Tom Faulk Issues Statement On Falcon/NakedSword GoFundMe For Dirt, Blames Str8UpGayPorn For “Blacklisting”

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Tom-Faulk-Gay-Porn-Star-XXX-1Last Friday night, Tom Faulk launched a GoFundMe for what he stated was a Falcon Studios movie, which then became a GoFundMe for a NakedSword movie on Saturday, and then became a GoFundMe for Tom Faulk’s own movie on Saturday night, and then became a GoFundMe for nothing at all by Sunday night when it was pulled down completely.

How the GoFundMe appeared during all its transitions:

tomdirt tom2 tom3 bye

Now, Tom Faulk has written a Tumblr post about the GoFundMe (which, as you’ll recall, was asking for $3,500 to buy a pile of dirt), the movie, the race track, and more. In short, it sounds (but it’s not clear at all?) like the dirt money was for Tom’s personal use (even though he used Falcon/NakedSword’s name on the GoFundMe), but also that the land where the dirt was going would eventually be used by the studio for the movie? Again, it’s not clear, but he does state that he was told by a Falcon/NakedSword director that he could raise the money himself for the dirt:

i was told by a director i could fundraise for my material if i chose too, and authorized me to give out memberships and etc to some of the bigger contributors

Towards the end of the post, Tom Faulk claims that he’s now “blacklisted forever from the execs at a company” because of the GoFundMe he launched using their names. And, of course, he’s blaming Str8UpGayPorn for that blacklisting, as well as for the GoFundMe removal. Also, it’s Str8UpGayPorn’s fault that people “wasted” $300 donating to the pulled GoFundMe, which Tom Faulk advertised to his own social media followers and fans:

str8upgayporn, all you managed to do somehow is get me blacklisted forever from the execs at a company, and even after changing our info on gofundme the account is gone and we lost the 300 dollars in it forever. so thanks for that. you wasted others peoples money for no reason other than to talk shit to a studio that frankly has some of the very nicest people involved in porn.

Well, that makes sense. Str8UpGayPorn would like to officially apologize to anyone who wasted their money on Tom Faulk’s GoFundMe for dirt.

Quick reminder: One way to not have someone talk about your GoFundMe is for you to not advertise the GoFundMe on social media. Or, and I know this sounds crazy, but you could also not launch the GoFundMe at all if you don’t want anyone to talk about the fact that you launched a GoFundMe.

Here’s Tom Faulk’s Tumblr post in its entirety:

Monday. 7 days until my movie.

Jarec is in prison for blackmail and guns, Sebastian is going to the electric chair for raping his daughter, but im a bad guy for asking for dirt for my film project? LOL

Over the last month or two I have been building and prepping a fleet of 9 motorcycles, over the entire winter I have spent thousands of dollars on dirt.

My very own mx track… cool right?  A director approached me with writing and starring in a adult film on my property.  Having never gotten to write or even been asked an opinion on anything related to my work from any company ever I JUMPED for the opportunity.

My friends gay and straight alike have been working furiously as time gets closer to this shoot. Is it so wrong to ask for help towards the end?

I do realize now that maybe kickstarter would have been a better outlet, but

I also dont think people realize that 200 dollars of dirt is a giant dump truck of dirt not some tiny patch of mulch that that blog pictured the other day.

I have had to pay my friends in beer and good wishes as we have bought skid steers (bobcats) , premium track dirt, filler dirt, water systems, and then hand dug all the parts to make it flow together seamlessly.

as far as anyone’s first time engineering project could go, It went AMAZING, but we just need it so much bigger! because…

my uncles land is for sale because he cant afford it anymore. everything is going to be gone, and the magic place i grew up at and swam at and rented when i first started porn is going to be gone forever. this movie is not just some random collections of scenes to me, this was is my only way to keep hanging on to it from my scene rate, my writers fee, property rental. we just wanted one more summer and as they say if you build it they will come.

and then i wanted to rent out the track to people wanting to learn how to ride MX without traveling far.

way more than any of that though, i wanted to be seen as i am and not how other think me to be on screen for once in my life.

as far as (porn company) “needing money” thats bullcrap. but i was told by a director i could fundraise for my material if i chose too, and authorized me to give out memberships and etc to some of the bigger contributors

i am assuming Now that they only meant privately. gofundme was my best friends idea, and I went with it because most of the time I am the only ones making decisons on this project and i thought he could help.

we have raised thousands of dollars on our own from a select group of really nice people but the more we run our track the more we realized how much farther we could jump with more, how much faster we could race and showcase something that was literally part of me.

