Today In People Who Should Log Out: Christian Owen

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chrisitanDirector Christian Owen, who was let go from Hot House in March of 2015 after serving as the studio’s lead director for nearly five years. For almost all of his tenure and nearly that exact same time frame (2009-2014), Hot House did not release a single gay porn scene featuring a black performer.

  • Todd

    Maybe he uses the adjective black because they are the only ones calling him a faggot when he doesn’t want their CDs ?


    • vanfanusa

      There may have been a black guy that tried to give him a cd and called him a faggot when he refused. The problem is that he says “black people” and is projecting negativity onto an entire race of people for one person’s actions.

  • James Withers

    Oh, my. This is going to turn ugly.

    • Mike Julius

      Going to? He came out of the womb ugly.

  • OverKill

    I mean is he saying that black guys are just coming up to him and shoving CDs in his face and calling him a fag because he doesn’t listen to the music? That’s such a weird scenario, I can’t even imagine that happening at all. He needs to elaborate a little bit more.

  • ToxicBrew

    Is he a big time music producer or something? Vadim! Are you reading this? Go hit him up tiger.

  • Izzy

    This must have been a dream or a flashback. Nobody has peddled CDs in at least 5 years.

  • Leomerya12

    Speaking of Christian and studios not hiring Blacks because of finance…

    Buzzfeed did a video on PornHub’s search history recently and found that “Black/Ebony” was one of the most searched terms, and out of all races searched, THE MOST searched term.

    They didn’t specify if it was gay or straight porn, however, but did specify that “Black/Ebony” increased in popularity as age increased in user. Fascinating, I think.

    • Blacharrt

      do you have a link, couldn’t find it.

    • OhMyClarence

      It’s fascinating but not surprising. If people fetishize racial groups, then it’s too be expected that you would see a lot of it in search results. Of course there isn’t a white category, because Caucasian is presumed to be default in the US, and perhaps the world over; so you can’t really compare it to anything, we just know that people sexualize racial groups, because people are weird.

  • Zealot

    It’s “your shitty CD” Christian. Pronouns can be our friends, or sadly….our downfall. No one is going to take your heartfelt, if tepid little rants seriously if we keep getting hung up on your butchery of the English language. And I think it may be impossible for a CD to be heard if outside the player as it would be, if actively being shoved in your face. Yes, I’m sure that’s correct. The CD may be irritating your eyes from the glint of sunlight off the rather shiny surface; or, it may be harming you by producing a small irritating cut from the sharp edge against your cheek. However, you would not be experiencing the aural aspect of the CD itself in this particular instance (as described in your tweet). It’s like saying, “Hearing your CD makes my ears want to throw up”. While a tiny bit clever, it’s anatomically incorrect and once again, detracts from the impression you’re seeking to make upon the reader. Poor writing and imagery, Christian. I’d suggest “Tweeting for Dummies” or “Schoolhouse Rock” (A bit more fun, really. It’s a cartoon with music and pretty colors!)– which may assist in your efforts to ‘dis those in society upon who you seek to heap disparagements. Best wishes!

  • sxg

    Shocker, Christian I’m-not-a-racist-director Owen specifically singling out black people shoving CDs in his face and calling him faggot instead of just saying people!

  • Ant

    Maybe because he is a fagg0t? Just throwing that wild theory out there

    • HighHighway

      Most Gay men are. What is OUR “N” word?- I Use Faggot a lot In front of everyone. I don’t get hate. Then again I say I have mental issues that give me no filter.

  • Ant

    One black guy should tweet back and apologize to him on behalf of all black guys because all black guys are guilty of each other’s shortcomings. hurry before diesel washington wakes up.

  • Xzamilloh

    CD? Compact Disc or Colored Dick? Be more specific… asshole

    Who the fuck still has CDs in this day and age anyway? What, did he make a turn down the corner of Napster and TRL Avenue?

    • sxg

      Yea there are still some ppl promoting their music on public transportation using CDs lol

    • Andre Leneal

      You’ve clearly never been to Hollywood and Highland.

      • Xzamilloh

        Nope… and I don’t want to.

