and their selfish, immediate needs, and they’re too stupid to take even the tiniest step back to see the bigger picture. In addition to Quire and Vallarta, another one of those people (not surprisingly) is Ricky “No Good Looking Black Guys In Porn” Larkin, whose caveman-level intellect prompted him to agree with Vallarta. As Larkin wrote, Quire’s support of eugenics isn’t polemic, it’s just that people are “insecure as fuck”:

My thoughts on Rocky Vallarta and Ricky Larkin’s exchange?

But wait, there’s more!

Late last night, Michael Jackman revealed how much of a covidiot he is, too, when he compared the spread of COVID-19 to the spread of STDs, saying that gays who sucked dicks in bathhouses were using “gay logic” by being “afraid” of COVID-19, a deadly disease with no cure that is airborne and spread unknowingly by asymptomatic people:

One performer tried to present Jackoff with the facts, as Tyler Sweet told him that STD and COVID transmission are not comparable:

I’ve been sitting in my house for eight months avoiding all family and friends, and I am so fucking tired of fucking idiots like Michael Jackman, so I could not be as polite as Tyler Sweet when I posted my response:

As of post time, Jackman has since locked his Twitter account, likely due to people with actual functioning brains who are replying to him with facts.

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