I never meant to embarrass a studio, i know the only reason why is because i dropped a name, but to be clear, they didn’t need help. I DID. to bring something i wrote and have lived and love to every single one of my fans.

I cant believe how twisted something can get from asking for literal dirt. I have a sport that my friends and I love and it keeps me happy, when we read that article we were ashamed of ourselves for even thinking for a second some asshole wouldn’t crucify us for it.  I think DIRT is probably the most innocent thing a guy in porn has ever asked for, and in fact i got it from my family for my birthday and christmas and my anniversary as well. this isnt some kind of scam. I’m just trying to build something that’s amazing and lasts. is that so wrong of me?

str8upgayporn, all you managed to do somehow is get me blacklisted forever from the execs at a company, and even after changing our info on gofundme the account is gone and we lost the 300 dollars in it forever. so thanks for that.

you wasted others peoples money for no reason other than to talk shit to a studio that frankly has some of the very nicest people involved in porn.

I am just a weird kid in a big state. to be clear to the world i never tried to use a fundraiser in a porn company’s name, but that i’m building something featured by one. but maybe i should have been more clear that this was just MY project and has been for more than 6 months.

the fact that we are shooting a porn on my location is relevant though. because i wanted to shoot sequels. sadly, this will probably never happen since my misuse of words (having never fund raised for anything before) has already cost me dearly.

In ending , if you actually read all of this, you are cool as fuck and i hope your having a good day. i was out in the woods yesterday hitting some giant free jumps and wrecked and banged myself up so i will be in bed for a few days.

BUT the movie is still going down, everything will be fine.  everything is semi perfect, my only wish is i could add on more before you all see it,

i am so proud of myself for writing and script and delivering on everything i needed to this year. it took me 6 years in porn before ANYONE gave me a chance and ONE DAY to make it to where it will never happen again.

no regrets . no dream is too small.

-tom faulk

Bizarrely, no one at Falcon/NakedSword has bothered to issue a statement about Tom Faulk using their name to launch the GoFundMe. Instead, they’re fine with just letting him do all the talking.

  • “We’ll have just have Tom Faulk explain everything… yeah… that’ll smooth things over…”

  • Miloš Del Rey

    ” so thanks for that. you wasted others peoples money for no reason other than to talk shit to a studio that frankly has some of the very nicest people involved in porn.”

  • Ben
  • Joi Says
  • Jace

    How can he be black balled from Falcon or Naked Sword if his BMX Bandits movie is still going ahead? Is he financing the whole thing himself?

  • Marik Ishtar

    Someone from [porn company(sic)] approached Tom Faulk to write and produce a pornograph. He felt that the dirt track he had built was not 90’s EXTREME enough and wanted to expand to new heights, bruh. The contact at [porn company] suggested that they could use free memberships as an incentive fundraiser. However, said company never gave permission so his GoFundMe was sacked. After that embarrassment, Tom literally could not even and drove his bike into a tree, putting him on bed rest for a few days.
    He blames Str8upGayPorn and comments for eternalizing his mistakes on the internet.

  • sxg

    Tom Faulk has been blacklisted from a porn studio???
    Well you know it’s a good day in the gay porn world when you find out there will be less of Tom Faulk!

  • Marik Ishtar

    First, Let me congratulate Tom on having a retirement plan.
    Second, You cannot blame the internet any more than you can blame the wind. It is a force all its own- no one controls it. Although, not if these cooperations have anything to say about it.
    Third, Good luck with the movie. Seems like everyone is upping their game.
    Fourth, Next time get everything in writing! Never take anyone’s word for it. Even scribbling something on a napkin gives proof of a formal agreement.
    Five, Don’t worry about list. It won’t last long. Just look at [long list of pornstars with criminal record, history of being difficult to work with, and enrolled on studios “naughty” list.] You’ll be working again soon.

    • skye3245

      aaas Marik come thru.