        • Andre Leneal

          Point being, yes, people still promote their music in person with CDs in major metro cities.

          • Xzamilloh

            I don’t fucking care. I already knew that… it was a comment in passing, not a moment for you to “educate” me on the fact that people still sell their music via CDs.

  • HighHighway

    Some people do not deserve the right to have the 1st amendment!

  • Xavier

    Why do white guys ask so many stupid questions about black people ?

    • HighHighway

      Cause a lot of white guys are boneheads! This is coming from a white guy.

  • HighHighway

    Well here’s your answer! (Have to hide my Twitter name, sorry,,,,some people are crazy)

    • dqh257

      I assume he also tweeted that some of his best friends are black, as well.

      • HighHighway

        I told him that using the term “Black Guys” lumps 1 whole race of men together and if that wasn’t bad enough to end it with that hashtag wasn’t funny at all, He tweeted back this: I don’t think he gets it. That’s why we aren’t all smart. We have to teach the clueless.

      • Christian Owen

        This is true!!! I made a mistake on Twitter. I should have just called out the two guys.

  • Scrapple

    That’s funny, because the last person who wanted me to check out their CD was a White girl. Now granted, she was a rapper, but she was still White.

    Singling out Black guys was bad enough, but that #IHaveADream shit ain’t cute. Is it really that hard to rant without making reckless comments? Now I feel like Mrs. Garrison, calling for a “good old-fashioned fag drag.”

  • Maximus
  • JellyBelly

    Why not just say “guys” instead of “black guys” so as not to cause controversies. Ughh, dumbass, no wonder that bigoted cheating asshole Paul Canon loves hanging out with this guy

    • Andre Leneal

      Because he believes that racism is acceptable or more acceptable than homophobia.

  • Dwayne Johnson

    Speaking as a black guy who lives in the NYC/NJ area where there’s always some young person of whatever race who is trying to give the hard sell on their homemade cds I think it’s just bad business to call someone names after they decline to make a purchase, Imagine the next customer who may have bought but overheard the name calling and decides not to buy. I personally listen to jazz and I’ve never encountered anyone trying to sell a jazz cd so I have never bought any.

    • HighHighway

      They don’t teach “Don’t burn bridges” in school anymore.

  • Stacy

    I LOVE how the commenters are so thin-skinned, except for that poor “little person” two weeks back…I guess he doesn’t get the same blanket coverage. It’s like the BernieBros who call Hillary a cunt, there must be some master list that makes some things OK and some things (like questioning Ted Cruz supporter Caitlyn Jenner’s level of sanity) sacrosanct. Being called a faggot by anyone being oppressive is wrong, no matter whether it’s a guy hawking a CD or a Frat Bro at a Trump rally.

  • kkdd1

    Christian not a RACIST he just acts like one !

  • kkdd1


  • HighHighway

    And the discussion continues and the cluelessness knows no bounds…..Is he like 18 or 70? (Why am I hiding my name? Duh if you go on Twitter you can just see it. Sometimes I am clueless. But I own it!)

    • HighHighway

      Week there’s your answer. I asked the question and he ended the convo because…..he’s far from the “Raciest” person…..I think he just couldn’t answer it because the other things have happened but he won’t admit it. Oh well. My first Twitter War wasn’t all that exciting.

  • GN

    Are you pushing Black people at Trump rallies?

  • LinkinVumen

    If someone insults you racially, based on sexual orientation or otherwise I don’t expect you to respond in a cordial manner. If one wants to criticize him then criticize the person that called him a f***** as well.

    • Andre Leneal

      The person who allegedly called him a fag got didn’t tweet about it.

  • Sed

    The guys who try to sell you their CD’s are always weird and pushy. A girl tried to sell me one a few years ago and I was kinda surprised at how pushy she was. She could tell I was starting to get annoyed so she finally left me alone. I’m sure I was called something under her breath but I don’t assume that all black people at like the CD pushers.

    These pornstars who say these racially insensitive things never want to admit they were wrong. Instead of “Yeah I can see how that comment could be offensive” It’s always some version of the I have black friends defense. And Christian is a liberal Bernie supporting guy. Liberals never want to think that they to can be racist.

