Here Are Gay Porn Stars Tom Faulk, Ryan Rose, And Colt Rivers Trying To Score Some Weed In Las Vegas

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What do Tom Faulk, Ryan Rose, and Colt Rivers all have in common? I’ll give you one clue: it rhymes with “Cher a llama.”

Here’s Tom Faulk, Ryan Rose, and a very distressed Colt Rivers (he lost his pen?) having a gay old time at a Las Vegas Marriott after shooting a new movie for Falcon yesterday.

Update: The video has been pulled from YouTube, but don’t worry, I saved a copy:

I think I just got a contact high from listening to Tom Faulk giggle?

Also, can anyone identify what the mystery item is that Ryan Rose very quickly snatches up at around :36?

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 5.15.54 PM

What in the world could be inside of that little white bottle? Hmmm…

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 5.16.13 PM

  • sxg

    Tom Faulk shot a scene for Falcon? What a travesty for the studio. Who’s fucked up idea was that? He’s a terrible performer!

    • von schlomo

      Cause Raging Hot Falcon has such high standards.

      • sxg


    • n24rc

      Well, if you work on a discount, someone will buy! 😀

    • Seaguy

      I never knew that Falcon was know for hiring academy award winners.

      • sxg

        You don’t need an academy award to look good and fuck decently. Tom is neither of those two things.

        • n24rc
          • sxg

            Damon Wayans Jr. is so hot! Love Happy Endings, a shame it got cancelled.

          • n24rc

            love the black guy at the vendor booth; he played the psycho friend in Noah’s Ark in Logo’s series. Wish they didn’t cancel it. It was a good show.

  • sxg

    Ryan Rose: “I’m a good friend! (Unless there’s a dollar to make and I have to fuck a geriatric queen, then I’m flaking out on you!”

  • Berto Lozano

    This is why I never stay at a Marriott.

  • DPS

    Bottle RyHO was trying to conceal is interesting. Leads a mind to really wonder.

    Actually, I gained a bit of appreciation for Tom Faulk after this. He seems kinda fun to hang out with.

    Fairfield by Marriott is not the same as Marriott or JW. Jus sayin

  • Derek

    The little white bottle from the screenshots looks like a clear vial containing possibly GH? Porn stars take steroids regularly, and this queen is a hot head, so it wouldn’t come across as a shock to me hun. xo

  • Todd

    And on the next episode of “Gay Porn Stars Behaving Badly”. ……..

  • n24rc

    And now we know, it is good to have ambitions in life!

  • andrew

    They do seem like fun guys to hang out with and Ryan would be real fun to get it on with.

  • Seaguy

    Is Tom Faulk going for the hippie stoner look cause he looks so not as attractive with that long hair.

  • Alias74

    Expected it completely from Faulk and Rose (especially the GHB), but kinda disappointed to discover that Colt Rivers is also a stoner / PNP’r.

    Annnnnd….it’s doing nothing for the stereotype of what kind of personality does porn.

    • Lee

      I was kind of shocked to hear Colt sounding so Nelly.

      • William

        Yeah, bad enough when they open their mouths in a fuck vid and purses fall out, but in reality?!?!!!….A real mood killer!!! :O

  • robirob

    How can you be a druggy (well, except steroids of course) and still look decent enough to do gay porn for a higher end studio like Falcon Studios? I thought drugs like weed give you some serious cravings (called munchies?) for unhealthy snacks?

    • Porn Star

      Almost every pro bodybuilder smokes weed for recovery and to increase appetite.

      • Two Cents

        Thats interesting because I was always taught that regular use reduces your testosterone and increases estrogen which leads to male tig ole bitties. But I could be wrong – eh.

        • n24rc

          well, muscle tissue can eat that tit fat deposit when you are smoking. Have you seen female bodybuilders, no breasts.

    • sxg

      Weed gives you a craving to eat anything, not just shitty food. Unhealthy snacks just happen to be real convenient.

  • Odetofear

    So 20-something guys who make living off their looks use GHB and smoke weed… how shocking. Come on, the commentators who are clutching their pearls need a reality check.

    • n24rc

      No one is clutching there pearls.

      It’s more an argument for raising the casting bar. Stop spending less on talent, and repeatedly often.

      • Odetofear

        Ryan Rose and Colt Rivers are amazing, Tom Faulk is sub par.

      • Sketches93

        It’s porn. The bar won’t be raised. Let’s be real.

  • Porn Star

    In my years, I’ve seen plenty of high profile politicos in my hometown of Washington DC get stupid drunk [a drug] and misbehave or act irresponsible. Pot kettle to all of you.

  • Luca

    why smoked weed? wow, how shocking

  • Jan

    It seems that River lost his e-cig

  • andrew

    I do declare, I think that the Church Ladies who have posted on this thread are on to something. Those three boys are suffering from Reefer Madness.

  • John

    Love a bunch of stoners having fun….I remember those days…..enjoy

  • Bastian

    What a bunch of fucking drug addicts.

  • Sketches93

    People here are treating weed like it’s meth. You’d all make J Edgar Hoover proud