  • Lucifer

    He’s an American. He went to school. He was taught the English language. What a waste of time and time (the taxpayers’ money, not his). I had to crossread, it was impossible to go through every single word. After so many years on the internet, eventually we’ll all start writing like this: “his an amerecan an he kneeds money and were not going too give him any”. Oofah…

  • Xzamilloh

    What kind of adult film requires that much production value and bikes?? You think people would give two shits if he was being fucked on a $3500 dirt park or in a port-a-potty? It’s kind of a shame though, because isn’t he under contract with Falcon? In any case, he can’t raise $3500 on his own? So many question, so little giving a fuck.

    • V1

      Wouldn’t a quick performance tour of a couple of clubs raise the $3,500?

      • Xzamilloh

        Right? It’s not like he couldn’t raise it by doing some club gigs or some hotel gigs.

      • YUSS

        That would require him to actually work for it. So, better to beg for money.

  • Dazzer

    Awwww fuck.

    I think we missed a trick here.

    I was fully prepared to buy Tom $10 bucks of dirt, just so I could nominate a small patch of his dirt track the “sxg slider” (sxg always thinks I’m a moron for contributing to these GoFunMe campaigns – he’s right, but I want a small part of America to be named after him forever after).

    I’d have happily paid a whole twenty-five bucks of my hard-earned money just so we could have named “Kolby Keller’s Killer Korner” somewhere on the boy Faulk’s dirt track.

    I think we’ve missed a trick here.

    Tom Faulk’s dirt track could have been our gay-porn Mount Rushmore.

    I know the lesser people in our community are cheering and jeering right now, But I’m wiping a tear from my eye right now.

    Yet again, the LGBTQI (and all the rest), we’ve plucked disaster from the jaws of victory.

    • Marik Ishtar

      Okay, so I’m out of the loop (again!) What does the “I” stand for?

      • McM.


  • BoomPow

    You think he’ll thank Str8upgayporn for handing him his next feature? Black Balled 9: Pile Driver

    • Marik Ishtar

      Come to think of it, why isn’t there another Black Balled film?

  • Jimmy Green

    Tom is one of the best looking porn stars…great physique and ass. He stays in shape. Nice personality.

  • badgamer1967

    Well I am and fucking confused? was it his land or his uncles who can no longer afford the property? land

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    He could fall back on escorting if he wasn’t terrible at that

  • sanfv

    That’s it. White male gay porn models have done enough. It’s time ladies. We must purge.

  • Hereweare

    Auntie Em……This stoner is here to save our farm! He clicked his flip-flops three times, and a big pile of dirt fell on top of Duckface.

  • Pertinax

    How about looking for a respectable job ? Is oregano cheaper than marijuana ?… Make pizzas not porn.

  • Scrapple

    Hmmm. It would take waaaay too much time to point out all of the illogical statements presented here. So in the interest saving my energy I’ll simply say Tom is a fucking moron and he needs to work harder at playing the victim.

    And bitch, don’t think I didn’t clock the fact that you stole and restructured the plot from “One Crazy Summer.” You ain’t slick.

    • McM.

      Oh, damn! That is the plot to “One Crazy Summer”!

      Tom Faulk needs to produce a montage of him and some friends building a shoddy dirtbike track with an upbeat 80s song playing in the background. It would be gold.

      I wonder how many people those 80s “underdog” movies set up to believe the world actually works that way.

      • Scrapple

        I think “Scarface (Push It to The Limit)” would be the perfect montage song. And then in they can throw a little “Better Off Dead” in there too and have Tom on his bike repeatedly asking fans for “Two dollars!” Then at the end we find out that’s his scene rate.

  • PaulieP

    i lost interest in reading 20 words in.

  • James Johnson III

    I’m in the minority here and I own that but I’m a Faulk fan. Personally, I think he’s just coming from a disappointed place. I think he lashed out which is a bad idea ( that might get him blackballed faster than some ill-conceived stunt). But, honestly, I feel bad for him and how things went. Personally speaking, I would have loved to have seen the movie and I hope he can bounce back from this quickly. The more Tom, the better

    • Stacy

      Thank you – I was so depressed reading takedown after takedown of Tom in the comments – he always seemed cool to me and I think he is a babe – I thought he explained himself well – I think he is outside the box for most people, who prefer the LA and NY club hopping gays and building a dirt track is not typical of that. When was the last time Levi Carter or the Helix boys did anything that out of the loop of the Grindr Gays?