    • Andre Leneal


    • lance

      He is NOT a Bernie supporter. He support Hilary. And what does politics has to do with it?

  • Ninja0980

    But Christian Owen can’t be racist.. just look at his boyfriend*

  • Christian Owen

    I did not cast the models at Hot House the owners did. I directed the cast they selected. Here are models I directed @MrMicahBrandt @SeanZevran @racecooperfan @SeanXavierXXX @OsirisBladeXXX @TysonTylerXXX @DamienHoltxxx #EddieDiazXX #TylerJohnsonXXX
    So I made a mistake I was not stereotyping all guys. Just making a statement from what two guys said to me
    I was simply stating why does a black guy feel it necessary to call me a faggot. It’s his ancestors that had to fight for him to have equal rights. He was the 2nd black guy to call me a faggot that day on the Las Vegas strip. Each and everyday gays are being beat up and or killed. We should all be equal together as brothers and sisters.

    When I was in Highschool I marched to the capital of New Hanpshire and gave a speech in front of the Govornor in honor of Martin Luther King. New Hampshire was the last state to recognize Martin Luther King as a national holiday.

    Btw I am married to a Latin.

    • OhMyClarence

      Assuming this is you, why did you feel the need to mention that you are married to a person of color? It’s like the next step up of the “most of friends are X”. It’s just, at best, unnecessary, and, at worst, it suggests you are using your partner’s ethnicity as some sort of badge of honor. Like, you deserve credit for something that shouldn’t be considered going above and beyond in the first place.

      And I’m glad you noticed the error of your ways, it doesn’t change the fact that you initially said it, because a reasonable person, even working under a 140 character limit, would have spent maybe a few more seconds about maybe adding an article to specifically talk about the 2 out of 42,000,000 African-Americans in the country. The fact that you didn’t actually is connected the fact, taking you at your word, that it was the owners of Hot House that did the casting, i.e. the generalizations many gay people make without taking the two seconds to think critically about the stereotypes and assumptions about people of color they are so easily willing to accept as being reflective of all people of color.

      Also, it’s great that you marched on the capital in honor of MLK, but, again, this isn’t something that you should feel necessary to pull out as a “get out of scrutiny” card. It’s something that everyone should have done. You don’t credit for doing the right thing.

      • green

        I regret to write that America exhibits some of the worst traits of a communist country. All this brainwashing from the “thought police” above is only supposed to exist in a communist country. In the last few weeks there has been a TV documentary series in the UK on American prisoners on death row. One episode was about a young prisoner and his mother. She went to the viewing chamber where she saw her son put to death via a glass window. He could see all the people watching him whilst strapped on the execution bench, and lip-talked messages to his mother whilst he was being put to death.
        Last week’s episode was nothing to do with inside prison. It was a whole hour on the trial of Sean E. Ford. We were told that it only takes one out of the 12 jurors to decide on life imprisonment. Then the death penalty is waived. What happened instead is that the jurors who wanted life imprisonment were told by the other jurors that if they don’t agree to the death penalty, those who wanted to vote for death would not leave the jury room. In other words, there was “juror bullying”. The end result was a unanimous vote by 12 jurors for the death penalty. The documentary interviewed at length the female jurors who initially wanted life imprisonment, and how they decided to change their vote. This gave an insight on the mentality of ordinary people. There’s no forgiveness, it is still a case of “an eye for an eye…”. I regret to write that the only thing that America has in common with other English-speaking countries seems to be the language, and little else. “Land of the free” and “liberty and justice for all” is just bullshit used to brainwash the masses in American schools. Could such a thing happen in the UK, Australia or New Zealand ? Such horrors can’t be imagined.

  • Sed

    I didn’t know Christian Owens husband was “a Latin” I thought he was Italian. A slightly darker version of a white guy. Just like almost 100% of the other Hispanic guys who work in gay porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Christian, your husband might be ethnically Hispanic but he’s basically white racially. Again nothing wrong with that.