WHITE OUT: Hot House Hasn’t Hired A Black Man In FIVE Years!

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hot house gay porn starsBring up race or the lack of diversity in gay porn and most studios will tell you that “porn with black models doesn’t sell as well as porn with white models.” But what would a studio like Hot House say? They can’t have any current sales data on scenes with black gay porn stars since they haven’t released a single gay porn scene with a black man since September of 2009.

Of the last two hundred and forty (yes, 240) updates spanning the past five years, there has been just one scene with just one black gay porn star posted to HotHouse.com. To put that in perspective, Hot House director Christian Owen’s boyfriend, Jimmy Durano, has appeared in 34 of the last 240 updates—and all 34 were in the past three years.

I scrolled through the entire catalog of Hot House scenes, including every scene from 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010. Finally, on the 10th page of updates, I got to 2009 and saw a black man. Five years ago, Hot House released the last gay porn scene they’ve ever released with a black gay porn star, and his name was Damien Holt. The scene was from Reckless, with co-star Vince Ferelli:


[Hot House: Damien Holt Fucks Vince Ferelli]

Given all the factors involved in casting gay porn, assigning “quotas” for the number of black gay porn stars a studio should hire is not even remotely feasible, or fair. While Randy Blue and Lucas Entertainment regularly cast black actors (and even Eastern Europe’s BelAmi—which specializes in the whitest of lily white gay porn stars—has hired mixed race and black performers), I don’t think Hot House should be obligated to hire anyone. At the same time, every other major, mainstream gay porn studio has hired at least one black gay porn star in the past year, not because they “had to,” but likely because he was either hot, in town and available, popular, or a great performer.

Why hasn’t Hot House produced a single scene with a single black gay porn star in nearly five years?

Of all the black gay porn stars working with multiple studios while passing through San Francisco (where Hot House is based) since 2009, how is it possible that none of them—if even by accident!—ever filmed a scene for Hot House? Maybe they didn’t bother to apply? Maybe it’s just a gigantic, 5-year-long coincidence? Maybe not. Either way, it’s too bizarre to go unnoticed.

Oh, to be fair, Hot House did come close to releasing a scene with a black performer in January, 2012, with the debut of Sektor 9. Still, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t count:

tumblr_mpqmmmg0jP1rjz57ho1_500Have any theories as to what’s going on over at Hot House?


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