  • Dulcis Memoria

    I want the 45 seconds of my life that I used trying to decipher his incoherent screed back.

    But seriously Tom, through incompetent messaging you missed an opportunity to get people excited about your passion. I don’t know if it’s possible to skim and wade through a written statement simultaneously, but from what I was able to glean from your “rebuttal” this is an important part of you that could bring your fans closer to you in spirit. Instead, we’re making jokes on SUGP about dirt piles. That’s on you.

  • DrunkEnough

    I got a contact high just by reading this.


    Tom stick 2 getting FUCKED because long winded explanations are not ur strong suit However I will give you this much credit if ur intentions where 2 make people say WTF is he talking about congratulations u succeeded !!!

  • Ceecee

    Hasn’t Tom almost always received positive coverage here? What a goddamn mess.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he’s got some sort of backup employment plan because it seems his time in gay porn is just about up. He’s always seemed nice so maybe he can bartend somewhere. That’s what Rick Donovan’s been doing all these years later. He looks great, too.

  • Edu Guimarães

    I dropped reading Tom’s post by the end of the 4th line. Tell me when it becomes a Lifetime movie with James Franco.

  • Scrapple

    Weed, yo.

    • SourZ

      Weed was what helped me get through that. I almost wtfed out loud to my cat at the “dirt is the most innocent thing a porn star can ask for”


    I TOTALLY buy it. Nice kid – he went about it wrong but he’s sincere. And by the way that was an extremely small amount to risk all this for.

  • Josh

    Do 2 overnightss TRICK and stop beggin’
    ps boobs are beginning to sag

  • deeteedub

    What a bunch of perfectly, holier-than-thou bitches. It never ceases to amaze me how we are always our own worst enemies and how bitchy queens can never pass up the opportunity to denigrate and put down another person. I read all these comments and noticed how everyone of them was trying to outdo the previous one in what they obviously thought was extreme cleverness. The view from your glass houses must be amazing and I’m sure you’re all thankful that it’s not obscured by a pile of dirt and a guy on a motorcycle.

    So what if his dream seems simple compared to your oh-so complex lives? Does that give you the right to ridicule the guy? Yeah he bungled the operation from the onset, but at least he admiited it. He didn’t point fingers and blame somebody else. He took full responsibility for it.

    As for the numerous comments about his gramatically incorrect sentences —- again, it must be so nice for all of you to be living such perfectly exalted lives in which you’re surrounded by other like-minded exaltedness.

    How many times ad nauseum do we complain to the world that our community just wants to be accepted as we are, warts and all? How many times ad nauseum do we beg not to be bullied or abused for what we are? Well, what the hell do you call this?

    You’re all being condescending and denigrating to a guy that was just asking for help with some dirt. In other words, he’s literally dirt poor. That’s all. Instead, you chose to jump on the chance to fling dirt instead. I usually am in agreement with the majority of the things that Str8up opines on but I can see that not even they have the decency to say, “Hey, maybe there was a little more to this story than first thought.”

    Nothing but a bunch of perfectly, holier-than-thou bitches…

    — @CurtsOtherDick

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    What really confuses me about this is that he thinks the best way to make a great porno is to build a bike track. If the porno really needs dirt biking he can rent one. He’s going to lose money if he has to build things for every film he makes.

  • FrenchBug

    For the record, MrPam’s latest Facebook status indicates the movie is a go, it is for NakedSword and called MotoX, and Tom Faulk’s “blacklisting” hasn’t lasted very long (unless it applies only to Falcon, which would be weird but then again, when was the last time TF was featured in a Falcon movie) since he is still involved in the shoot.

  • John

    I’m with Tom on this one, and not just because he has that sweet big ass under them tight jeans, mother fuckers getting arrested for raping their kids, beating up their partners and extorting their johns could still get work once they post bail but because he went about something the wrong way that didn’t hurt anyone in the process finds his fine ass blackballed, the hell with them all…when’s the movie coming out? Tom getting gang banged on a dirt track is worth saving the the date on my calendar