Tom Faulk Shares Video After Being Released From Jail On Bond: “I’m Innocent”

Posted October 24, 2018 by with 45 comments

tomfAfter spending nearly three weeks in jail after being arrested for drug possession and evading arrest, gay porn star Tom Faulk has posted bond and been released. Just hours after his release, Faulk took to social media to dispute the charges, stating that the evading arrest charge was a mistake because his “BMW flew” (the arrest is still listed on his booking report, however), and that he did have a “small cocaine problem” this year. Here’s the video Faulk posted on Twitter earlier this morning, which notes that he’s moving to California once the “mixup is resolved.” He also mentions me (“Zach”) and the article here on Str8Up that covered his arrest earlier this month, asking for it to be “rejected”:

In this follow-up (and quite lengthy) Periscope video embedded in the tweet below, Faulk shares very disturbing and somewhat confusing details about having to kill a dog with a sledgehammer because the dog had been fed meth, his suicide attempt by dehydration, and being set up on the drug charges. He also discusses a recent break-up with his girlfriend.

With the charges still pending against him, we again wish Tom Faulk the best as he works his way through this difficult time.

  • Miloš Del Rey
  • Scrapple

    There’s no such thing as a “small” cocaine problem. And letting a failed relationship with someone get you to this point is crazy. Especially when you apparently don’t even know their name. A move isn’t going to fix anything. He needs help.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      The dude is tweaking in this video, like he can hardly choke out his words.. I hope someone is able to get between him and this, but I gotta say it is clear he is still in denial and that will make it impossible.

    • c_find

      Being heavily beat up about a failed relationship is usually a sign of a bigger problem. Like unsatisfied with direction your life is going or self esteemed issues that were never dealt with making you feel like you’re unlovable. He can still be suffering from post trauma from his accident. Whatever the case is he needs help. At least someone positive to talk to so that he can help battle and identify his demons. I really wish he gets it. Everyone deserves to be happy.

      • Scrapple

        And if you have self-esteem issues, leaving porn has to be hard. Because you’re getting all this attention and adulation when you’re in the biz, then you leave and that goes away.

  • Xzamilloh
    • Scrapple

      It’s bad enough she died, but then she had to be immortalized on a Kanye album cover. Nobody deserves that.

      And fuck Falcon for not even letting the rocks settle before releasing a scene with Tom and Sean Duran from that old BMX movie. All those movies in Naked Sword’s vault, and they release that? They stay trifling.

      • sxg

        I highly doubt they even know something is going on with him. Remember trumpard supporters apologist/director at the studio Steve Cruz hates this site.

        • No_No_No_Yes

          Birds chirp – they’d have to live under a rock not to have known this.

          • c_find

            Or just didn’t care

          • No_No_No_Yes

            More like they knew fucking well his name was in the wind and decided to make a dollar. Predictable, shameless low rent move.

      • c_find

        Wasn’t it Pusher T’s album cover and Kanye was the one that purchased it because he was producing the album?
        That shit still is sick no matter what

        • Scrapple

          You’re right. Kanye was too much of a punk to do that on his own album, so he did it on Pusha’s.

  • sxg
  • King

    I wonder who posted his bail and where they got the money.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      Probably 10% – which is still 3K but a lot easier to scare up.

      • e jerry powell

        It’s a damn shame porn stars don’t get residuals, then. On a per-view basis, it might have been raised in less than three weeks.

  • Todd

    Killed a meth crazed dog with a sledgehammer ? What ???? Bye, Felicia !!! Get help.

  • snoopyfo

    I really hope tom gets back on his feet i really wish him the best, but i am really sorry, no drug problem is “small” ever!!!

  • Shawn

    God damn, that story about the dog and everything else… He’s on a very rapid downward spiral, for someone who seemed to really have his shit together not that long ago. Unbelievably sad.

    I wish we could un-invent meth.

    • e jerry powell

      I’d like to believe that a dog ingesting meth would die before anyone had the opportunity to find a sledgehammer, but I don’t know much about the effects of meth. 😮

  • Huron

    So the stories are a bit out there and I agree a drug problem is not small. The changes in Tom’s face tell a different story. I just hope that Tom gets help. If he is going to CA for a good treatment facility then good for him. If he is running away from what he has gotten himself in trouble with, then it will just follow. Tom please get help, stay away from people who don’t care about you and are just going to use you or walk away from you when you will need them. I really enjoyed your entertaiment and from things I have read from you and good thing written about. I would like to see that you again. Good luck and be safe!

  • C3xxx

    He says right after mentioning Zach and rejecting the posted video that “he thought he had a good relartion” He referring to Zach/str8gp? If so, plenty of positive nice things were posted on this site and the last post regarding his arrest was factual, no negative spin. How easy these boys turn sour when their real imperfections are exposed.

    • Zachary Sire

      No, the relationship he was talking about was with the girlfriend. He said he thought he had a good relationship with her.

      • C3xxx

        Noted, thanks Zach.

  • crustyfuck

    hmmm…..maybe someone supposedly straight who does recreational drugs, and is willing to give up their holes for money and opportunity -perhaps when they post videos saying they have their shit together, they really don’t have their shit together. Maybe what they feed their thirsty fans is simply to keep the dollars flowing in and everything they say is essentially bullshit. Oh, and killing a dog makes you dead to me.

    • c_find

      Not really sure why you mention his sexual orientation. But we all post things that makes us look like we are doing way better than in reality. It’s all a façade, porn, twitter.

      • crustyfuck

        oh I don’t know, maybe it’s the math: loves pussy+takes dick in the ass-does a lot of drugs=fucked up in the head.

  • SaintMike

    I have a sad feeling this is not going to end well

    • e jerry powell

      Go with that. It’ll save you a lot of disappointment if it doesn’t, and you have the joy of being pleasantly surprised if it all works out.

      It works for me, anyway.

  • No_No_No_Yes

    First off, the story was fairly treated here,along with links to other positive things. THAT alone was better than most covering this situation would have done. Tom if you are reading here and I have to assume you are, you have to see there are a lot of people who really do want to see you do better. Yeah – there are always going to be some who can’t wait to drag a bitch. It’s up to you to prove that crowd wrong. You say you are okay, but dude your face says that is far from the truth. You don’t strike me as a quitter.

    You are down about this girl, if you can’t pronounce her name and she is not with you, chances are she was not for you. This girl played you – well if you had been on point that wouldn’t have happened, at the very least you’d have caught it way sooner. Bad things happen to everyone in life, it is how you persevere that defines you, you don’t want a mug shot to tell your story? Reach out, there is help all around you all you need to do is be man enough to ask for it. You are writing your story, whether you choose to own that or not. Nothing written here or anywhere dictates how you get through your adversity but you.

    • Kanaka

      Spot on.

      • No_No_No_Yes

        You know, I had to sit through the entire extended rant/story just to be sure I got the full version of what he was trying to say. I’m still not sure I understand everything he said, I came away from that pretty shook. I got the sense his situation is really fluid right now all the way around. I hope this person in Ca. is able to dedicate, and help him pull himself out of this.

  • Ninja0980

    I hope he gets help but I have a feeling this story won’t have a happy ending.


    Clearly he needs help or it’s not going to end well. I think he was at some party in Houston this past weekend or maybe tagged to it in Twitter. Im 30 miles from him and the County Judges will put him back in Williamson Cty jail for a few months more than likely. Had he not try to run it would not of been as bad.

  • GN

    Tom, we love you. I’m not being facetious, you were one of the lovable ones. When you’re ready to admit you have a problem….

  • Cosmic

    I have a feeling this story isn’t going to have a happy ending but I really hope he gets help.

  • Seth Sexton

    Girlfriend? Does he believe he’s straight?


    • If he would just ditch the bitch and make the switch that would make things somewhat better for him.

  • It looks like he is high in that periscope video either that or he is coming down from being high. If either is the case that is sad because he was in jail long enough to sober up and I would imagine one of the conditions of his release is not use drugs or drink alcohol that is usually what they stipulate when one is released or gets bailed out.

  • PaulieP

    you shaved your head in a Walmart parking lot…..that is a bit more than a coke problem, Britney.


    Tom borrowing 50.00 2 pay rent small problem car breaks down or run out of gas on the way home small problem using cocaine BIG PROBLEM and not being HONEST with you’re self is the BIGGEST PROBLEM of all !!!